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Such a pleasure to work with Csaba. So confident in front of my lens. Definitely would recomend! Hopefully we'll work again to create some amazing images.

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What a lovely gentleman. We worked today on an American horror theme shoot Ccsaba was absolute

Pleasure to work with I know my ideas are wild he was so calm and relaxed and did everything I asked !

Recommend anybody who wants a lovely polite individual who is reliable and creative book him.

Will definitely recommend and would definitely work with in future photo shoots

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James McKenzie London Photographer

I had a photoshoot with Csaba, and he was very professional at the shoot and very relaxed. We managed to capture some wonderful natural images on the day, a total pleasure to work with and would recommend working with him..

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Connor Murphy Photography

I worked with Csaba on a collaborative Photoshoot. He’s very punctual. Friendly and very professional.

Got some great shots with him on the day. Felt sorry for asking him to change so many times but was so glad with the different styles and look that we got!

Would definitely recommend working with him.

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Colin Evans

I booked nmshadow for a small portraiture group shoot. His communication was excellent and he arrived on time and well prepared for the shoot. He listened to the directions from the photographers and everyone got some fantastic shots! He was perfect for our shoot, and I highly recommend him to other photographers.

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CSKG Faces

Chaba was very good on pre shoot communication.


We had a very good Shoot. I would highly recommend him for any Photographer, Makeup artist, Model....etc.

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I had a brilliant location shoot with this model today .

It was raining heavily today in Islington but, it was one of the best shoots so far for me as a photographer.

The location was angel- Islington and surrounding areas.

Nmshadow is not only a great model but such a lovey person .

We created some great images and I look forward to our next shoot.

I very much recommend Nm too any photographer .

Mrs Essex

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AJ Portrait

Came on time, well prepared and we had a good shoot. I can recommended to any photographer.

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Nmshadow contacted me via a casting call. Nmshadow definitely knows how to sell himself :-). I'm more interested in a person's moral compass, than their work/ambition drive compass, and I found/find Nmshadow's moral compass to be perfect for me to work with.

Communication was brilliant, work wise and just chatting. We quickly and easily organised details for shoot date and meeting location. Nmshadow was brilliantly in-depth with what he was up for, and what he liked, and everything was discussed apart from me making known exact spots in Regent's Park where we were shooting.

Nmshadow found me and approached me, and greeted me, in Regent's Park (I don't know how he recognised me first). Nmshadow, was friendly, pleasant and patient with me trying to get best photo out of each location, and what I had to work with.

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Today I have had the pleasure to shoot with nmshadow, Turned up in time and nicely groomed; all communication before and during the shoot were easy and to the point. We did a simple portrait session and he was posing effortlessly, a joy to work with

I would definitely recommend him.

Thanks again for the session Nilo

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Mike Ruane Photo

Would highly recommend Noscam and would be extremely happy to work with him again.

Pre-shoot communication was clear and to the point and he arrived promptly and ready to work. During the photoshoot he required minimum direction and we walked away with a strong set of images we're both very happy with.

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Bold Photography

Noscam arrived on time with a few outfits. Posed very well with and without direction. Pleasure to work with.

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Horoma Photography

Noscam answered my casting for a mini lighting workshop. He arrived early and worked hard while I demonstrated various lighting technics.

Very impressed with his professional attidude to work and would be happy to recommend him to others.

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Clare Edmonds

My friend & myself were being taught some lightning techniques & Noscam was a great model to work with, very polite & patient with us.

Thoroughly enjoyed the shoot & would like to work with him again in the future.

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What a delight to work with. i thoroughly enjoyed our shoot together. We worked well together to try out different ideas and I would highly recommend Noscam as a model and collaborator.

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The Indie Stock

Very polite and punctual. NoScam has the ideal look for what we needed. Takes direction well and always seeks to please.

We were very happy with his efforts and the shots.

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Great shoot with noscam.

Really expressive and versatile face which was great for the portraits we shot. Thank you for your punctuality and being professional, for coming prepared with a lot of outfit changes and for being a delight to work with.

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Andrew Clifton-Brown said...

Absolutely delightful fellow to work with and great to talk to. We got some really great images, and I look forward to working with Noscam again :)

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Had a really interesting street shoot around london with noscam this evening. Pre shoot comms were good and he arrived early. We wandered tbe streets at sunset and got some really good images by a canal with near perfect natural lighting. He is keen to progress in the industry and happy to try any ideas. I am looking foreards to the post processing as we look like we have got some stunning images

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