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Blocking someone: How does it work and what does it do?

By Russ Freeman, written 1363420382

When you block someone a number of things become impossible;

  • You can't message them.
  • They can't message you.
  • You won't see their casting calls.
  • You won't be notified of their casting calls.
  • They can't comment on your images.
  • They can't love your images.
  • They can't collect your images.
  • They can't apply to your casting calls.
  • Groups posts they create will not be shown on the recent discussions gadget.
  • Their group post replies are shown 'buried', or hidden. You can show them if you are curious and it doesn't have an impact on anything other than showing that one reply.
  • If they reply to a group post you are subscribed to you won't get an email notification for it.
  • You won't see their images in the recently uploaded images collection.

As the site grows and we add new features and facilities we'll add more places where blocking can be managed but for now this is what we have :-)

How to block someone

To block someone view their profile and select "block" from near the bottom of the Grey Cog.

You can also block someone by moving the mouse cursor over their name and waiting for the mini portfolio to display and then choose "block".

Finally you can block someone when viewing a message between you and them by clicking the Block button at the bottom of the message.

How to unblock someone

To unblock someone you can either;

  • View their profile and select Unblock from the grey cog.
  • Move the mouse over their name anywhere (groups, image comments, etc) and select unblock from the little popup that appears.
  • From the grey cog in either your inboxon the main groups page or Manage Account on the Purple Cog you can see the people you have blocked. Move the mouse over them and click the X that appears.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Can I see who has blocked me?
A:  No, but if you try to interact with someone that has blocked you PP will let you know that they have blocked you ;-)

Q: How can I see who I have blocked?
A: From the grey cog in either your inboxon the main groups page or Manage Account on the Purple Cog.

Q: Can people I have blocked still see my portfolio
A: Yes they can.


Enjoy, and happy blocking!

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