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Using Shoot Plans For The Important Stuff

By GlossyPinkLipstick G.P.L, written 1436338616

I mainly shoot on a TF* basis and when I started realised it was important to quickly set out my stall so to speak and try and convince a model that I kept my word and delivered images. But how do you do this quickly and give a model confidence in what your like or about apart from your images especially if you have no references or only a few?

I have found that most issues surrounding TF* shoots are caused by poor communication in advance.

The stories I have heard from models around their GWC ("guys with cameras") experiences, normally involve photographers changing levels on shoots or not being totally clear on expectations, lack of images, time taken to get them if at all and so on...

Having shot many models myself, generally there are two groups of questions that I always get asked.

  • What should I bring?
  • What can I expect from you?

I try to be business like and professional even though I do this for fun and in my spare time, however I believe I need to be impeccable in communication and instil confidence, that a model will, if she shoots with me, get everything they are expecting from the shoot and in a timely fashion.

Shoot Plans

Not being very good at ideas and concepts (generally I have a big idea that falls flat on it's face so I end  up changing it), therefore I don't use shoot plans to communicate ideas about shoots I use it to communicate a crib sheet of questions with answers to any model looking to work with me. It deposits this to their normal email address ( the one they signed up to PP with), so this can generally be picked up on a smart phone although some models struggle to receive it for some reason.

I have, over a long period of time, developed  and have 3 shoot plans- the two above which generally go to everyone looking to shoot and a third detailing shooting nudes with a specific non ambiguous list of expectations on both parts and what I will and wont shoot. This is plain speaking but uses non crude language.

Over the years the same questions always arise and I find the answers are always the same and I have the same information to communicate constantly. This saves me lots of time and I don't forget anything. Most models find it informative if somewhat long but that's the price you pay for being clear.

Questions such as "when might I expect to receive images?

  • How many will I get?
  • How long will they take?

This is an example of the parking section which I developed after turning up a models place with a HUGE bag of studio gear and found it was a third floor flat 6 flights of stairs and no lift! She forgot to mention it at any point in the email tennis!

Travel and Parking

I will travel to you using a sat-nav so when I ask for address I need the whole deal including postcode.

If parking is an issue or by permit please let me know as I don't like leaving my car at risk and I have a lot of gear which is heavy and expensive, to move about and bring to you.

Also if you live in a flat please state floors and if there is a lift for the same reasons and I need to prepare myself for the impending heart attack lugging it up the stairs. (I will travel light and plan accordingly).


I also have a complete list of clothing that might work as a standard in images and I deal with things like turning up with no chipped nails and suchlike, as I sometimes shoot new models as well.

PurplePort Shoot Plans

Setting up a list/shoot plan is easy enough to do.

Main screen, and go to the little grey cog, go to the box My Stuff, and you will see shoot plans.

Go into shoot plans and start a new plan, type your info and save it. Job done!

When a model is in interested in a shoot you just share it by going back into the same area and clicking share.

All you have to do is type the models name/alias the same as when you credit images.

I have rarely edited my plans in the last year or so but I am sure at some point something will come up which I must remember to communicate to a model.

All I need to do is edit the plan and save it again.


It's probably not everyone's cup of tea but it works for me and and there is rarely any ambiguity over levels or expectations on either part.

You can have a shoot plan for pretty much anything you want and I might split them down at some point into styles of shoots or something similar.

Happy shoot list making peeps!


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