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As This is A Free Listing Please Message me through my paid account on PP under Jimbob

The Studio is in Old Swan Liverpool 13, Models and Photographers are welcome to hire the studio for £12.50 per hour, minimum hire two hours or £45.00 half-day = 4 hours or £90.00 full day = 8 hours £10 per hour for every hour over 8 hours. There are three shooting areas plus a Garden

Studio Lighting consists of three 300 watts and one 400 watts power-adjustable Bowen fit flash strobes, three 450 watt power-adjustable continuous lighting units, various softboxes including large 150 cm octagon softbox, 35 x 150 cm large strip softbox grid egg crate, 56Cm beauty dish with honeycomb and diffuser and a 375 mm internal ring light, a barn door with colored gels couple of snoots with colored gels, shoot through and reflective umbrellas and two 90 watt umbrella lights. and various reflectors Two wall Light Mounting Brackets for lights to save floor space

Some of the props we have are a Large fan and small fan, bed settee, Adjustable massage table, Big selection of clothes, underwear, shoes, jewelry, Plus Mirrors, X pole dance pole, 3 piece swing, shoe chair, fan back wicker chair, Bentwood Carver chair, Swing chair, chaise lounge, bondage equipment, smoke machine and a selection of adult toys.

There is a small garden area for shooting in mainly in the summer also a bathroom that can be used to shoot in and Toilet facilities and a fully equipped kitchen to make tea and heat meals should you require it. We have various models who act as our resident models should you need one, model charges start from £20.00 per hour so if you need a model as well as the studio one of them is usually available at short notice.

You can contact me on 07802 448266 if you need the studio or a model. See my portfolio on PP under Jimbob for pictures.

Thank you for looking and hope to see you soon.


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