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What a lovely way to begin 2022! Working with Derek on my first photoshoot for this year (it was the first 2022 shot for us both) was a great pleasure, and highly productive experience. I had mentioned to Derek on a group shoot years ago, which shoot resulted in a popular FPI, that I sometimes stay at my mother's house in Faversham, Kent, and, as that, as he is local to that area, it could give us other opportunities to shoot together.

So, although it was a shame that circumstances, such as Covid, meant a few years transpired in the interim, it was terrific to finally shoot together again. We had a great time, training around Faversham and trading ideas for creative compositions as they arose, and those were plentiful on both sides, as Faversham is such a picturesque town. Derek was easy to talk to and work with, very considerate-often asking if I was warm enough- and treating me to tea for two in the local cafes and pubs, whilst allowing me to review photos on his camera, which I really appreciate, especially as a professionally trained ballet dancer it's important for me to check details such as my hands and feet. The photos on the back of Derek's camera were beautiful, we achieved a great variety of images in diverse and sometimes challenging lighting conditions, and I look forward to seeing Derek's finished, edited selections.

Highly recommended, and I hope to work with Derek again, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Thank You, Derek. :)

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I had the most wonderful shoot today with Derek!

It’s been a long time in the making and I couldn’t be happier with the results it was well worth the wait and planning!

He was great at communicating and we had ideas to pass back and forth!

He made me feel so at ease was welcoming and so easy to talk to, not to mention we did have a good laugh as well which always helps a shoot along!

I would highly recommend anyone who is able to, to have a shoot with Derek, you will not be disappointed!!

Thank you for today and i look forward to our next shoot!! Xx

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1599595200Cancelled with less than 72 hours notice.

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twisted pixie

Had a great shoot yesterday with Derek. Really sound down to earth guy . Could have a really good laugh with him . But also very professional aswell.

For sure would work with him again and would recommend him to anyone . Great guy.

Also thanks for being the photographer at such short notice.

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Had a great first shoot with Derek, he chose an awesome place for our urban shoot and the time honestly just flew by! We got a great mix of shots, chatted throughout the shoot and it was honestly a real pleasure and a great day. I can't wait to see the final images and would highly recommend working with him if you haven't already.

A really lovely guy, full of ideas and knows exactly what he wants to achieve. Hopefully we will get more chances to work together in the future.

Thanks again :D

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Roswell Ivory

I was beyond over the moon when Derek booked me to shoot for a week in Iceland! We've worked together many times and I consider both Derek and his wife friends, and was excited to do this right from the start.

Our first day was spent recovering from hectic flights and location scouting, then we spent the week shooting, scouting and going through all the outfits I'd been lent.

Despite the week's weather being very mixed indeed (a bit of stunning sunlight, or very heavy showers, mist, strong winds and cold) Derek was as chilled as could possibly be, which meant that the whole week was lovely and relaxed- we worked around the weather and scouted locations when conditions were bad for shooting.

Derek was the perfect person to shoot and go exploring with as he's so fun and upbeat- we could laugh at the very few things that didn't work and celebrate the things that did (and wow, they really really really worked!)

We had a few locations planned, a few spontaneous finds (like a magical cave or two) and stayed at a lovely guest house so we had a place to crash after long days. Derek and his wife made sure I was very well fed, had a place to stay and I felt so welcome. I was so sad when it was time for me to fly back!

I recommend 10000% and would work together again any time. Thankyou for everything and sorry the reference is late. :)

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Miss Diamond Sparkle 💕☯

VERY HIGHLY RECOMMEND...I had a brilliant shoot with Derek...Derek's partner was making me tea throughout the shoot (such a lovely partner) and Derek was an absolute pleasure to be around...I felt like I had known Derek years because we had the banter going after about 20 minutes of shooting...Derek was alot of fun...he had me laughing so much when he threw his camera on the bed and ran to grab his tea before it got cold...Derek was very professional, respectful and I was extremely comfortable on his shoot...Derek and I produced loads of amazing images and I cannot wait to see them...Derek has 2 gorgeous cats but unfortunately they did not want to be having their pictures taken with me...

Would I shoot with Derek again...erm...HELL YES!

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Roswell Ivory

Yay! Another fantastic shoot with Derek! :D I can only echo my previous references- he's great fun to work with, mindful of my comfort and temperature in the cold, knows a lot about the locations in the nearby area and makes fantastic pancakes, haha! I absolutely love the images I have seen and can't wait to work together again. Thankyou! :)

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Natasha J Bella

It was an absolute pleasure to meet Derek for a shoot at his home in Kent. Very kind and hospitable, easy to work with as we went through a variety of ideas and light setups at a steady pace, fuelled by tea breaks and lots of chatting and yet productive with plenty of images. I was loving the results as we went along and Derek gave me time to look through and mark my favourites, of which there were many!

An absolute gentlemen and wonderful photographer, highly recommended. :) :) :)

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Sandra Blu

Had an TFP outdoors shoot with Scarecrow a week ago where we tried different styles (mainly portraiture, glamour and art nude). Preccoms where spot on, we both showed up in time and he took me to some of most beautiful locations I've ever seen! Flower fields, rivers, wheat fields etc..

I loved working with derek because he was extremely easy to get along, super polite, friendly and incredibly considerate to my input.

Oh and the pictures where delivered quite fast and came out absolutely fantastic!

thanks you so much Derek for a great day and fantastic images!



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Roswell Ivory

Derek is without a doubt one of my favourite photographers to work with. We had our second shoot at his lovely home last week (sorry for the late reference) and made use of the natural light to shoot some boudoir and portraits, experimented with different locations and sets, and had a great laugh and chat while doing so. I absolutely loved the images in the back of the camera and knew we'd have something fantastic- I wasn't disappointed when I saw the edited images!

In addition to a great fun shoot, Derek and his wife are super lovely people who let me stay the night before, fed me yummy curry and donated an outfit to me which was a very kind gesture indeed!

I look forward to our next shoot and recommend 10000%

p.s. His fluffy cats are utterly adorable.

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Grace Emily Official

Had the pleasure of working with Scarecrow for the first time recently. Don't be put off by his name; this photographer couldn't be friendlier! We shot at his home and it was clean, cosy and a perfect set up for a shoot. Tea was on tap and conversation flowed effortlessly; his cats are the cutest also! We worked through a variety of sets including boudoir, outdoor art nude and a bath time set and I even got to sit in his Lamborghini and pose which was amazing! Do not hesitate to work with this lovely gentleman if you are passing through Kent. Thank you so much for a lovely shoot!

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I had a great shoot with Derek at a derelict location. We met at the location and had an explore, shooting variety of sets in a dirty but awesome location! His pre-comms were great and he was friendly, polite and professional on the day. I love the images and I think we made great use of our time. I hope to work with Derek again and highly recommend him.

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Roswell Ivory

I had a fantastic photoshoot with Derek on my recent Kent tour. Pre-shoot communication was excellent and as we had to go for "Plan B" regarding locations, we actually shot an even greater variety than we would have originally! He was mindful of my comfort and safety too- which is always appreciated. I absolutely love the images I've seen and would definitely recommend Derek as a photographer.

After our shoot, he was kind enough to give me a lift to my friends house which saved me dragging my suitcase around public transport- thankyou so much for that! :)

Cannot wait to work together again (and steal his cats). :P

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Had such a lovely and chilled out shoot with Derek on my Kent tour :) I met him at his home where I met all 3 of his adorable kitties (he is lucky I did not steal them all) and they all got lots of strokes from me.

We got so many cool shots. Really awesome. It was a lovely day so we shot outside for the entire time. Derek was really laid back and so easy to model for. He just let me do my thing and I let him do his.

Derek even led me to some water and asked me if I was ok getting in. Of course I was going to get though wading through the water did create lots of air to escape from the mud below which left Derek in hysterics. Hehehehe

Derek also knew of a cool little abandoned building in the area that we went to and he put in so much effort tomove things so I could do my funky thing on them :)Also him and is lovely wife took me out for a meal afterwards which was greatly appreciated abd was super delicious.

Thanks again Derek. I will be back to bother you soon enough and maybe leave you with one less kitty ;)

100% recommended

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Stephanie Dubois

I had the great pleasure of meeting and working with Derek yesterday as part of my tour down South. Derek is great - so friendly, kind and respectful! Great company!

After having a few issues with finding his home (me being an idiot basically), we sat down for a cuppa and discussed what we would like to do. I jumped at the chance to go to the beach, so off we went. What a fantastic location! With chalks cliffs and rugged rocks we managed to get some lovely nudes and a couple of fashiony images also. We timed it all to perfection, as just as I was changing we were joined by a huge group of school children - back near Dereks there are some fabulous orchards so we shot round there for the remainder of our time, focussing on natural light portraits and lifestyle/fashion (as well as eating loads of cherries). I'm really very pleased with the images we got yesterday and I'm very much looking forward to seeing them.

I really very highly recommend Derek and would love to work with him again sometime!

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Artemis Fauna

I stayed and shot with Derek during my Kent tour just this week.

Derek is not only a very good photographer, but a rather damn good chef too!! He spoilt me rotten and fed me the most delicious curry and pancakes (not together) ;) He also had three cats...Cats, wine, food...Ahh, I was in heaven!

Anyway, back to shooting-! Derek was very laid back on the day but we got a LOT done. We threw some ideas about and made the most of the best day weather wise and took some absolutely stunning images. I really enjoyed the whole day. Derek was a pleasure to work with and was happy to hear my ideas too- a real collaboration!

I can't recommend Derek enough, he is friendly, chatty and I am super excited to see the images! Really hope we can work together again, thank you so much :)

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Rachelle Summers

Had a lovely shoot with Derek on my recent tour down south!

He is very chatty and laid back, we had a good natter and worked through a few different sets and then he even gave me time at the end to look through and pick some favourite images from the shoot :)

Great guy to work for and would happily work with him again!

Highly recommended

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Jodie Ellen

So ~I had the absolute pleasure of working with Derek a few weeks ago. Derek's pre-coms were fantastic. He gave me a step by step of what we would be shooting, so I had a great idea what I would need to take and what I would be in for :P

We had a little trouble with some of the locations as there were quite a few onlookers, Derek was so polite and worried for my safety which is always nice to have.

I absolutely loved working with Derek and the outcome will hopefully show how much fun we had!

Completely 100% would happily recommend and happily shoot with again

Take care


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I had a terrific shoot today with Derek, as part of group shoot, a Model Open Day in Dawnrosie’s lovely studio in Kent. He was an absolute pleasure to work with, very professional and knowledgeable. He allowed me to view the images on the back of his camera, which was very kind and considerate of him- and the images I saw looked great. :) I’d love to work with him again.

Highly recommended. :) 

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