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Gabriella Knight

I met Chris at my home studio. He is such a lovely person to work with. Communication was excellent beforehand and he had given me plenty of ideas of what he'd like to shoot so we were able to work through lots of different styles during the shoot. Thoroughly enjoyed it and we were very pleased with what we saw back of camera.

Would Love to work together Sometime.


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Rachelle Summers

Arranged a last minute shoot with Chris on my last trip south. We got loads done in the 2 hours which was helped by him bringing loads of inspirational images along with him to give us an idea of what we were doing.

We had a lovely 2 hour shoot and was great working with him again after so long

Happily recommended by me!

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Worked with Chris today on my studio day at Joel hicks studio :) he's a lovely photographer ,easy to get on with,he knew what style of shots he wanted the get too, can't wait to see some of the final photos ,would recommend him to any model x

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I had chance to work with racingline when I was on tour in Gloucester.

He arrived on time, well prepared. We shot from my hotel room and it was on the small side but it didn't stop us from creating some lovely images together!

He is a great guy,easy to talk to and get along with. I would definitely recommend him and hope to work with him again when I'm back in Gloucester!

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Rag Doll

Worked with racingline during my studio day at new upper mill. We had lots of fun and he had a clear idea of what he wanted to shoot but let me do my own thing in terms of poses.

Comunicaction beforehand was good and i felt comfortable throughout.

Would recommend.

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I worked with Chris at my studio evening at Full Moon Studio. He showed me a mood board of ideas he wanted to try beforehand, which was helpful to know. He was friendly and easy to get along. Chris was professional at all times and I had fun shooting with him. The shoot flew by! I hope to work with him again. Recommended by me :)

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Alexandra J

I had my first shoot with Chris today at New Upper Mills Studio - He very kindly came and picked me up/dropped me home which I really appreciated :D For starters, Chris is lovely and easy going, he created a mood board to give me an idea of what he wanted to shoot (which is incredibly helpful!), we shot a good variety of things AND we experimented with some bodyscapes, of which I have never done before - Chris certainly knows what he's doing, not only with the camera but also with the lighting. Highly recommended.

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Rachelle Summers

Had a lovely shoot with Chris last week, he came prepared knowing exactly what he wanted to shoot and had reference images for me to look at so I knew what style he was going for.

We worked through a few different sets and sure we got some lovely images :)

Great photographer to work with and hope to work with him again.

Definitely recommended by me :)

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Rebecca Perry

Had the most wonderful shoot, We had some great ideas and I look forward to our next shoot

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Carla Monaco

Chris is lovely to work with, very kind, easy going and nice to chat too.

Chris takes pride in getting the lighting right and gives good commication throughout the shoot.

Highly recommended fro me.


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Had a 2 hour shoot with Chris at the iSpy studio yesterday and he was a pleasure to work with! We produced some beautiful photos together and would recommend him to any model! :-)

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I had my first shoot with Chris today & I really enjoyed myself!! Chris is a lovely guy and made me feel very comfortable throughout. We shot some great images and I'm really looking forward to seeing the finals, I could shoot with Chris all day, he was great. I highly recommend him, Thanks again.

Sammy x

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Jo Paul Model

I had a great shoot with Chris last month

He had a load of brilliant ideas and the pictures turned out great

Recommend to anyone, and hope to with with Chris again :)

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Krystal D

What a fantastic and lively shoot at Birmingham nec bike show 2013! Chris and I arranged the shoot quite late but everything went well. Chris' s communcation before and throughout shoot were exceptional, we both knew what shots we wanted and chris captured those no problem. I am over the moon at the results and look forward to working with chris in the new year

kind regards


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shot with racingline in upper mills studio.

gave me a clear idea of what he wanted from the shoot and gave directions when needed

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❀ Chiara Elisabetta

Lovely photographer.. quietly creative, respectful, polite.. a delight to work with and collaborate ideas. Knows his way around a studio, open to suggestion on how to enhance or 'grow' a set of images to reach full potential and I would always be happy to work with him. This was our third shoot together. Highly recommended :)

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Had a fantastic shoot with 'racingline' came with some fab ideas.

Knew the I image he wanted to achieve and we worked together to get some great images as a result!

A real friendly gentleman. I would recommend him to all models!

Thanks for a fab shoot and hope we can work together again soon!


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