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Ivory Flame

I booked Quinn for a day at Guys Cliffe House, modelling alongside myself and two other photographers (and I also booked her for my own photography). Her communications were absolutely perfect and she made everything easy, supplying info on her wardrobe and researching travel options in advance. She arrived on time after a long journey on the trains, and worked with a positive attitude for the whole day.

Quinn is absolutely beautiful and comes with lots of options for her make-up, hair, clothing and modelling style, and was very helpful in putting the looks together. Very easy to work with, with elegant flowing poses, and was happy to take direction too. Such a sweet and friendly personality. I'd love to work with her again and definitely recommend her to others! :-)

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Dean M

I worked with Quinn for the first time at the recent Creativity Hub weekend event.

She was awesome!

Quinn was a absolute delight to work with and we got some great shots from our short time working together.

Highly recommended!

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Valkyr Photography

I worked with Quinn for the first time at the recent Creativity Hub weekend event. She was awesome! She posed wonderfully and we got some awesome shots from our short time working together. I'd definitely like to work with her again. Highly recommended!

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Quinn is a wonderful and charming model, highly experienced and professional. Very easy to work with as she is graceful, patience, channel emotions well and holding poses very well even very uncomfortable poses. She is very friendly.

Highly recommended.

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This is possibly one of the easiest references I've wrote about a model.

I arranged to shoot an autumn themed shoot at Greenwich yesterday, and throughout our communication, I've found Quyen to be very easy to agree what would happen. From colour schemes, themes, where to shoot, all of the above just seemed to happen, and work very easiely. Turning up, Quyen was there on time, with an array of sets all perfectly in line with our theme. Shooting, posing, everything just worked out so well. She is very good at what she does. She's easy to direct, and also very good at posing one after another. I found this shoot just worked, and the images are very very good, simply because Quyen made thing look easy.

I'm delighted to have shot with Quyen, and have the highest admiration for what she does to create wonderful images. Thank you trusting me, and I hope you like what we achieved together. Rob

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I was blessed to have worked with the stunningly beautiful and talented Quyen last week at my home studio in Romford. Having admired her work on PP for a while, it was awesome to finally work with her. Communication from start to finish were excellent and I was bowled over by her artistic creativity and commitment to getting ‘that shot'. She came prepared with some fantastic outfits and she posed with grace, finesse and confidence which I really loved, and her expression made each shot undeniably outstanding and sublime. I can’t wait to work with Quyen again as I know she will bring experience raw talent and commitment to the shoot. For these reasons I strongly recommend her to photographers of all levels knowing that you will not be disappointed.

Thank you again Quyen, the shoot was magic!

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Yaga Gauganek

Work with Quinn was an absolute pleasure! It was my first portfolio building shoot and one of the first times in the studio, and I have to admit I was quite stressed. However beautiful Quinn as a very professional model made my work very easy and fun. I am so happy I had that opportunity to spent these couple hours at Aura studio with her. Also I really appreciate that she adapted her moves pace to my little film camera requirements which is very slow comparing to digital ones:P

Thank you very much! I hope we will meet again in future.

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I had the great pleasure of meeting Quyen today and working on a group shoot organised by Chris Conway.

And what a delight she is to work with, floating effortlessly between poses, ranging from the graceful to the edgy.

With each new setup we tried, Quyen adapted perfectly to the mood, working with minimal direction and a great feeling of exactly what was required.

With her unique looks and easy-going style, this is one lady I'd love to work with again.

AJ :)

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Just Imagine

I had the pleasure of a photo shoot with Quyen today at Aura Studio; she is a friendly, creative and helpful model with a very natural and flowing modelling style that makes her a real pleasure to work with. Quyen brought several changes of clothes for different photographic sets and is very good at looking after her make-up changes to go with those clothing changes. I hope to work with her again before too long and highly recommend her.

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John Moore Creative Photography

Fantastic first shoot with QuinnL today, she arrived promptly very well prepared based on what we had planned. All communications are clear with a great understanding of the shoot plan, also a good conversationalist.

QuinnL poses very naturally with a excellent range of poses to fit each scenario being shot, she also take direction well when required to tweak some poses.

We are already discussing further shoots hopefully outdoors when the blossoms are out, and other options. I can thoroughly recommend QuinnL to all photographers you are assured superb images

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RR Photographic (Ruth Chornolutskyy)

I had a fantastic shoot with Quyen. She is a really amazing model and was very professional in cold and wet shooting conditions on location in December in a light dress for a couple of hours.

Her pre-comms were great, and having sent her a moodboard of the sort of look/poses/theme I had wanted to try to achieve and having referenced a photographer whose style of work I liked, on the day she perfectly brought to life the fairytale shoot idea I had had with her posing and expressions. She took direction well when given, although I hardly needed to direct her as she posed so well in the style I wanted.

In addition to all of that she is very beautiful and very easy to get on with. I would love to work with Quyen again. Highly recommended.

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Inspire Studios Ltd

Quyen was absolutely fantastic to work with, her pre communications were spot on and she turned up with a great selection of outfits to fit with what we had planned. Her posing is great and she can change her look to suit the mood we were working in. Lovely lady and really enjoyed working with her, happily recommend working with her too.

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Superb photoshoot today with Quinn. She's a consummate professional with a creative, intelligent and thoughtful approach towards her artistry. We shot for four hours straight and time flew. Throughout our session, Quinn styled each scene with perfect makeup and expression ensuring the portraits are beautiful and emotive. I'm very honoured to work with Quinn and look forward to another shoot in 2020.

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Mawbs Photography

Wow Wow Wow - what a brilliant model - had my first shoot with Quinn’s today - what a lovely person and what a talented model - I was looking for an Asian look for a particular project I’m working on and QuinnL met all the criteria and more - great communication, gray posing ability, great at taking direction and making the pose happen - great variety of outfits - and great at her own makeup - oh and did I mention we have got some stunning images - already looking forward to our next shoot - highly recommended

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Nina Bailey

Quyen was very professional to work with. I shoot technical examples so it is very different to normal shoots requiring the same shot to be taken on several different cameras, so my requirements can be fairly specific. The pre shoot communications was excellent, Quyen turn up ready to shoot and took note of the requirements re clothing (warm with sturdy shoes) and make up requirements.

She is great at posing and needed no direction which is great for how I shoot. Also she was happy shooting outdoors, in a muddy wood for a couple of hours on a very cold day.

She has a great personality and is very adaptable.

I am more than happy to recommend her, and I will be doing another shoot with her in the near future when I can find the time.

Its also great that she can be booked for just a few hours as the type of shooting I do with loads of heavy kit, all outdoors is too intensive to shoot all day.

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I had seen Quyen's portfolio on here and also on Instagram and was extremely impressed with her style, look and posing. It was a nice surprise to be contacted by Quyen as she would be in my area soon and was I interested in shooting with her? Hell yes!

Great Pre communication, a Pinterest board was shared with the style of the shoot, which I was able to add to. It was clear will were both the same creative wavelength with regards to the theme.

Day of the shoot we met at a central place in Nottingham, Quyen arrived on time with a bag full of outfits and also some props for the shoot. The style we wanted was cinematic and on the Pinterest board we had both added dark moody pictures. Alas, the weather was bright sunshine all day, not ideal for the cinematic style. However part of the idea was to shoot inside, carparks, etc.., Quyen knew some locations in Nottingham that would work well. During the shoot, it was clear Quyen and I played off each other’s creativity. Ideas for shoots would flow advancing to another great idea.

Her modeling ability is without question, professional, hard-working plus she is very friendly with a fantastic personality. There is no doubt, I would love to work with her again and I 100% recommend her.

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Quyen was a delight to work with. Building on excellent pre-shoot communications Quyen brought along an extensive range of outfits that were perfect for the quirky fashion shoot that we had planned. She is highly photogenic, very personable, hugely professional, and full of ideas. She also both responds perfectly to to suggestions / direction and is able to self direct. As a result we had an awesome shoot, culminating in some great images. All in all a very enjoyable day of shooting. I wholly recommend working with her.

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Had a home studio shoot with Quinni on Friday due to bad weather.

Pre comms were excellent with quick responses.

She brought masses of outfits which gave us great choice.

Her skills were good and very able to provide emotive poses when required.

Look forward to working with her in the future, and is recommended.

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Andrew Rowe

Quyen Initially contacted me after I’d added her to my ‘want to work with’ list. She was holidaying in my area and enquired about us working together. One of the overriding themes that came up over and over again in her PP references was the word ‘elegance’ and this immediately got my attention.

We started planning and I was impressed with her effective and timely communication. We initially talked about shooting on location which would have been my preference. However, bad weather was forecast and I pulled the plug on that idea and booked studio time and a makeup artist.

Quyen arrived at the studio early with an excellent selection of clothing. She is very chilled out and easy to talk to and very open to my concepts. I was pleasantly surprised with just how well Quyen poses, a total natural. She just got better and better as the shoot progressed, and interpreted any direction that I gave her so well.

A very beautiful, elegant, confident and professional model whom I would work with again without hesitation. Very highly recommended. Book her with confidence.

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Orson Carter

I had the pleasure - nay, the experience - of an all-day shoot with Quinn last Saturday. I might have seemed slow to leave a reference, but I've been struggling with what to say about her. I hesitated about gushing or leaving a string of superlatives, but what the heck. She deserves it, so here goes...

As you can see from her pictures, Quinn is strikingly beautiful, has a slim, toned figure and excellent skin. But there's a lot more... She's highly creative, enthusiastic, energetic, is excellent with make up and has a great eye for styling. When it comes to posing, it's hard to believe that she's only been modelling for a matter of months. She's a natural, and she comes out with lots of imaginative, graceful and elegant shapes.

Hang on. I haven't finished yet. There's also her sparkling personality and great sense of humour, and her all-round professionalism. In other words, she's fun and she's a pleasure to deal with.

Thanks, Quinn, for a belter of a shoot. Tremendous!

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