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Finally got a chance to work with Steve after looking forward to our shoot for over a month! I was amazed at how many settings and different lighting set ups we could get in his flat in the same room and just using the window!

Steve provided light lunch and made sure I had everything to feel comfortable; room to change, drive to the station and even took me to the village to pick up something I forgot to bring to the shoot :) Hope we shoot again soon!

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Laney Modelle

Finally had a proper meeting with Steve and it was a joy!

We worked from his home and the minute I got there he made me feel totally at home (I even got a welcome sign ☺).

We went though images before we started so we both knew exactly what we were going for and it couldn't have gone any better.

I would totally recommend working with Steve he is fun, relaxed, respectful and very professional. Hope to work with him again very soon ☺

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Nicole English

What can I say about steve that hasn't already been said. Steve is an absolute joy to work with. Having worked with him before I knew my time would be well spent with him. Steve let me play around with some ideas I had wanted to try and he results were fab. He is polite and encouraging throughout the whole shoot and time simply flew by. I highly reccomend Steve, seriously if you get the chance to work with him snap it up you don't be dissapointed. Thank you Steve. Until next time!

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I had a wonderful shoot with Steve at his lovely home this week. I always enjoy working with him, so I made sure I was extra early so we could have a coffee beforehand and catch up with what we'd been up to and talk about all our ideas! As well as his photographic skills, Steve's a really kind and considerate person too.

He is also extremely up-to-date with fashion (unlike me :)) and gets designer clothes in for his shoots. As all my own clothes are vintage and dance, it was a really exciting change for me to be wearing jeans and trendy jackets and trying fashion poses. Steve is just as skilled at directing as he is the technical side, and we did a mix of impromptu and planned poses, with a variety of backgrounds and creative lighting set-ups.

I feel so lucky I've had the chance to work with Steve again and can very highly recommend him to any model. Thank you for a wonderful day x

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Nina Jade

I love working with Steve, this was our second shoot. What a true gentleman! So kind and always relaxed, makes shooting and working together a complete joy. He also has great taste in styling, he came prepared with two lovely pieces that we shot in. He also let me keep them. Bless him as they are amazing pieces! I so cant wait to work with Steve again, if you get a chance to book a shoot with him you will be very pleased. If you havent yet what are you waiting for?!

Thanks for making the trip to come shoot with me Steve! I had a blast.



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Laney Modelle

i met Steve very briefly at a charity shoot where we had a 10 minute slot with each other, steve even in this short amount of time was extremely professional and new excactly what shots he wanted to go for .. i have recieved over 5 fantastic images and am very pleased we got so many great shots in such little time .. i would highly recommend Steve and am hoping to work with him again in the near future.

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Lauren Jaide

I have worked with Steve more than a dozen times now I'd say, and each time is fabulous! Most recently he was one of the photographers at a group shoot I hosted in aid of Guide Dogs.

Steve is probably one of the most prepared photographers I've had the pleasure to work with. He always sets us up a little mood board on Pinterest which we both add to so we both know exactly what we want from the shoot.

Steve also has more outfits for shoots than I do myself! This is always great for a model when doing a lot of shoots to have some different outfits to choose from other than what you wear all the time from your own wardrobe.

Every shoot we have done I have had extreme fun, we've worked together in a group shoot in a studio, at priory park, got up at 2.00 am to head down to a sunset shoot on the beach, and a number of shoots at his home studio that usually end up with wet hair (or me in the bath tub). Wet hair is now our signature look I reckon!

Also a bonus is you get given food and drink on set whenever you want, what more could you possibly want?!

Steve's work is just simply sublime and I just know every time I work with him we are going to get some great work!

Planning to work with Steve again in a couple of weeks and I am super super excited!

If you get the chance to work with Steve then bite his hand off, seriously!

Cannot recommend Steve enough!

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Lady Sadie Ann Marie

Having worked with Steve before and throughly enjoyed myself when the opportunity to work with him and another Model arose I pretty much bit his hand off. Communications during the run up to the shoot were very good.

Steve came all the way to me from near Southend also collecting the second Model on rout. He came prepared with all the essentials and props to play with and clothes to model.

I highly recommend Steve, his work is sublime and He is just a pleasure to work with as a Professional.

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I finally had my first shoot with Steve yesterday as he comes highly recommended by so many models!

He's a lovely, professional photographer who is easy to get along with. We had a great shoot and he captured some beautiful images. I'm looking forward to our next shoot, which we have already booked in!

Highly recommend working with him :)

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Had my second shoot with Steve yesterday. Another great shoot, I always love the images that Steve creates and how creative he is. Made me feel extremely comfortable and from what I have seen of the images I'm extremely happy again. I would most definitely recommend Steve!

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blonde 94

I had an awesome shoot with Steve at photovibe studio on Friday for a group shoot. He was very friendly and professional and I can't wait to see the images :)

Hopefully we can work together again!!

Highly recommend to all models.

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Michelle Bridget Retouching

I have worked with steve a few times now when he has sent me images to edit. I always think he is such a friendly guy and really helpful. His communication is always perfect and he makes the whole process very simple making it great to work with him. He is professional and his images are always great! I always look forward to seeing them :) I would definitely recommend him to anyone :) thanks again Steve!

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Beth Smith

I have worked with Steve a few times now, he is just fabulous!

Steve is always so prepared when it comes to planning a shoot, he is organised with so many different outfits and constantly pinning on Pinterest! I promise you you will always be prepared when planning a shoot with Steve.

Steve is also extremely friendly and a true gentlemen. Always makes you feel comfortable and supplies you with endless amounts of tea and food!

Then we get to the photography bit.. Wow.. simply wow! I feel like i have watched Steve go from strength to strength with his photography, the last set of images he showed me are simply amazing. I got Steve into a studio setting recently and although he says he's not very good in a studio, the results speak for themselves! He does amazing in whatever setting he is in. Steve isn't afraid to bring creative ideas to the table and he always delivers.

If you're thinking about booking a shoot with Steve, stop and just do it! He will not disappoint and I consider myself very lucky to be able to work with him as much as i do.


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I was super excited I finally got to shoot with Steve today, I have met him a couple of times before and knew we would get along just fine!

Like myself, Steve is a Pin-a-holic and together we shared lots of different ideas on Pinterest for our sixties themed shoot.

Pre-communication before the shoot was exceptional and I recieved a detailed call sheet and moodboard link.

He was very courteous and offered tea, biscuits and even pizza for lunch!

Time really flew by shooting with Steve, and I could talk to him till the cows come home about photography inspirations!

Great minds really do think alike, thank you for a great shoot :)

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Lady Sadie Ann Marie

I had an absolutely fabulous first shoot with Steve.

We ran with a no makeup themed shoot I wanted to do and Steve knew exactly what I wanted from this shoot. The entire series in my opinion is flawless.

I highly recommend Steve, he has a high professional standard and work tirelessly with his model.

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Lady Sadie Ann Marie

After having shot with Steve late last year on a project off mine own I knew I would enjoy working with him again when the opportunity arose.

Steve came all the way to my little flat to shoot me Picking up the second model on his way, bring everything he thought he would want to play with prop and light wise.

I highly recommended Steve he is highly professional and his work is seriously awesome.

I can not wait until next time.

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Amelia Mary

Steve is one of the most genuine, lovely photographers you should be lucky enough to meet. It helps that his photography is fantastic too ;-) you will not be disappointed if you get a chance to shoot with Steve, he is great with direction and full of ideas, ensuring you will definitely get an awesome range of images. I have shot with him twice and both times he was welcoming, friendly, supplied snacks and has massive wardrobe for us models to use too. Highly recommended and i hope i get to shoot with Steve again.

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Sarah Jo Frost said...

Had my second shoot with Steve, this one I was really excited about as I had so many ideas about it as did Steve, so when we put our ideas together the shoot was just perfect, the weather was glorious and it just couldn't have gone better. Steve is so easy to shoot with and we have a laugh along the way. His gives good direction and you can see he is so passionate about wha he does. It certainly shows in the images we captured! 100% recommend Steve and I hope to have many more shoots with him :-) x

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First time shooting with Steve today and I had such a lovely time! He knows exactly what he wants and Steve is so professional. Upmost respect. Would recommend to all models and creative teams!

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Nicky Granada

Had a fantastic shoot with Steve recently. We met briefly through a shoot and arranged a shoot one to one. We collaborated ideas leading up to and even during the shoot. We created great images and the atmosphere was faultless. I would definitely recommend Steve and would definitely enjoy working with him again. His work is faultless and he carried a professional attitude throughout to create want we wanted to achieve 😊

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