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Dartmoor Torrent Nude

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Dartmoor Torrent Nude / Photography by Photofrenetic, Model Aya, Post processing by Photofrenetic / Uploaded 4th October 2019 @ 08:46 PM

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Dartmoor Torrent Nude

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PhotofreneticPhotofrenetic said, 1570528459

Thank you Neil & S8n. Yes, S8n, done on site with long exposure. Hand held as I'd left the tripod in the back of the car! :)

AyaAya said, 1570462010

Thank you for the kind comment, S8n. Photofrenetic will answer your question...!

S8nS8n said, 1570451515

Amazing image. I love the warmth of the body against the cold backdrop. Question, was this done on site long exposure?

neil barrie photographyneil barrie photography said, 1570393667


PhotofreneticPhotofrenetic said, 1570230541

Thank you andrew james 71, ScottRosebrockArt and of course Aya!

ScottRosebrockArtScottRosebrockArt said, 1570226912

Extraordinary beauty

AyaAya said, 1570225702

Thank you very much for the loves and kind comments to everyone!!! Thank you for the great image, Mike!!!

andrew james 71andrew james 71 said, 1570224567


PhotofreneticPhotofrenetic said, 1570223950

Many thanks TudurTudur!

TudurTudurTudurTudur said, 1570223846

A beautiful image.

PhotofreneticPhotofrenetic said, 1570223703

Thank you CharlesPhoto!

CharlesPhotoCharlesPhoto said, 1570223515