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Ella Rose Muse

It was lovely to meet Toby for our first photoshoot recently. His communication was faultless and although the day was not without its challenges (including horrendous traffic jams to the coast meaning a later start than intended and very strong sunlight) it was a lovely, laid back shoot. He had some great locations scouted and was very easy to get on with and model for. I would definitely do so again, and look forward to a second shoot.

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Lauren Sofia

I had a fantastic shoot with Toby. Pre comms were excellent so I knew exactly what to expect. It was nothing short of fascinating to watch him at work with his beautiful film camera that looked like it had stepped straight out of the 19th century. He used 4x5 film and had enough for around 30 shots, each shot took a while to set up but Toby kept me relaxed and happy the entire time. He had a fab creative eye, evident in the lovely location he had scouted for the shoot and the backdrops and angles he chose. I'd unreservedly recommend working with him! Thanks again, Toby.

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Florence Day

I would definitely recommend! It was an enjoyable shoot and he was very kind and professional throughout. The communication was precise and efficient. The images look fantastic and highly professional. I would love to shoot again!

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I had the pleasure of working with Toby approximately 10 or so years ago now! It was only for a brief lighting test; and it was very near the beginning of the still photographic side of my modelling career. The shoot took place in Toby's home and he was extremely welcoming and kind... He gave me great direction - given that I was a real newbie to this side of modelling - and we created some lovely, well lit portraits together. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Toby, and I feel that his portfolio really speaks for itself with regards to his talents as a photographer! Thank you again Toby...

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emily summer

shot with toby today and he was absolutely fantastic to work with, every photo he showed me from the shoot from the back of his camera i absolutely loved, he's incredibly talented and knows how to create the perfect mood/atmosphere. i'm so excited to see the final results because he's just incredible and his work is always stunning! he's a genuinely really lovely guy to work with, i'd 100% recommend him to any model!

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Toby was very welcoming. Made me feel very much at ease with what he's looking for and gave clear direction if needed. We laughed alot and overall would love to shoot with him again.very talented!

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Working with Toby was really easy! He wanted to create 4 sets of moody low key portraits using an old film camera. He spent a while trying to achieve each lighting set up to insure it was perfectly done.

He's easy to work with, considerate, chatty and funny!

I would highly recommend Toby to any model :)

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It was fantastic to work with Toby, we had a film shoot and lovely big film photos. He was very professional and made me feel completely at ease. Highly recommend!

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Had a fantastic shoot with Toby recently. He is professional and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend working with Toby if you get the opportunity!

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Lana Leigh said...

A real pleasure to work with. Very professional, highly recommended!

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Josie Lauren

I had a vintage style shoot with Toby today and thoroughly enjoyed it.

His pre shoot communications were great and left me feeling prepared for working with him.

Toby set up a studio in his home and was already prepared when I got there. I felt very welcomed as he offered me a cup of tea and we got straight into conversation as he set up the lighting.

We went through a few different outfit changes and ideas and I felt comfortable that Toby knew very clearly what he wanted to achieve. He was great at giving me direction and allowing me to see some of the photos that he had taken so we could improve on our next shot.

Toby is very professional, very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.

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Becky W.

Thank you for the shoot on Wednesday! Toby was so helpful and gave me lots of useful tips!

Thanks, Becky

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