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Had a great shoot with Tori around the urban streets of Birmingham. I don't know the area so left it up to Tori to recommend the best locations and she found some perfect areas to wander round and shoot in. She is easy to get along with and very chatty which makes for a very easy going and enjoyable shoot.

Pre-comms were all good as well.

She came dressed in the perfect outfit for the style of shoot we had discussed.

Poses were all great with no direction necessary but happy to take on suggestions as we went.

Overall a great time and shoot and would have no issues recommending Tori.

Would be happy to shoot with her in the future if ever visiting that way again!

Thanks for a lovely shoot :)

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Had a shoot with Tori in Birmingham city center and was a great experience going around the back streets and Town Hall,great set of images and a recommendation from me

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Myk G

Lovely Tori my first shoot since shutting my own studio, and boy was I happy with the shoot and results.

As always Tori the ultimate professional model and even though we have worked together a number of times its always so easy to get class different images at what seems like little to no effort at all.

Which probably means more down to her skill, beauty, and professionalism than anything else.

always 100% recommended by me to all togs of all levels, she's great fun to work with and we always have a laugh and she always produces amazing work.

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Skylark Studio

I had another wonderful shoot with Tori, this time at my brand new studio in Bromsgrove.

Pre shoot comms were great, Tori turned up on time and ready to shoot, beautifully turned out as always.

It felt more like a reunion than a shoot, as we've always worked well together, and I hadn't seen her since before Covid.

We had a fun shoot and captured some great images, what more could anyone ask?

I can't recommend Tori highly enough, book her at your earliest opportunity!

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I have worked with this lady many times, and she is a firm favourite. Very friendly, chatty and very open to suggestions and ideas. Look forward to working with again very soon, highly recommended.

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Just back from my second shoot with tori and once again she was a dream to work with, even after I made her walk miles to different locations she was still smiling

Can not recommend enough and hope to work with her again soon

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Myk G

Magical Tori back with me and her smile always brightens the studio and my day up as soon as she arrives. Its fair to say that getting wicked pics is so easy when we work together its effortless and there are always far to many to choose from but in a good way.

Tori is the complete model package, great fun, totally professional, a pose machine and it doesn't hurt that she's beautiful as well.

Im pleased to say that we are not just tog and model but have became friends over the years we have been working together.

Do I recommend her with out a moment hesitation whether your a pro tog or just starting out Tori is a model for you.

Book her you wont be disappointed.

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Had a great shoot with Tori at an old 'Haunted' school house near Hereford.

Pre-comms were great and Tori made a long convoluted rail journey on a Sunday for the shoot and was just wonderful to work with.

Threw her own poses and mix into he shoot and took direction on the little occasion I proffered it.

Mainly a case of 'ooh hold that while I get that from a different angle'.

I got just what I envisaged from the shoot, all thanks to Tori, a wonderful model who I wholeheartedly recommend all to shoot with.

Cheers, 'till next time lass. ;0)

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This was our second shoot and it was like meeting up with an old friend, we chatted, laughed and generally put the world to rights and then began shooting.

Tori is an amazing person to work with, beautiful, friendly and knowledgable about what works in a shoot. We happily moved between sets and chatted throughout.

We've got so much in common that it was a very easy and laid back shoot but we captured some great shots and I was very happy with the day.

Look forward to working with you again Tori, you're legend x

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Just back from my first shoot with Tori, this lady is an absolute dream to work with came fully prepared and looking amazing we shot around the custard factory area we stopped half way to get coffe and warm up and it just felt like we had been friends for years, the time flew by so next time I’ll be booking her for much longer.

Can not recommend highly enough she’s a star

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Marecki 🖤

That was amazing time with Tori during creative shooting. I like how Tori is involved in preparation and do everything to get best photographs. 

What a stunning girl she is! Not only so photogenic but so wonderful person inside. Very intelligent and kind.

On that day was my birthday I could think better way spend that day. 

Just  can't wait to shoot again.

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Marecki 🖤

Another excellent shooting with Tori, this time in the studio. She was charming, funny and professional.

Tori gives 100% to every shot and works hard to ensure they get the killer shots.

She is an outstanding model and wonderful person to be around!

Very highly recommended!!!!

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Marecki 🖤

Tori is extremely professional and creative.

We done street shooting: she find best location and choose amazing outfit. Come for shooting very well prepare and she just so talented.

Tori make some special connection that will help working together.

Just can't wait to take pictures of you and Misty x

BOOK HER!!! SHE IS BRILLIANT! Highly recommended!!!

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Marecki 🖤

Another fantastic meeting with Tori.

Quick shooting around Digbeth Birmingham. I just love every secend spending with this wonderful girl.

Not only great model but so interesting person. Can't wait for future projects wit Tori. Highly recommended!!!!!!

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Myk G

Tori back in the studio bringing not only her smile that lights the studio up but also her total commitment to making sure the tog in this case me gets stunning pics.

Tori was here this time to help me with a project and as always she made it so easy to get the results I was looking for. That's simply because she's stunning and is the complete professional model. Always highly recommended by me to all togs of all level

Thanks again Tori for making awesome images and my life easy x

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Marecki 🖤

Tori is simply beautiful: slim fitness body, perfect face and this something special in the eyes.

Her skin is olive colour and cover in great tattoos.

Not only her appearance, but also she is so lovely, friendly and very educated girl.

On the shooting her experience shows in her professional and friendly attitude and the ability to get that pose just right.

Also Tori dress up for me in her own clothing brand- I don't think you could ask for any better.

On that day we already book next shooting - I just can't wait!


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Happy Jack

Turned up before time, communications were spot on and is a very very professional model. Knows her craft 100% lovely person too which is a bonus

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Michael J Photography

I had a great shoot with this fabulous model last week. This was in fact my third shoot with Tori. As usual Tori was very professional and very easy to get on with. You can get a great rapport with this model which always translates in to a great shoot.

I already have another shoot planned with this lovely model, so needless to say highly recommended. Thanks for a great shoot Tori. Looking forward to our next shoot :-)

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I had my first shoot with IAmToriRose today, good pre shoot communication

easy to talk through ideas and came up with her own ideas to try on the shoot, easy to work with.

I would recommend IAmToriRose

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Myk G

The awesomeness' that is Tori back with me for her first shoot in the new studio and as always she smashed it out of the ball park. Unique style and professionalism coupled with her beauty never disappoints its so easy to get top class pics from her. loads of fun to work with and her smile lights up the studio and the shoot every time she's here.

Her make up always done to the very highest standard and she always brings far more changes than there is ever enough time to use, so plenty of choice.

I cant recommend her enough to all togs of all levels.

Book her you wont be disappointed a definite much have in anyone portfolio.

Thanks Tori looking forward to seeing you again soon x

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