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Lloyd Moore

I first worked with Sam a few years back (pre-covid) and was delighted with the results then. So much so that he was my first choice for a duo shoot with Bella Grace. Punctual, professional and talented, Sam made the day run smoothly with some helpful advice, particularly with my co-shooter, who was inexperienced with this kind of photography.

I cannot recommend Sam enough. Highly versatile. Book him, you won't be disappointed.

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Krytan Photography

Sam, The Man with the Plan! What can I say that hasn’t been said already? Having previously worked with Sam, my client and I literally have this Legend on speed dial for all future projects! Having worked with Sam before his extremely well organised wardrobe allowed us to create many looks as well as just incredibly talented for posing for stills and video. His acting experience makes him exceptionally versatile for getting into character for our imagery! We enjoyed many chats and just as always, a pleasure to work with him again!! Highly recommend Sam!!

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AA Photography1

I'm very happy with my shoot With Sam. He was very down to earth yet at the same time a professional in his approach to modelling. We had a specific shoot plan already set and he had his own suggestions. He brought plenty of wardrobe, enough to fill the 4 hours.

I highly recommend Sam! A+++

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Photos By JJ Phoenix

I had the brief opportunity to work with Sam at a group shoot in the midlands. Although we only had a brief amount of time to work together we got some great images and I would the opportunity to work with him again

very professional

slowed between poses easily

needed no direction unless I was asking for him to change location

Lovely gent

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What can I say about Sam that's not already been said?

He's a fantastic model/actor, great posing ability, needs no direction and full of awesome expressions. Great personality and brilliant to work with.

I highly recommend working with Sam and look forward to working with hime again.

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It was such a real pleasure (& sorely missed) to work with Sam once again.

Thespian, troubadour & model are all things that Sam has in his amazing repertoire.

Always a brilliant night with Sam, and I really look forward to working again with this talented gentleman!

Very, very highly recommended!


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Sam is brilliant - and working with him reinforced to me that I should Sam (and other male models) more often. Really easy to build rapport with, takes direction and poses well... and is willing to trust and thus deliver great images!

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Krytan Photography

What can I say about Sam? Only that he's an absolute legend! Pre Comms were fantastic, Sam provided a plethora of wardrobe selections prior to the shoot which helped myself and my client to make choices to fit the shoot brief. On time and well organised, Sam effortlessly posed and worked extremely well with model @emysloo ( their chemistry is ridiculous! ) as well as with the jewellery products and provided much needed "light bulb moments" to further enhance the final look images!

His acting experience knowledge really comes in handy to create emotion and storytelling.

I highly, and I mean highly cant recommend Sam enough! Looking forward to working with him on my next project! ;)

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Had a THIRD shoot with the fantastic Sam and yet again he knocked it out of the park for a jewellery shoot last month.

Friendly, punctual, very photogenic, needs no direction so a photographers dream, and also extremely organised (to set the scene, he brings a pop up clothing rack!!!)

Can’t wait to work with Sam again, highly recommend.

Emma :)

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I’m so glad I’ve had the pleasure to work with Sam again after our first shoot two years ago. We spent the day doing a 70’s style wedding shoot, and it’s safe to say he absolutely smashed it. It’s a joy to watch how natural he is in front of a camera.

Even in the boiling hot weather all suited up, he was super professional and had a great energy throughout the whole day. Sam is lovely to chat to and most importantly- looks absolutely incredible!

Highly recommend, book him, NOW!!! :D

Thanks Sam, hope to see you soon :)

Emma x

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Neon Dreams Studio

It was a pleasure to have Sam at the studio on a commercial shoot! He was professional, engaging, helpful and a great model.

From what I gathered he fit the brief perfectly and they had a laugh in all the different set ups!

Overall a highly successful day and Sam was wonderful. I hope to see him again in the future at Neon Dreams.

Highly recommended :)

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Tess Lathey

I was lucky enough to shoot with Sam on a commercial shoot last week. Sam Is a true professional, his facial expressions and ability to connect and deliver on a brief were phenomenal and he is also a very approachable and likeable guy. Highly recommend and hope our paths cross in this industry again!

Cheers Sam!

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Mug-Shots Photography

Shot with Sam today, he stepped in at short notice following a cancellation.

What a nice guy. Sam is personable and professional, he arrived on time and ready to shoot. Pre shoot comms were excellent given the limited time we had. He is clearly very experienced and needed very little direction.

I have some great images.

I highly recommend Sam.

Thanks buddy.

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I have lost count how many times I've shot with Sam now however on every occasion it is always fun and like seeing an old friend again. He's great to work with, always game to try different things as well as being a true pro throughout. I have some great images from the day that i cannot wait to share and am grateful that he wanted to be part of the shoot. Thanks again Sam - hope to see you again soon! - k

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I worked with Sam on a duo model shoot recently and he was awesome to work with.

He came up with the coolest poses and I love the photos I’ve seen so far - the solo and duo ones!

Sam was a pleasure to work with and I’d love to work with him again some day! X

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Hugh Spence

Sam came to the club with a range of clothes and proved a good model, adaptable to direction and able to pose on his own when none was forthcoming. I believe all the members present were more than happy with the images they got. He proved unassuming and completely at ease in front of the camera. Very easy to work with.

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Ashleigh Rae

I worked with Sam for the first time for a autumn magazine project and it was a absolute pleasure to work with him.

Super friendly, professional and so easy to work with.

Highly recommended.

Hope to cross paths again.

All the best :-)

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Worked for the first time with the lovely sam yesterday and had an absolute blast. As soon as i met him i felt instantly at ease. He is professional, funny, easy going, very VERY well prepared, and most importantly for you photographers out there... looks amazing too!

hope to work with you again sam!

Emma :)

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Two year's on - two year's too long.

Got to catch up with my friend sam on a recall from the Zombie Shoot we did.

This time round it was a photo shoot & a video shoot.

As he was the first time i met him on set he was positive polite and energetic.

Was confident in the role he was asked to do. Even with only one eye for visibility.

We had kept in touch across social media platforms and encouraged each other to push our work even further and i believe we will continue in that same mould once more.

Arrived on time. Was engaging with every one.

Proper nice bloke.

And comes highly recommended too all creatives.

Cheers bro

Catch u soon !


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Tania Claire Makeup Artist

Yet another brilliant shoot with Sam - so patient with having a full face prosthetic that stopped him seeing out of one eye and not being able to open his mouth properly !

Sam is a great model and funny as well love working with him as I know it will always be a great shoot.

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