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Some common questions...and answers!

By Russ Freeman, written 1361474572

I can't see all of the images. How do I disable the image filter?

Click the Purple Cog near top right and tinker with the Content Filter settings.

How do I rearrange my images on PurplePort?

View your portfolio by either clicking the Purple Cog near top right and selecting Your Portfolio or by clicking your name when logged in. Now, simply drag and drop your images in the order you would like.

How do I find people near me?

Click Search near the top and people near you will be listed. You can change all of the parameters on the search page and you can also save a new default or save the search parameters for later. If the default location is wrong then it will be for you too. Click the Purple Cog and click Manage account, and then select Your personal details to change your location.

Can I post for paid work even if I have only a free account?

Yes you can.

Can I put links to other web sites on my portfolio?

Yes you can. In fact if you use Add link when viewing your own portfolio we'll even add nice icons for them!

I got added to a list. What does that mean?

It means that someone likes you. If it was a "want to work with" list then you should message them and arrange a shoot!

One of my images was collected. What does that mean?

It means someone likes your image. Now it could be anything from lighting and composition to how you look (if you are a model) or it could be because it was an awesome image! Why not message them and say thanks!

How do I arrange my images?

View your own portfolio and scroll down to your images. Simply drag and drop the images in the order you would like them. Simples!

How do I add a cover image?

It's really easy. See this short article!

How do I get a Front Page Image?

It's complicated...so much so that we added an FAQ for it :-)

What are the differences between a free account and a PurplePort VIP membership?

You can see the benefits of VIP here. We're quite happy for you to use the free account as it's pretty much fully functional but by upgrading to VIP it does help us by giving us resources to continue developing and promoting PurplePort. Click here to read about how you can get PurplePort VIP for free!

Can't find something or need some help?

You can get in contact with us really easily by clicking the Purple Cog top right and selecting Get Help. We do our best to answer your questions as soon as possible, normally well within 24hrs, but please do be patient with us.

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