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Studio / RJ Bradbury Photography, Unit 1, Grnd Floor, Woodbank Works, Turncroft Lane,Stockport, Stockport SK1 4AR, UK. (Map)

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  • Full time Studio
  • More than 5 years experience
  • I work for either pay or trade depending on assignment
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Beauty, Body Paint, Commercial, Fashion, Fitness, Glamour, Lifestyle, Lingerie, Pinup, Portrait, Promotional, Sheer, Swimwear and Wedding




Welcome to the PurplePort page for the studio of RJ Bradbury Photography. The studio is based at...

RJ Bradbury Photography
Unit 1 Ground Floor
Turncroft Lane

Website: [url removed] [link removed]
Mobile: 07763418761

Facebook Group:

This Facebook Group supports the studio and provides feedback on images, a place to ask questions and also a place to find out about upcoming workshops and photography events happening at the studio.

https://[url removed] [link removed]

What Happens at The Studio?:

  1. Client & Personal work of RJ Bradbury Photography. (Portraits, Head Shots, Commercial, Editorial)

  2. Photography Tutorial Video production.

  3. Workshops, Studio Events and bespoke 1 2 1 training. Full details can be found [HERE [link removed]].

  4. Studio Hire - Details HERE 
    [link removed]
  5. Model Days - The studio is avalible to hire for models on tour or who are local to run model studio days.

  6. Studio shoot events - These will vary and are sometimes run in partnership with a studio nearby. 

[ Studio Hire Rates ] http://[url removed] [link removed]

  Unassisted (Discounted Rates for 1/2 day or full day hires)

Great for general hires where you are comfortable with studio work and are good to crak on yourself.  Also for model studio days.  Models if you would like to hire the studio to run a studio day in pleae get in touch. 

I am on site to open up and make brews and set equipment up for you if required. General studio hire.

£25/hour unassisted.
£90 1/2 Day
£150 Full Day


I am on hand as your assistant throughout your shoot in the studio or on location nearby. With my experience I can handle assistant duties on set and provide technical help with lighting and rigging. With this you get my 100% support during your shoot.  Great for commercial hire's or photographer client work.

£45/hour. Assisted. 
£160 1/2 Day (4 Hours) Assisted.
£310 Full day (8 Hours) Assisted.

(I am also open to work with people looking to assist on shoots or are looking for a mentor. As well as to mentor you on a live shoot where you book me for 121 training and feedback whilst you shoot.)

** Please note that my client work takes priority and I recommend to contact me before you confirm studio availability to a model or client. 

More Studio Hire Info - http://[url removed] [link removed]

Studio Facilities Include:

38ft Shooting area.
Background set with Grey and White, Orange, Blue.
Laminate floor for background area. 
Material Backgrounds.
Posing/Bar Stools
Ikea Chair's
Kitchen with kettle, tea, coffee and hot chocolate. 
Meeting area.
Changing room with Mirror.
Fan for changing room. 
Fridge for cold drinks and food.
Fold out table and chairs.
Charging points for mobiles/tablets. 
Ironing Board + Iron

Equipment Wise:  (Lights and modifiers are Bowens S-Mount)

12 Lights
   * Pixapro Storm II 400ws (two heads) - Short flash duration
   * Pixapro Storm II 600ws (two heads) - Short flash duration
   * Pixapro CITI 600 + Remote Head
   * Lencarta Smart Flash 200ws (1 Head)
   * Pixapro Pika 200 x2 and Dual Head
   * Pixapro Round Head Speedlite 
   * Pixapro Hybrid 360 II 
   * Pixapro Li-ION Speedlites x3

Pixapro Triggers
Phottix Stratos II Triggers.
2 X  Pixapro 160x35cm Stripbox and Grid
2 X Small 22x90cm Strip box & Grid
Grid Spots (10,20,30,40 Degree)
Opteka Speedlite grids (1/4, 1/8)
Reflector Stands
3x C-Stand
1x heavy duty Boom Stand (C-Stand)
Background stand set
Westcott X Drop with white background.
Pixapro Oldbury 2x2.3m Background (Grey)
60" Convertible Umbrella
43" Shoot Through Umbrella
33" Silver Umbrella
33" White Umbrella
7ft Westcott Silver Parabolic Umbrella with diffuser. 
5ft Pixapro Silver Parabolic Umbrella with diffuser.
Pixapro 21.6"  White Beauty Dish + Grid/Sock
Pixapro 21.6"  Silver Beauty Dish + Grid/Sock
Pixapro 60x90cm Easy Open Softbox + Grid
Pixapro 90cm Deep softbox + Grid
50" Westcott Apollo 
28" Westcott Apollo 
32" Calumet Softbox (S-Mount)
90cm Octa (S-Mount)
Pixapro 120cm Easy Open Octa + Grid
Pixapro 170cm Easy Open Octa + Grid
Pixapro 120 Degree Wide Angle Reflector
Pixapro Standard Reflectors 
5 in 1 Reflectors
Diffusion Panels
Diffusion Rolls
2 x Black Polly Boards

Barn Doors
Background Reflectors 
A Clamps
Super Clamps
Various Grip
Tool Kit

The studio lights and the specific modifiers are all Bowens S-Mount. Photographers can bring their own kit if they would prefer. 


If you break it you replace it. (this is mostly to the photographers and does not include cups :)  )
Black out blinds/window covers must be used if shooting any kind of nude levels. also the main door must be kept closed. 
Be nice to people in and around the studio.
Have a fun shoot.
Share your work and tag the studio on social media. 

COVID Measures 

The studio is clean on a regular basis between uses and hires.  I also have somatisation bottles in place along with cleaning equipment.  Facemasks are to be worn and numbers in the studio are being limited due to COVID also. 

I also have a temperature checker which is used for all people attending the studio. 

Further info:

If you have any questions or would like to make a booking please use the contact details below or PP.

Direct Email: [url removed]
Mobile: 07763418761

Thank You and I look forward to meeting you and hosting your day. 

[url removed] [link removed]


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