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Toby Lewis

This was my fourth shoot with Polly and it was long overdue as it was over a year since our last. She is always a pleasure to work with and she always delivers great results. As an actor and model she has a much greater ability to express physically than models who are just pretty. I find Polly makes great shapes and does quirky poses that really suit my style of shooting. Always professional and committed to getting the shot, I highly recommend Polly to all photographers out there!

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Ramees Farooqi

First and foremost, I must try and illustrate just what a kind, deeply thoughtful and duly considerate person Polly is. It is very much for these qualities that I booked her for a fourth time.

As a model, she is simply one of the finest. She always works exceptionally hard and truly gives it her all.

Polly and I had immense fun in the back garden under beautiful August sunshine. We shot a couple of fashion scenes which were loosely based on the Hammer films of the 1960's/1970's. I hasten to add that, in her red and black velvet outfits and black hat, she wouldn't have looked out of place on an album cover from the era.

This shoot also gave Polly a chance to demonstrate her acting abilities - she left me breathless!

We have already discussed the possibility of another shoot in the very near future, and I honestly cannot wait to work with her again.

If you are in two minds about booking Polly, then do so on my highest recommendation.

Thank you ever so much Polly for another wonderful day. See you real soon.


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Going into a room with a model is always an interesting experience. You hope that you will bounce off each other and the shoot will go in directions you didn't see coming and you'll end up with shots you didn't plan for but are better than you would hope for. The times I've shot with Polly I'm happy to say this is the case. She's a person with no edge and will strive just as hard as you to get images that you can both be proud of.

If you get chance to shoot with Polly I would suggest you jump at the chance.

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Optima Photography

This was my first shoot with Polly and I could not be more pleased that we agreed to work together. Polly is a beautiful and very natural model - perfect for artistic interpretations. She also has an eclectic, not to say eccentric, range of outfits available for shoots, each of which was prepared for my inspection on arrival.

Polly is an interesting shoot companion and has a good sense of humour.

She comes fully recommended.

Thank you Polly.

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Ramees Farooqi

My third shoot with this gem. I must say that I have all the time in the world for this genuinely caring, considerate and understanding young lady who treats her photographers like human beings.

Our most recent shoot, which took place in her wonderful home in Bristol, proved to be just as dynamic, exciting, fun filled, colourful and somewhat whacky as our previous two.

Polly agreed to another full day with me, and she never once complained about anything. Like the consummate professional she is, she just got on with the job.

In addition to our usual routine, we also shot a vintage fashion scene in front of some Psychedelic murals in a local railway station.

Polly and I have discussed the possibility of a fourth shoot in August. I know that I will miss her terribly until then.

Thank you for another fantastic shoot Polly. Have a truly wonderful and highly successful summer.


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Had my first shoot with Polly today and quite simply Wow !

Shooting with Polly is an amazing experience!

From great pre-comms to coming fully prepared and ready to go with a range of her own amazing outfits, for having creative ideas by the bucket load, great personality, lots of laughs, a willingness to try something new (modeling on a turntable, which she took to like a duck to water)

We got on so well, got so much great stuff done and had lots of fun doing it and all before lunch

I'm already looking forward to creating more spins with her real soon.

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Sam Patterson

I had the pleasure of working with Polly recently and it was truly a lovely experience. Polly was focused and engaged, yet friendly and personable. She knew how to work the camera and allowed me to feel comfortable, knowing that I was working alongside a professional who knew what they were doing. The resulting pictures looked fantastic, and she and I have kept in contact.

Thank you Polly! You're a superstar x

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Polly had another wonderful project to show to the world and I am glad I was invited once again in it .

She's an amazing creator,a person of art, who always thinks outside of the box,always comes up with ready ideas and places and a whole team just waiting there to start . It takes a lot of time and nerves,a true dedication to do what she does and finish it .

I cannot recommend her enough really. I wish I have another chance to work with this girl,to wear her creations,to see her happy face .

Polly's not only a wonderful creator,she's also a truly amazing person,person who's smile is contagious.

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Ramees Farooqi

Over the last few years, I have had the pleasure to work with a number of fantastic models who simply light all the lights. Polly Darling is just one of those.

This was a keenly awaited second shoot with the truly amazing Polly. This time, we shot from my home in Newport, South Wales. Considering this was the day after Mother's Day, and that she had spent the weekend off the mainland, she promptly arrived for the shoot from Bristol.

This was her first experience of an eight hour shoot, and I cannot overestimate just how incredibly hard she worked throughout. The only thing she asked for during the day was a packet of crisps.

As on the previous occasion, Polly and I found it absolutely joyous as we bounced ideas off each other. I must say that she had a few wonderful surprises up her sleeve.

Once again, she demonstrated how dynamic a model she could be, as she went from being whimsical one minute to being far harder edged the next.

Again, our scenes ranged from art nude and lingerie to vintage fashion.

After she left at the end of the day, I returned to the shooting space to find that she had tidied up for me without a word. I was so touched by the gesture.

I look forward immensely to my next shoot with this devastatingly versatile model and ever so lovely lady whom I highly recommend.

Thank you so much for such a magical day Polly, and also for bring the weather with you.

See you real soon.

Ramees x

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I cannot recommend Polly enough.

A huge variety of looks and costumes in a relatively short time. From Hippy chick / space child to Lizzy Borden and a bereaved widow - as well as cutting my hand off....

I will definitely book her again once Uni calms down...

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Jeremy Dyer

Originally drawn by Polly’s somewhat compelling and eclectic portfolio, I knew there was something special that I needed to capture. So with excellent pre-coms our shoot was arranged with ease.

When I arrived, Polly was ready and well prepared, having laid out a selection of outfits that she felt fitted with my ideas from the mood board we had shared. Her background in fashion design and styling shone through with her selection of outfits and accessories. This added so much to each set and really hit the mark on what I wanted to achieve.

Polly’s posing is probably the most natural I have encountered. Yes, she can take direction when needed and work to a photographer’s requirements. But there were moments when I felt is she posing? or is this just Polly being Polly having fun relaxing at home with no one else around. This gave the images a more “Reportage” feel and added to the mood and atmosphere being portrayed. A very professional approach, but equally relaxed and fun to work with.

Polly has such enthusiasm and passion for her work. I also felt she has great desire to step outside the box. Break the rules and shoot something different from the norm. Polly is also a very friendly and all-round lovely person. Very welcoming and so easy to work with. A real pleasure.

Having seen her large shoe collection and equally large wardrobe, I just know there are so many future shoot possibilities, without any risk of repetition. Really can’t wait to work with Polly again.

The images look amazing and couldn’t be more pleased with what we created together.

Polly excels across a range of styles and genres and gets a full and honest recommendation from me.

Thank you Polly for an enjoyable, fun and very productive shoot.

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Ramees Farooqi

Polly has a portfolio which I confess is extremely difficult to pass over. I wasn't wrong in believing that she would tick all my boxes.

From the way she expressed herself in her written pre shoot correspondence, she immediately struck me not only as a genuine person, but one that would be a lot of fun to shoot with.

She kindly came out to pick me up from her local railway station on a December morning that was pouring down with rain and she even helped me carry my equipment. Upon first meeting her, I found her to be a truly lovely, warm, affectionate and approachable lady who possessed an incredibly bubbly and highly infectious personality.

Having agreed to a six hour booking, Polly then floored me with her professionalism on set where she simply didn't let up.

I swear that she was able to read my mind because every time I quietly thought of an idea, she voiced it.

Polly overflowed with enthusiasm as we bounced ideas off one another. Everything she did spelled "erzatz", whether it was during a nude or lingerie scene, or a vintage fashion one where she often portrayed a remarkable likeness to the young Diana Rigg.

I really cannot wait to work with Polly again whom I can never recommend highly enough.

Thank you so much Polly for such a fantastic day.


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Luna Pink

Had a wonderful shoot with Polly earlier this month. Kind, caring and very professional. She had a strong vision of what she wanted and was able to convey this with ease and remained polite and fun throughout. Bonus, her clothes were outstanding. Looking forward to working with her again.

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One of the best people i've worked with ! Very fun and friendly !Super professional !We had this connection the minute we met! I would love to work with her again and again and again and again :D

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Despite me not being a pro photographer (I'm a painter) I had a very enjoyable and productive time with Polly. Her professionalism showed when my imagination was waning by giving valuable inspiration - not simply waiting for me to give instruction. Polly always seemed to produce a good image despite my amateur camerawork! I hope we will work together again. Highly recommended if you value a thoughtful mood in your work.

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Daryl H

I first met and posed with Polly back in September, my first time not being the only person in the images. Polly made the whole experience, including some new experiences very easy and enjoyable. She knew exactly what to do and has been great with giving me guidance from the very start of the shoot. An absolute delight to work with and I really look forward to working with her again!

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Toby Lewis

Yet again Polly delivered fabulous poses and looks on another shoot. Polly's poses go from her core to her fingertips. As an actor she brings so much more than a pretty face and a few sultry looks. Easy to work with, communicative and friendly, shooting with her is always relaxed and the time goes quickly. Once again the results of the shoot exceeded all expectations.

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Take On Noir

I had a great shoot with Polly today and despite being thirty degrees outside it was relaxed and fun.

We got into the flow of taking photos and Polly was happy to be a little creative. She also had some good ideas at the start, after seeing my inspirational images.

A great communicator before and during as well as a beautiful subject.

I would definitely recommend.


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Heathside Photography

A real pleasure to work with Polly. Super friendly and flexible, great selection of clothes, and thoroughly professional. I highly recommend her.

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Toby Lewis

I had a great shoot with Polly last month. Polly mentions that she "also works as an actress" but this makes a huge difference at shoots because her range is so much better than a normal model. The variety of expression, mood and pose is the best I've had from any model. On the day Polly came with more than enthusiasm, she'd brought extra props and outfits even though I was providing some for the shoot. She's a joy to work with and is ridiculously pretty. I look forward to many future collaborations.

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