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Victoria Secret

I had the pleasure of shooting with Barry just yesterday at Barry’s home studio in Wickford. Barry’s communications were great, studio was easy to find. Barry was welcoming, friendly and professional! Barry’s lighting skills and knowledge of his craft was outstanding and his edits…. Wow. I am blown away and I cannot wait to share our results! I am so pleased to have met Barry and I hope to have many more fantastic creations with him. Such a lovely man with exceptional skills, I would absolutely recommend 100%!

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Irida S

I have officially lost count on how many times I've worked with Barry now !

Always professional , easy to work with and creative !

Very highly recommend Barry to other models :)

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Miss Diamond Sparkle 💕☯

Really lovely guy to shoot with...

Barry was easy to be around, talk to, brilliant sense of humour, very respectful and professional...

Barry had some amazing images to recreate and pretty sure we nailed it...one image looked even better than the image we had originally copied haha...

I would definitely recommend Barry to models...

Thank you for a lovely shoot...

PS I nearly forgot to mention Barry's really sweet dog...I played with Bailey (Barry's dog) for abit after our shoot and he fell asleep on my lap haha...

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Barry quickly responded to my casting to work with him at his home studio. Pre communications were excellent & I had a friendly welcome on arrival.

Conversation flowed and he had endless amount of creative ideas to fill up the time, as well as lots of different equipment & home set ups to vary the shots. We got through so many sets and I’m pleased with the images! Recommended ! ☺️

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Irida S

Had the pleasure of working with Barry for the 3rd time yesterday !

We've worked for 3 hours and time simply flew by .

Themes this time where art nudes using Maleficent horns and masks and also we shot some lingerie and portraiture !

Barry is on my very highly recommended list :)

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Irida S

Shoot no 2 with Barry after nearly 2 years from our first meeting!

This time we worked from his lovely home studio/location.

Barry is a dedicated and passionate photographer and has a very clear vision of what he wants to achieve as final result which is very helpful to me as a Model regarding the poses etc .

Barry is professional, easy to work with , fun and a great host !

Very highly recommended of course :)

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Had a fantastic shoot with Barry today. Very pleased with the themes we shot and cant wait to see the outcome. Barry is such a gentleman he picked me up from the station and dropped me back again. Thank you!

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I had a really fun shoot with Barry! He was very hospitable and made sure I was comfortable, fed and watered. He had some really fun ideas and I'm looking forward to seeing the final results.

He was very polite and considerate throughout.

I would recommend him!

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Kim Anh

Highly recommend Barry! Professional, friendly and love the images! Organised, excellent communication and booked the MUA. Really chuffed with out geisha images. Kim x

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Elesha Eden

Barry joined me on a dance/fashion workshop around Canary Wharf organised by MK Photography

Thankyou for joining us

I hope you can make the next one on May 18th :)



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MK Photography

Barry joined myself & other on this location Dance / fashion shoot with Elesha.

The way he worked along with the other photographers making the shoot very enjoyable, was very good - fully recommended

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Me and Barry arranged an Indian bridal theme photoshoot this Saturday just gone. May I tell you how amazing Barry was. He was very kind and picked me up from Wickford station and took me to his studio which was at his home. Barry made me feel very comfortable and relaxed and offered plenty of orange juice and tea! He was very considerate and even asked me if I needed a break! The photos of course came out amazing. I would definitely recommend Barry - he was a bundle of joy. Not to forget to mention Bailey which is Barry's cute house pet. Thank you so much Barry!

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Ria Fantastic

Barry answered my casting call for shooting around Canary Wharf with the winter lights on (yes, that was my idea first before everyone else jumped on the bandwagon :P). It was freezing but Barry came well prepared. He was a real sweetheart and also took some really brilliant bokeh-y pictures of me, taking on board some of my suggestions to great effect. Really enjoyed working with Barry and already looking forward to the Indian Bridal shoot he has proposed for us to do!

Ria x

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I’ve just finished a lovely three hour portrait session with Barry at his home studio in wickford. He’s a complete gentleman and he made me feel at ease immediately! Little Bailey the dog was sooooo so cute and friendly. Communication was great, and we experimented with lots of different light set ups! Barry has some absolutely gorgeous pieces - I like sparkly things - and there was plenty of that as we worked on some Art Deco themed head shots. Loved every minute, always enjoyed dressing up and portraying characters - even better when the company is so accommodating. 100% recommended by me.

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Gabriella Knight

I worked with Barry at his beautiful home in Essex. Barry abd his dog ( yes Barry has a lovely dog ) were super friendly ,chatty and made me feel very comfortable from the start.

Recommended G x

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Irida S

Fantastic first shoot with Barry on athirsda the 19th of July!

Barry’s pre comma were informative and quick and on the day he arrived nice and early and ready to shoot!

We shot for 3 hours a mix of styles, portraiture, fashion and nude and the photos looked amazing!

Very highly recommended to all :)

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Alexandra Frances McCue

I had a great first shoot with Barry!

Pre comms were great! Ideas were spoken about clearly. When I arrived at the station he picked me up and after a cuppa we got to work!

Conversation flowed right the way through our shoot and I felt very relaxed and comfortable :)

Barry's a great guy and a gentleman, well worth the trip! and I love the images.

Highly recommend and looking forward to working with you again.

LJ x

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Helena The mermaid

He was very kind and took some very nice shots I loved working with him! He helped carry my heavy tail and worked against the high tide to get some shots

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MK Photography

On organising a outdoor location group shoot with 2 models, Barry joined us & was a great guy to work with.

His input into gaining creative visuals, coupled with working with the models /photographers was excellent.

Recommended & look forward meeting up again

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Talli Lyndsey

Round Two !

With my first shoot with Barry little over a month ago, it was great to get straight back into working with them on my most recent visit to London last weekend!

Just as before; Barry's pre communication was excellent and informative and they certainly have their own artistic style and eye for detail! This shoot was just as creative, chic and fun as previously and Barry is certainly a considerate and kind host, as well as a proffesional in his work!

I always enjoy the transformative styles he throws my way and getting to play dress up and get into character!

Very recommended. : )

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