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Had a great last minute shoot with Sally in a local park.

Sally turned up with with a big smile on her face and a small bag of Autumn/winter clothing.

In the space of an hour and a half hours we managed to get some lovely casual Fashion/portrait shots.

Im very happy with what we were able to produce and would be more than happy to work with the lovely Sally again ..

ThanXX again for such and enjoyabe shoot.

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Heath Sports Action

Sally is one of the most talented dancers I have ever worked with. She is truly beautiful, and was able to launch herself into aerial postures of absolute grace and tremendous dynamism. The pictures are terrific. I would love to work with her again and recommend her wholeheartedly.

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Sally was good enough to travel down to me for a portrait Fashion studio shoot with myself and a student that I am mentoring, Sally coped well with the different changes of clothes that she had brought with her enableing us to get some great images.

Sally’s pre com’s were spot on with everything sorted before the shoot regarding travel arrangements and as to what we were doing and the clothes required for it.

I hopefully will be shooting again with Sally, the next time to explore her dancing abilities as feel that there is a lot of potential for another great shoot and of course would recomend her to other Photographers

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I've just had the great pleasure of shooting with Sally Jayne.

Although new to modelling her Dance-Performance-Acting skills came to the fore.

She took every mad idea I had in her stride and threw in a few of her own, She used her dance training to create some interesting shapes and poses.

We ran through 3-4 clothing changes and mood styles during our two-hour shoot over two locations.

Sally was always very upbeat and positive, An absolute pleasure to work with. I'd be more than Happy to work with her again.


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Thank you Sally for such a fun amazing shoot. I Loved every moment of it and look forward to creating more ideas in the near future. Thanks again :) xx

To all photographers.... Sally is one of the best models you could ever work with.

Sally and I planned working together not long ago and pre communication was excellent. We discussed the ideas and tomes and locations and were all prepared for today.

Despite the heatwave over the past number of weeks the rain took its toll of all days wheb we are shooting outside. Sally and I messagesd before if the rain would be a problem but we both agreed to give it a go.... And I am so glad we did.

Sally turned up on time at the station and immediately I knew we would get along. She had brought all the outfits I asked her to bring and more and the were perfect woth what I wanted to capture.

We shot at some isolated locations and never once did I hear any complaints of how the location is or the cold weather, rain and she even did not mind if I asked her to try some difficult poses.

Altogether we got 4 sets done and we laughed and talked alot throughout making the whole experience joyful. I could not have been happier with the footage we got and thankfully Sally seed happy with the way it looked as well...

Naturally beautiful with an amazing figure and takes direction well plus an amazing personality of this talented young lady. I cannot wait to work with her again on more ideas that we already started talking about and I lopkrd forward to what we come up with next.

Highly recommended to all you will not be disappointed :)

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