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A Guide to Shoot Plans

By Laura SJ FD, written 1534433730

Organising and arranging a shoot can take a lot of preparation. We have two tools on PurplePort that can you help you with this:

There is also useful information in Tools for Shoot Planning and Using Shoot Plans For The Important Stuff

Create a shoot plan

To create a new shoot plan go to the Homepage and from the grey cog choose Shoot plans (under the heading Your stuff). This will take you to your Shoot plans page.

Then click New shoot plan. You’ll be able to add a title for the shoot plan along with the shoot plan itself. Click Save to save any changes you make.

Share a shoot plan

Once you’ve created the shoot plan it will only be seen by you initially, but you can choose to share it with one or more specific members.

You can also choose whether members can edit the shoot plan (by ticking Allow editing) and whether there is an end date for the share (e.g where the shoot plan is no longer available to them) by adding a date for Optional share expiry.

To share the shoot plan:

  1. Click Share next to the shoot plan
  2. Type in the name of the member you want to share it with
  3. Click Create shares to save these changes and share the shoot plan

You can double-check which members already have access to shoot plans by clicking Share. Anyone who has access to the shoot plan will be listed at the top of the box under Shared with.

Stay notified of changes to shoot plans

If someone shares a shoot plan with you then you will receive an onsite notification via the bubble (top left of your page).

You can opt to be notified if someone has edited your shoot plan by making sure you have selected the notification One of your shoot plans has been edited via Customise from the bubble.


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