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First of all my apologies for taking so long to leave a reference!! Been busy with things and it totally slipped my mind! My first shoot with Ritchie was a lot of fun, his pre comms were excellent and made it really clear what I needed to bring outfit wise. He was also kind enough to give me a lift to and from the shoot location which was much appreciated. We had a lot of fun and got a lot of shooting done in a reasonably short time. I would definitely work with Ritchie again and I highly recommend :)

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Well I have wanted to work with Blackbeard for a while now, but due to busy schedule didn't get round to it.

Had a free day the other day and a the spur of the moment did a fast random photoshoot, I can honestly say the best things are the unplanned ones, we had so much fun and got some amazing pictures what people are going crazy about.

Blackbeard is very good at direction and know where to position the model for the perfect picture.

I would definitely love to work with him again and highly recommend him to work with.


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I had so much fun working with you!

Blackbeard was on time and had some great ideas, his Photogrpahy is brilliant and I was very happy with the outcome of the photos. Can not wait to work with him again.

Thank you! x

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I got to work with Richie for the first time on Wednesday and it was awesome.

Pre shoot comms were perfect and helped us get a solid plan together for the shoot.

It flowed really well and Richie was great fun to work with.

Had a sneak preview of the results and I'm super excited!

Highly recommended :)

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I had my first shoot with Richie today and found that he is such a lovely man, he's a little bonkers which was great, we discussed a few ideas before hand and he was always concerned about what I was comfortable shooting, at a quick glance at the back of the camera I think there'll be some awesome images, no wonder so many people wanted to shoot with him!! Regardless of the pain of trying to find somewhere to shoot in this awful recent weather, we still made the most of it, I'd most definitely like to work with him again, and I'd recommend him to anyone who's thinking of shooting with him. And thankyou for the dress and the tea :)

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Blackbeard is a totally phenomenal gentleman photographer who is fun, friendly, creative and loves experimentation which is everything we love as a studio. Mr BB arrived early to set up for the shoot and set up the studio whilst I assisted the model with makeup and styling. His communication was fabulous before the shoot and during, and his organisation skills showed when he pulled out some props etc he had brought for the model and unpacked his vast array of beautiful cameras and even had an old school one, which was fab.

Mr BB was really relaxed throughout the shoot, making everyone feel relaxed around him and the shoot really was relaxed but creative, and the model shone through the atmosphere, busting some amazing moves and we had some real giggle moments. Mr BB likes to experiment, which is brilliant, he was up and down the ladder, played with the lights, used the breeze block walls instead of the backdrop for something different, took real advantage of the studio's layout. We did venture outside but it was a tad cold, and Mr BB had such consideration for the model, he could see she was cold and we retreated in doors once again. The three hours of shooting absolutely flew by and Mr BB is an absolute pleasure to be around and shoot with. We had so much fun it was a shame it all had to end.

I would recommend the wonderful BlackBeard to absolutely any model, stylist, designer, studio etc. and I will say that the name BlackBeard sounds menacing... He is nothing but a total and utter gentleman, who was kind, fun and caring throughout the shoot, so nothing like his name sake at all.... (Sorry I think I've just ruined his façade) he's a pussy not a scary Pirate... A first class photographer and gentleman and I can't wait to see the images and hope to work with this fabulous gentleman again sometime very soon. Thank you Mr BB having you at PoZers was an absolute pleasure...

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Feel very privileged to have been shot by This lovely man for the second time. We shot a few years ago and have wanted to work with him again ever since. The Images he produced from Our last shoot are still some of my favourite ever. and I am so excited to see what he can magic up this time. I am looking forward to when he moves closer and we can work together on some creative out of this world images..

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Finally had a fantastic shoot with Blackbeard, which had been due for quite some time. He was a friendly, kind gentlemen and made me feel comfortable throughout the shoot. He gave me ideas to work with and gave me direction when needed. I thoroughly enjoyed my shoot with him and totally recommended him to any model. Can't wait to see the images, and for another shoot!

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Dj.1995 said...

The photo shoot went awesome, made me feel very comfortable. Considering the such short notice we had hopefully managee to get some really good and the fact he didnt kill me also was a plus. Really looking forward to seeiing the photos and possibly shooting with him again if he would like ovbs maybe with more prep time hehe. Would defiantly recommend :) :) :)

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Went to shoot today with Richie we meet in starbucks and he kindly brought me a coffee (already in my good books) thanks btw for that !!

We went to this abandoned building only to find it had been knocked down so on the phone we go trying to find a new location found a new location and it was on private land. We kept trying and 4 hours later with still no luck we unfortunately gave up :(

I hope to shoot with him eventually in later days to come, but a lovely, friendly man altogether I would recommend just to hang out with him aha !!

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Worked with Richie for my first Lingerie shoot and I could never of asked for a better person to take my first lingerie shoot with. He made me feel so comfortable and at ease I didn't even think about the fact I was in my lingerie with him. He made me giggle so much and kept making sure I was ok. He was a major gentleman and would go outside of the room until I was ready for him to come in and carry on with the shoot. He never made me do anything I didn't want to do and just looked after me the whole time. If he wanted me to try a pose he would make sure I was comfortable first before I tried it and didn't feel awkward at all.

So happy he agreed to do this shoot with me and I will never regret that I asked him to. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone to work with especially models as he is the perfect gentlemen and only cares about the model. He will always make sure you are ok and not uncomfortable. Plus his images always come out amazing and you will not be disappointed at all.

Definitely would love to work with him a lot more in the future and just cannot recommend him enough to other people.

Until we work again, Thank-You so much for my stunning images to :) xxx

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Jordan Raper

Shot today with Richie and it went brilliant. Not only an absolutely brilliant photographer but is a funny and all round decent bloke.

Would HIGHLY recommend.

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What can I say about Richie, He is very professional and helpful to, he always kept me up to date with what we will be doing with the shoot and making sure ill be comfortable.

He is very understanding and always making sure that I felt comfortable and safe on the shoot and I wasn't too cold due to the weather.

He made me feel so comfortable and safe with him and he directed me very well. He has so many amazing ideas for shoots and he is also a great laugh and great at communicating.

I would highly recommend him to any model, make up artist etc and would defiantly love to work with him again.

Cant wait for our next shoot together :) x

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REM Hair said...

I shot with Richie a couple of weeks ago for the first time and he was very welcoming and help me to relax into the shoot. I felt comfortable and confident working with Rich and I would recommend him to anyone. He is great with communication leading up to the shoot and after. Full of so many fantastic ideas and I feel we have some awesome images. I look forward to working with him in the future. (:

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RubyKlayton said...

Just shot with Richie and Dan at mine and was a great couple of hours!

Richie responded to my casting call last week looking for someone to shoot some "Alternative Lingerie" with me and although we only finalised the date/time etc a few days ago, pre-shoot comms were excellent.

I was very impressed with how well they maneuvered around my teeny flat and we still got some excellent shots from what I saw on the back of the camera! Both very friendly, easy going, switched on & easy to talk to. Also very good at gaining an understanding of what I wanted from the shots.

Would absolutely recommend both for new and experienced models.

Looking forward to seeing the results!

:) x

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I have worked with Richie a little while back and I would love to work with him again as he's very laid back, understanding of what the model wants out of an image, he made me feel 100% relaxed and was great fun to be around and a real gentlemen,

He was very good at directing me and provided me with great images in a very short period of time,

I would definitely recommend Richie..

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Had my second shoot ever with Richie, it was a great experience and great fun too!! Richie is really laid back and made what was daunting to me a real walk in the park, he's good with direction and just a complete pleasure to have met and worked with!! The images were fab also, cant wait to work with him again :D

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Dizzy Photos said...

I worked with Richie as a fellow photographer and he is an amazing guy and photographer! Very professional! Made the model feel very comfortable. I would highly recommend Richie to anyone!

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Aria-Elizabeth said...

Cannot recommend highly enough.. This big cuddly bear is a true professional and gentleman.. Love my Images and I will work with him again.

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Liz Hunt

Really enjoyed my shoot with Richie lovely guy and good at what he does...thank you look forward to the next shoot one day soon :)

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