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Well, you can't say the spirit wasn't willing! Sadly, just as I joined PP, my parents ills took over my life. First my Dad's, then my Mum's, then vice-versa for the next 5 years, until my wonderful Dad's death last year. Now I look after my Mum, when I'm not working. Still, I've agreed to a shoot with a very long-term friend next year, when all the madness is (hopefully) over. She was a VERY popular model on here, and looks even better than she did, so fingers crossed!

and then came this...

Hello All! After a while not thinking I nwould make it, I am finally home AND recovering! For the uninitiated, in March I first suffered what turned out to be the latest in a series of heart attacks. This led to a rush to Treliske, MANY drugs were taken, and an aborted attempt at a fix was made. This promptly led to an actual partial fix, and two stents were added to my repertory! I was told i'd be called back for further, "complicated" surgery when the first lot had healed. A week after arriving home, I had a stroke. That one REALLY annoyed me! I'd lived the life that gave me the heart attacks, but no one deserves a stroke as well! Sent home to recover, as best I could anyway, I slowly did my best. I started to get headaches. They weren't like any I'd heard described before though, so went to my doctors. After the third MAJOR occurence, and the third ambulance visit, I was diagnosed with a growth on the top of my spine, the base of my brain. Understandably, I was terrified. I also didn't leave hospital again, until Monday. I was transfered to Derriford where I was treated by a couple of Top Notch surgeons, who both told me I "could" die, and likely would, unless they happened upon a miracle. Mr. Manning, being the genius he obviously is, prescribed the miracle concoction! I am here, and it's testament to him, so I thank all the staff at Treliske first, and then the incredible people at Derriford, who saved my life. Now I wait for the next heart operation, and my return to work, which I miss ridiculously!Love to you all, I miss you and can't wait to be back!!!

Hi, I'm Quill, and I'm here to shoot interesting pictures. I like people, all races, shapes and sizes, as long as we can make something worth looking at, if only for a few seconds. I don't care if you have spots, skin conditions, or flawless skin; if you consider yourself “stunning” or “ugly”, or “just average”. It doesn't matter if you're clothed or unclothed, demure or sexy, or anything in-between. I've been doing this, on and off, since I got my first “proper” camera aged 9, although I apparently “played” with cameras before then too. Some of you have my dream career, but you've worked for it, so good for you!!

I've held off opening a PP account for ages, since time and money are constant constraints, but I'll never do this is I don't at least try! In the meantime I shall lurk, but contributions will be added!

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