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Belle Noire aka Black Beauty

1499817600Cancelled with less than 72 hours notice.

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We did a full day of shooting at Simon's place, where he has basically turned it into a mini studio! I really enjoyed the shoot, as it was very well planned out and based around expressing emotions. It was really fun trying to portray the different expressions that Simon described and a little different from the norm! I was very well looked after, fed and watered throughout the day, with plenty of breaks, and Simon was professional, friendly and chatty.

I would love to shoot again Simon!

Izzy x

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Had a lovely shoot with Simon on Monday. He is very professional and easy to chat with! He arrived we prepared with lots of outfits and props to use during the shoot. Over the 5 hours we shot about a dozen different looks and all in all I can definitely recommend working with Simon. A lovely, productive day was had!

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M I S S A - R A E - B E R R Y

Had a 6 hour shoot last night at my home in Rotherham! Working alongside another model Ebony white...

I really enjoyed the shoot because it was all based on emotions and people's appearance to different matters... I mainly loved it because it made me miss musical theatre which I have studied for many years...

we did two hours duo then two hours separated... Fashion to nude art - nude art was to see how people's emotions change (doing the same feelings as clothed) ... and surprisingly your emotions do change!!

I think he is fantastic at what he does!! I believe he should be an acting teacher as well as because he believes in what he wants strongly and you can tell it's his passion!

Stupidly good at direction, a pleasure to be around , down to earth and is comfortable to be around

I highly recommend him and would shoot with him daily !

Thank u for shooting me and my sister !

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I throughly enjoyed today's shoot with Simon! We tried out a bunch of different ideas and locations. Simon was through and genuine with a real eye for a gorgeous picture!

Cannot wait to work together again!

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Simon is awesome to work with! The shoot was relaxed but productive and we got loads of gorgeous images. I really enjoyed it, and would recommend anyone shoots with him! We shot lots of interesting portraiture exploring expression - I loved it! Had a lovely day :) Thanks Simon!

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Chloe Welsh

Had such a great shoot in a local hotel room with Simon. The time flew by!!!

Simon is a lovely photographer. Very polite and friendly and made me feel comfortable during my first ever nude shoot.

Prior communication was excellent. I'd love to work with Simon again. Highly recommended x

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Naked Soul

I say he is incredible all round. A great photographer and first of all a great person very funny we had a great time shooting and created some fantastic shots.Pre communications were good, 100% professional and his standard of work speaks for itself!

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blonde 94

I had a great shoot with Captured Attraction last week. It was great fun pulling all the different faces and poses and I got to be Alice in wonderland :D

Really friendly and professional photographer. I recommend to all :)

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Had a fab time shooting this morning with Simon for the first time. So many great qualities as a photographer and as a person. Pre comms were spot on, he organsied a hotel 2 minutes walk from my home and had everything set up. My job was so easy! organsied, relaxed, easy to talk to, professional, considerate, creative...just to name a few. He had a clear idea of what to shoot and let me play around with my own interpretations too. The time flew by. Thanks Simon and can't wait to shoot again! Xx

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Amelie Alden.

We had a shoot today at mine and time flew by - absolutely loved working with Simon, he had some great off the wall ideas and was very good at bringing emotions out. A really laid back guy who was also great to talk to and made me feel very relaxed, and from the back of the camera we got some wicked shots. Looking forward to next shoot!

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Micà Loren

Had my first shoot with Simon after he got in touch with me about a project he's been working on.

We decided to meet in Milton Keynes which was great for both of us and we had a great shoot working through different styles and looks according to his project. I really enjoyed working, meeting and talking with Simon. He ensured I felt comfortable at all times, with regular tea and coffee breaks!

I'll look forward to meeting Simon again, it was a pleasure!

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This was my first shoot with Simon, it was great.

He was early getting to the location and getting everything set up. The shoot was very fun and time seemed to fly by!

The pre-communications were great, I knew exactly what to bring (and brought way too much!)

I would definitely recommend working with Simon and hope to again in the future.

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Had my first ever shoot with Simon today the organisation was so clear and he was very good at communicating with me. Simon made me feel very comfortable lots of conversation and so many good ideas. Simon came with lots of costumes and a good plan of the shoot.

Simon was very pleasant, and welcoming and always asked if I wanted a break which is very nice!

Definatly recommend and hope to work with Simon again! :)

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Kelly Hathaway

I had my first shoot with Simon yesterday. Pre-shoot communications were excellent and I knew exactly what to bring and what styles we were going to be doing etc. Simon is very easy-going and professional. I felt very comfortable working with him and I had so much fun wearing different costumes and projecting different emotions for his project that he is currently undertaking. We used a local hotel and he had been there the night before setting it all up ready for our shoot. Simon is very passionate about what he does and I can't wait to see some of the results! I highly recommend Simon to others and I look forward to working with him again.

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I had my second shoot with Simon yesterday. I worked with him about a year ago and our second shoot was just as much fun as the first was!

We got to be a bit silly and creative. Simon is so easy-going and great to work with. He had everything set up by the time I arrived and had so many fun outfits and props to play around with. We got so much done in our 4 hour shoot, it was fantastic. I definitely recommend Simon :)

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Claudine said...

Had my first shoot with Simon on Monday and it truly was a pleasure to work with him. His friendly and bubbly nature made me feel instantly comfortable in his presence :). His energy is fantastic which helped me exude the same high level of enthusiasm throughout our shoot.

The beginning of our shoot focused on capturing different emotions, this was so much fun! I really cannot wait to see the results!

I fully recommend Simon, I would be more than happy to shoot with him again and I really hope we do sometime in the future :).

Thanks again for the cracking shoot!

Claudine x

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Amy Beloved

I had my most recent shoot with Simon a few days ago at my home, as always communication up to the shoot was clear, everything easy to arrange.

The shoot was great, Simon was very prepared with a range of ideas and styles which we worked through, I particularly really enjoyed the different expressions and emotions, something a bit different and I really liked the images that I saw.

Simon is really easy to get along with, friendly and chatty and even though the shoot was productive it was still very relaxed and we managed to squeeze in a few cuppas too :)

I would highly recommend Simon to others and look forward to working with him again in the near future.

Thanks, Amy x

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Estelle Model

I had a shoot with Simon last week and what a joy it was. Pre comms where great as he explained his ideas so I knew a little what to expect. Within seconds of meeting Simon I felt at ease as he is chatting and friendly which always helps. His concept for his emotion pictures is a wonderful idea and it was so nice to have a shoot with a different! The time flew by and I hope I get chance to work with him again. Highly recommend and he really will put you at ease so don't think to much about the poses as he just wants to see how you express your self. Thanks Simon

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Rosie Flame

I had a fab and refreshing 4 hour shoot today working on Simon's 'expressions' project and it was great fun. It was refreshing being asked to display so many different emotions/ expressions clotyed and nude.

Simon is incredibly easy to work with and talk to. Simon has a great sense of humour which makes you feel at ease. Simon's respectful, patient and fun. :) Pre - comms were great and despite changing locations last minute (tiny hotel room) the shoot went off without a hitch.

100% Recommended.

Thank you for a lovely morning. :)

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