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The other side of the window (3).

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The other side of the window (3). / Photography by photomick66, Model ☯ Chiara Toulouki Elisabetta / Uploaded 21st January 2016 @ 06:00 PM

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Three of a kind, but if you look at that left hand you are a click away from mischief.

Member Comments

Speedy1Speedy1 said, 1464473650

Love this :-) but, Zoomy is right, never argue with a woman ;-)

photomick66photomick66 said, 1453403798

Oh! Zoomy! Where would all the fun go! If we didn't fight back. I still expect to lose!

~ Z 00MY ~~ Z 00MY ~ said, 1453400875

..NEVER argue with a woman..

☯ Chiara Toulouki Elisabetta☯ Chiara Toulouki Elisabetta said, 1453400525

Thanks for the comments

photomick66photomick66 said, 1453400121

Hi Zoomy. She said try it from the other side! Don't you just hate it when you discover they were right!

George470George470 said, 1453400108


~ Z 00MY ~~ Z 00MY ~ said, 1453399270

..liking these,your model has done you proud..