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I had an indoor and outdoor shoot with Steve on Monday and was glad that I did. He was extremely helpful even before the shoot!! Responding to emails fast and with all little details explained. He is professional in his approach; he is also very creative with plenty of ideas and is always offering to give a great advice on getting the best images. I have already received all the images and they all look great.

I would recommend Steve and look forward to working with him again.

A highly recommended professional photographer! He is also one of the nicest people I have met here on Purpleport.

Thank you, Steve!! :)

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Maura Dudas - Model

I'm so glad I got to shoot with Steve! He's an absolute gentleman and a wonderful photographer. He let me raid his wardrobe which was a definite treat got to walk along the art trail while discussing all things good in life! Figured out we had some common acquaintances and covered some considerable milage while looking for locations in old Leigh!

Steve isnt just professional and talented but a lovely human being, all aeound considerate and most importantly you can have a great chat with him while you're working and redeem the world a little bit.

The thing is there are so many good things to say they probably won't fit into one reference. Nevertheless the results speak for themselves as they are sophisticated and absolutely otherworldly!

Thank you for the lovely day and amazing shoot. If all of my shoots are half as good as the one i had with you then I'm lucky.

This is definitely the beginning of some great creative collabs 😊

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Leigh Jaimey

Not that I haven’t already stated Steve Is amazing with a camera, but he also contributes time and so much effort into each and every shoot I’ve had with him so far! He is a genuine guy and I feel entirely safe and comfortable Throughout every shoot!

There isn’t a single fault I could pick in Steve.

Genuine, reliable, generous, thoughtful, understanding. As always would 10000% recommend and cannot wait for our next one :)

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What can I say about this amazing photoshoot with Steve?!

Well for certain, it was honestly fantastic!

Pre comms, were great, had great ideas, styles and all set up ready in advance.

Steve was so professional and very friendly, we had such a good shoot together! Cup of tea on arrival and cookies - winner!

Steve fantastic prep and collection of props/clothing was 100% and we were able to easily agree with what we were going to create. I loved all of it, and we ended up with numerous sets and outfit changes. I do not think there was anything I didnt love!

Communication was brilliant and even afterwards Steve was so prompt and artistic with his edits and had so many images available to choose from, even when I changed 1 or 2 that we both agreed so we could send them for publishing!

Very highly recommend, and I'm looking forward to having the chance to shoot with Steve again x

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Leigh Jaimey

steve is wonderful at going above and beyond to really capture an amazing shot! He got the props which really added effect to the pictures and succeeded in what we had both set out to achieve! Had many hours of shooting and cannot wait for more!

Such a genuine photographer and your missing out if you’ve not yet had the pleasure of shooting with him!

P.s 100000% recommend

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Leigh Jaimey

Had such an amazing shoot!

Felt totally comfortable...Steve is not only professional and polite he is also a very skilled photographer!

Would 1000% recommend and if you haven’t shot with him yet your missing out.

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Jade Tayla

I had another awesome shoot with Steve!!

As always steve is a fabulous host and working with him is always a pleasure. The shoot was so fun as Steve is so easy to work with we just bounced of each other and create some amazing images.

Thanks for a great shoot I look forward to the next one.

I 100% recommend working with Steve.

Jade xx

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I love every second when shooting with Steve! He has an amazing apartment which is perfect for shooting in, and such a lovely, talented man! Also has a great taste in music! Highly recommend ♥

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Had my first shoot with Steve on Thursday and straight away i felt safe. Granted i wasn't feeling great health wise but as soon as i got there i felt at ease.

What a lovely guy. Very welcoming but also professional. He went through everything and his image of what he wanted to obtain from the shoot and we just got started. Before you know it the shoot was done. We laughed and discussed through the whole entire shoot.

Absolute gem of a man, be great to work with you again! X

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I have worked with Steve on a few occassions now and each time has always been a very comfortable experience for me. Steve is such a great host, as well as photographer and I'm always well taken care of. I love that we can throw ideas around, talk about different styles and I am always more than satisfied with the images we create! He has such a great eye for detail, and I like how we discuss what we aim to achieve before we shoot, but it's relaxed enough to just go with the flow at the same time. With Steve being such a gentleman and having respect for my wellbeing, this has allowed me to explore and experiment with where my place is within this industry.

He is always very professional however so down to earth which made it so easy to gel with him. Highly recommend... such a lovely guy with an awesome talent. Can't wait to work with him again in the near future! Thanks for all the support and encouragement.

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Highly recommend amazing photographer to work with very well educated to and I'm looking forward to the next shoot day yay :)

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Alexandra Frances McCue

I have shot with the faaaaabulous Steve now on manier occasion and it just never feels like work.

Steve is an Uber creative/stylish guy. He prides his self on quality in his work and nails his natural light images every time.

Steve has a fantastic place to shoot from and has a wealth of different outfits and props to play around with, so you’re never short of inspiration!

He is a professional through and through and that’s from start to finish, pre comms to mood boards, to logistics to the shoot, with a thought out direction of where the shoot can go. The finished images are always a great moody, artistic finish to them which always stand out. However, Steve’s experiences extends to many different genres which he nails as you can see in portfolio. A talented photographer for sure.

Tie this all in with endless chatter about various topics he’s very knowledgeable in, snacks and drinks always catered for and genuine concern of you making it home on time and safe, you have an all rounder !

I couldn’t recommend Steve highly enough, truly, I would say for all levels of models, new or professional to get in touch.

Much love,

LJ x

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Emmie Loo

Had my second shoot with Steve yesterday, and it was a delight! His hospitality is awesome, you never go hungry or thirsty.

He makes you feel totally relaxed and always gets fab shots! Steve works with your ideas as well as his own, and is now considered a friend a fave of mine.

Work with you again soon! X

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Emmie Loo

I had my first shoot with Steve last week, and had a great time! I was comfortable and relaxed,and was kept refreshed on tea and pizza, which was great!

Steve is professional and very easy to get on with. We worked together well, and produced some great images that I'm very pleased with. Thanks again Steve! Work together again soon x

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Michelle Lockwood Modelling

I got to shoot again with Steve, and as always it was a pleasure.

Steve has great direction and is so lovely as well, working with him is just great.

I would 100% recommend Steve to models of all levels.

Thanks again Steve.

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Kitty Valentine

We worked together on another shoot, recently and of course it was great!

It’s always a pleasure to work with Steve!

Will happily work with him time and time again, for sure.

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Shot with Steve again (3d time, my fave photographer)!! Amazing guy, lovely to be around, good chat, laughs and good vibe all day. Super Pro as well always trying to get the best out of me and my creativity and willing to follow my crazy ideas ! This time I went to his place/studio in Leigh on Sea where he has lots of props and different things, very cool! Love shooting with him and I'll definitely shoot again! :)

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Leigh Jaimey

Steve was brilliant today! I had a good few hours spent working on different ideas and different ways we could adjust the natural light using the curtains or other objects. We added a prop. I felt comfortable and relaxed, Steve is a genuinely nice guy. With amazing photography skills I would defiantly recommend 10000%

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Leigh Jaimey

Steve is a highly skilled photographer who has proven to take amazing shots. I felt comfortable and he has delivered some beatiful shots! I would 100% recommend! Thankyou!

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Worked with Steve for the first time on Monday and thoroughly enjoyed it!

I travelled to Steve’s wonderful studio/flat due to a mutual friend and he was a truly brilliant host! The shoot itself was awesome and delievered a large number of shots.

I highly recommend Steve and cant wait for shoot two!

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