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Nymphae has 13 references; 13 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 0 no-shows.

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Fab photo session with Nymphae. The pre comms were great and she came fully prepared for the shoot. Nymphae is bubbly, professional and models great. The outcome? Outstanding images. Highly recommended.

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On Sunday the 12th November, I had the pleasure to work with this very beautiful and talented young model in Camden, Who I must admire for her patience while I ran around, trying to compensate for the fact that the sun was out one minute, and behind black clouds the next. We worked together very well, And I am impressed with the results, Highly Recommended.

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Far Forest Studio

We were pleased to welcome this stunning young lady to out studio today for her first visit.

A complete model in every sense, bubbly, fun, enthusiastic and hard working. What more could you ask for.

Very versatile with her looks and a natural in front of the camera.

Hopefully we will see her agin in the future.

Highly recommended to any studio or photographer.

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Paranoid Android Photography

Finally got to shoot with Nymphae last week, and she's an absolute star! She's so good in fact, that we had our second shoot the very next day. That says it all!

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Pablo Ray Photography

I had my first delightful shoot with the beautiful, pink-obsessed, happy, coffee-drinking, bundle-of-fun that is Nymphae, yesterday.

We'd taken a long time to make this happen; delayed twice by a bizarre succession of events. As you can probably tell though, the shoot was great! She's an absolute delight to work with; cooperative, interested, intelligent, and obviously terribly cute.

There's no doubt we'll be working together in the future. Book her.

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I've just finished a super shoot with Nymphae. Arranged at very short notice (as in yesterday afternoon) her precomms were spot on.

When I collected her I was greeted with an enormous smile and it was clear we'd have a good shoot. Nymphae is bright, funny and very easy to get on with. She arrived with enough clothes to last us a few weeks. You can see from her images she looks great. What's best of all (to me anyway) is that she seems to be naturally expressive, not really seeming to think too hard about her expressions and poses, simply 'doing it'. Super.

Happily she doesn't live a million miles away, so hopefully we'll be able to use a few more of her clothes she brought sometime soon!

Highly recommended.

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Had a lovely shoot with Alice yesterday... what with delays and cancellations trying to trip her up added with the usual Sunday special services she troopered on and turned up looking perfectly fresh and ready for action.

We started pretty much sharpish as I had a second shoot immediately after that and without fuss or worry we shot..

Alice is very expressive, incredibly beautiful and if you look too long you will be lost in her eyes... She's fun, relaxed and has a very kind and patient nature.

It was an effortless shoot. Her posing was perfect and she can work without any direction but takes it very well when needed. I had an amazing shoot with her and cannot wait for her return.

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I had an awesome session with the wonderful Nymphae yesterday. Pre comms and prep excellent. Nymphae arrived with her make-up ready and done with a nice selection of clothing and accessories for us to work with. Nymphae has a fabulous all natural, pale skin, and youthful appearance, and as can be seen had a great collection of tattoo's of high quality. She listens and takes direction well, improvising where necessary. She's also a very easy model to gel with during a long studio session. we nailed some great imagery together. Happpy & Highly Recommended.

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Worked with Nymphae for the first time today.

This young lady is just so much fun to work with, I have had one of the best shoots ever!

Works with and without direction, flows from one pose to the next, fantastic fun.

I highly recommend working with Nymphae.

A wonderful Alt Model.

Thank you so much for all the laughs

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Had an amazing shoot with Nymphae.Pre shoot comms were excellent.She was ready at the arranged pick up time.The 40 minute drive to location was a joy,we chatted and got on like we had known each other for ages.

I had ideas I wanted and as the shoot proceeded Nymphae came up with ideas and I was very pleased to shoot them.The day went all too quickly;leaving us both with ideas for future shoots.

Nymphae,for some one so fairly new was very professional at all times.

I have no hesitation in recommending Nymphae to all levels of photographer.

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Nymphae travelled over to shoot new pictures yesterday. Nymphae is a lovely new model, very beautiful, most friendly, charming, with an intelligent sense of 'being', including humour. She is a treat to spend an hour or two with. Her pre-shoot communication and timing are faultless, not to mention the pictures, which are great. Nymphae is a very recommended model - Clive

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2nd shoot with Nymphae went even better than the first. In the month space since we last shot, Nymphae has grown as a model. She's strong with free flowing poses, and just as before, she's always coming up with ideas and suggestions to spark more creative shots.

Fully Recommend working with this model.

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As a beginner level photographer, I had only ever shot friends and family who were willing. Nymphae was the first "stranger" I'd ever shot and I couldn't have had a better experience. Don't let the petite frame fool you. Nymphae is an energetic, level headed and determined model who's constantly thinking of different ideas and suggestions on shoots. She's patient and willing to listen and holds experience that belies the short amount of time she's been modelling.

As a model, Nymphae knows what she wants and is very collaborative in the shoot. Perfect for a photographer whose trying to find their way. Since our first outdoor shoot, we've done a second shoot in a studio and hopefully I'll be able to continue a fruitful creative relationship with her in the future.

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