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Richard Thompson has 14 references; 14 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 0 no-shows.

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Isiasha LittyMcvitty1111

Great shoot yet again.

Great ideas , open communication during , ability to share ideas and Great outcome.

Shown up. Photographed freely and left with good time.

Highly recommended

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Sophie Petford

I had a fantastic shoot with Richard! We did a fashion/portrait shoot in a lovely woodland area with a stream, and the natural lighting made for some incredible photos! Let me choose my own shoot styles but also suggested poses and directed well too. We also had great communication prior to the shoot and have a few ideas for the future to shoot together too. Definitely recommend working with him!

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Laetitia Steampunk

Did a night shoot in Haworth with Richard. It was the second time shooting with him, and he was as friendly, professional and creative as ever. Communication pre shoot was great, the photos produced are amazing, one got published this week in a local newspaper. I am looking forward to creating more great images soon.

Highly recommended

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Isiasha LittyMcvitty1111

Fantastic shoot.




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1st shoot with Richard on Sunday and I can’t recommend him highly enough. Pre shoot communication was excellent and on the day he is a very polite and friendly person with amazing ideas. We’re already in the process of coming up with ideas for our next shoot

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Zoë Birtwhistle

I shot with Richard for the first time last week. This was very much a "getting to know each other" shoot and I got to know him as extremely professional, precise, and personable. He was open to my ideas and brought a wonderful concept of his own which has yielded some really pleasing results. His direction was minimal and effective. I would definitely like to work with him again, and can absolutely recommend working with Richard if you are keen to make some real art!

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Laetitia Steampunk

I had a shoot in September with Richard. Communication pre shoot was excellent, we discussed possible location and style of outfit he wanted to shoot. On the day of the shoot, communication was perfect, he made me feel very comfortable as he is professional yet friendly and with a warm personality. He had fab ideas but also let me do poses I wanted to try. The photos produced are outstanding.

We are planning another shoot in the future.

Highly recommend anyone who wants to shoot with Richard to go for it. You won't be disappointed.

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Recently had a shoot with Richard and his Mrs. Was a great shoot and have came out of it with some amazing photos.

Definetely would shoot with him again and eould recommend him to everybody.

Hope to work with you again


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I had a photoshoot with Richard a 2 days ago, pre communications were great and he showed up on time at the location ready to shoot. I have already had some images back from him and am really made up with them so far. Made me feel so at ease and is really down to earth. I couldnt reccomend him more, and I look forward to working with him again.

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Richard communicated effectively and was clear and professional throughout, he did so whilst being laid back and putting me at ease and directing well. I would happily recommend him as a creative, personable and professional photographer. 5*

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Bettie Bathory1

Richard was brilliant with communication from the beginning and was very clear about the type of shoot he was hoping for which suited my style. He is really friendly and makes you feel at ease, but also super professional and spends time getting the right shot. He has kept in touch regularly to update on the images since the shoot and I’ve received them fairly quickly all with different edits- they are fab images and will really help to improve my portfolio. I would definitely recommend and hope to work with him again soon.

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Ellie Shania

Richard is such a nice photographer and I have honestly never felt so comfortable at a shoot, he tells you which angles look nice and he will literally get on the floor or the highest building to make sure he gets the perfect picture of you, he is very professional and I really couldn’t even think of anything he needs to improve on his work is great he makes sure he gets perfect pictures of you always asks if there’s anything you’d like to add or any ideas, I’d definitely recommend him to anyone 🙂

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Sis Benedict

Had a really great and fun shoot with Richard yesterday at a fab urbex location.

Pre shoot communications were good with everything covered.

Richard is very easy to take direction from and he gave me lots of great advice regarding my posing. Really easy to get on with and a lovely, chatty nature which helps to make you feel relaxed if you're a bit nervous.

I'm relatively new to modelling and I can't recommend Richard highly enough to both amateur and professional models. His photography is spot on, he really knows his stuff but he also takes model safety extremely seriously which is very reassuring when you are meeting someone for a first shoot.

I honestly would have no issues recommending Richard and we are already thinking about our next urbex shoot and I'm looking forward to working with him again.

Thanks for a great shoot and all the fantastic advice Richard 🙂

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My husband and I had our first shoot with Rich and his wife, we met at the station and travelled to the location. Conversation with them flowed easily and we all had a good laugh.

We both enjoyed our shoot and definitely recommend both Rich and his wife.

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