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Ciara Emily

Brilliant first shoot with Becky. She even helped me out with my camera! Fantastic communication before and we met for drinks a couple of times before discuss ideas for the project I am working on for uni! Modelling and poses are phenomenal! If you have the chance to work with her, take it! Recommended!

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I booked Becky for an afternoon of scary clown awesomeness - and she delivered in spades! Arriving with the first set of clown make up already applied, and bags (and bags) of outfits, boots and wigs, Becky set about with her legendary posing, emoting, and 'living' a range of wacky clown personas - from high fashion Vivienne Westwood clown, to candy clown, to downright freaky and disturbing clown. An incredibly fun, creative, and productive afternoon. Every photographer should experience some of Becky's creativity - I will certainly be doing so again - the only problem is that Becky is so versatile, creative, and imaginative that picking the next project we will work together on will be a tough call. Very highly recommended.

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Wholeheartedly recommend Becky. Easy to work with and an absolute professional. Solid free posing, great pre-comms and enjoyable company.

Happy to work with her again!

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Rob Dalimer

Can't recommend Becky highly enough. Such a wonderfully flexible, creative and beautiful woman. You absolutely need to book her now.

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Becky is simply amazing! We had a fun time during the shoot. Pre-shoot comms were smooth, as was the day - she's one of the most enthusiastic and positive models I have met to date. The work speaks for itself. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her and can't wait for the next shoot!

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Mike Stone

A Saturday evening shooting with the super creative Becky Golder, how lucky was I :-)

Pre-shoot comms were brilliant, we discussed some amazing ideas and concepts which we then turned into reality at the studio. Stunning posing, elegance, emotion and passion, ah this was a dream shoot. The time just flew as we racked up loads of stunning images. It was an absolute pleasure working with Becky again, can't wait for us to work together again so no hesitation in recommending highly.

Many thanks Becky for such an awesome shoot :-)

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I recently had the pleasure of working with the super talented Becky. She was amazing at pre shoot communications. Spending a large amount of time chatting through ideas for outfits, styles and answering my many random questions.

On the shoot she was brilliant to work with, professional, posing was natural and relaxed.

I would highly recommend to anyone, if they have the opportunity to shoot with Becky then go for it.

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Barry Mallard

Becky and I have been trying to have a "Get to know you" shoot since long before the wretched Chinaman ate his bat and the World stood still for a year.

Well we finally made it, and was it worth the wait .....?


Becky fired-up a pair of her famous eyes for me and turned up bang on time, looking a knock-out and ready to go.

The results flowed seamlessly (and immediately) and I think its fair to say we both really enjoyed the shoot.

For a first one, it was pretty special.

Nothing slowed us down, not even the smoke machine.

The Reference Bit:

Becky is experienced and highly professional, with a stunning look and a one-off willowy physique, (she also has a pair of mighty boots which would scare-off a professional wrestler) ... and she is a total delight to work with.

(Yes we will again - for sure)

B 5/21

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black cat archive

Had a really great experience working with Becky! This was my first ever shoot but Becky very quickly made me feel relaxed and confident in what I was doing. She came along with three great outfits (as discussed beforehand) and clearly takes great pride in her work. She's super in front of the camera!

Overall, I would highly recommend Becky - the booking was faultless from start to finish.

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Becky did a great job shooting a post-apocalyptic set with a scary doll and child's mannequin. Definitely recommended.

She fitted in at the end of another set, which is not the easiest of things to do and we didn't get much time together to develop the ideas. But she was skilled and professional from start to finish, and really nailed the look of bleak desolation needed for the shots. She was also flexible, posing with unusual props and working impromptu with another model, which I really appreciated on the day. We will do it all again for sure.

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I had a long awaited shoot with Becky last month. I've wanted to photograph this lady for age since I first came across her work which is so full energy and imagination. Becky did not disappoint!

Becky is the complete works, you get the awesome mua with a photographer's brain that works with your ideas and evolves with them which always makes a shoot so easy and productive, above all though you get an incredible model with the most versatile look! Her wardrobe is extensive, pre-shoot comms were full and enabled us to hit the ground running.

This lady is a star and I'd work with her again at the drop of a hat!

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Had my first shoot with Becky this week, all I can say is WOW, the poses and expressions she can do were superb. Did 2 different sets on a location based shoot.

Pre shoot comms were fantastic, with loads of input on the looks for the shoot.

Would 100% recommend and am looking forward to working with her at the next shoot.

Thanks a lot


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I had my first shoot with Becky just recently and I'm so glad I did.

She's really professional, amazing poses, extremely friendly, so easy to talk to and work with.

Will 100% use Becky again.

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Brian - p4pictures

I booked Becky to model for a camera club studio portrait night.

On time as required, and looking fabulous with a choice of outfits to fit the project. She did a fabulous job posing freely while the photographers got the hang of their cameras. I did take a couple of shots of her, and her make-up was fabulous and she was really helpful in making the evening a success.

We've worked together a few times now, and I look forward to working with her again soon.

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Kelvin Viller

1578700800Cancelled with less than 72 hours notice.

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Brian - p4pictures

I messaged Becky about a possible shoot plan, less than 36 hours later we'd done the shoot. Clear concise, precise communications for sure. With the smallest spark of an idea, Becky took off an a fabulous creative journey preparing a highly authentic look and outfits for our shoot. We met up right on time, and she was ready to shoot. A quick drive to the location - yes location shoot in October at night outside - she's a trooper.

Some 100 minutes later, we were done. A huge number of looks captured, poses that were beyond belief, and expressions to fit the theme and compliment the outfits. Becky is someone that loves being creative and thrives when given the chance to show it.

Our first "proper" shoot together and it won't be our last.

Highly recommended indeed

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Second great shoot with Becky at her studio day with Penguin Stu6ios. Becky needed no direction to produce an array of great poses and was always ready to shoot when I had figured out what was working for each of the different setups we went through. I appreciated the patience shown as I went through this process. We produced some great results and had fun in doing so, highly recommended model.

A very enjoyable afternoon, hope to shoot with you again in the near future.


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I don't know how I let this reference slide so long, sorry Becky! Becky is a delight work with. Hard working, full of ideas and great communication. Whatever crazy idea I had, she was up for it and added even more to it. She is an excellent model with posing coming very naturally to her and great makeup skills too. Would recommend her and would definitely work with her again!

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You couldn't ask for more! Becky communicated brilliantly before the shoot, was punctual, and arrived perfectly made up and with a selection of suitable clothes. Her experience showed in the way she posed so effortlessly - like any professional making it look as if she didn't have to try yet coming up with superb results. Would definitely use her again.

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Krytan Photography

This was my first time to work with Becky. She was on-time ready with hair and makeup complete. She was a joy to work with and took direction very easy.She is extremely comfortable in front of the camera Being a photographer as well she fully understood what I was trying to create with each look I had in mind. This made the shoot almost effortless. I will be re- booking her in the future. I highly recommend A class model!

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