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ME Photography

Had a great shoot with Nick around Cheltenham. He's a brilliant and experienced model and a pleasure to shoot with. Easy to get on with, relaxed and easy going but at the same time totally professional and always looking for the best way to get the best shots possible.

Nick knew some great locations in and around the town which was very helpful as I hadn't shot around there before. Was a shame our shoot was cut short by absolutely horrendous weather! Absolutely recommended from me!

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I worked with Nick on a project for some tattoo Artist. Nick preshoot comms was excellent. Arrived in plenty of time for the shoot. Nick while is very professional in his work is also a joy to work with very relaxed and can self pose or follow direction very well. was a true pleasure to work with Nick and I hope to work with him again the future

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Tom Morgan

Did a location shoot with Nick in sunny Cheltenham and I could not be happier with the results!

I’ve admired Nick’s work for a while so I was excited to get the chance to work with him, and he did not disappoint at all - clear communications before the shoot, very friendly and relaxed personality, and full of great ideas and feedback both before and during the shoot.

Very professional guy and an absolute pleasure to work with, I would not hesitate to recommend Nick!

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English Photoworks

My shoot with Nick was the first one of 2019 and a great way to start the creative year. He is relaxed, friendly and a truly inspirational person to work with. We worked through a range of looks and it was very useful to have Nick’s feedback on the lighting setups and colour schemes. As a model, Nick is right up there: professional confident and extremely capable. I’m looking forward to sending a great set of edits and hope to be working with him again soon. Very highly recommended!

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To say that I was thrilled when Nick got in touch about a shoot would be an understatement. I've long admired Nick's work and the quality that he creates, so needles to say, when an opportunity to work with Nick came up, I couldn't wait to work with him.

Comms were terrific straight from minute one, we agreed a really clear mission for the shoot, whilst Nick was on point with the styling arriving with plenty of outfits to fit the themes we were going to shoot. In truth, there's very little to add that hasn't already been said before. Nick is a complete professional that requires zero direction, but is also great at taking direction if needed and gives great feedback The outcome was great teamwork resulting in some terrific work that I'm incredibly proud of.

And best of all, working with Nick is just like spending a day with your mate, a genuinely awesome bloke to spend time working with before the shoot, during, and after when batting ideas back and forwards regarding the editing process.

Really can't recommend Nick highly enough, a super professional & super bloke. Can't wait to work together again!

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I had the absolute honour to work with Nick today and I am so pleased with the results from the shoot.

I have admired Nick's work for some time, you can see by the quality of his work that he is a top top model, what you might not notice is his enthusiasm and commitment to getting you the images you want.

Nick is a total professional and a real genuine guy.

I cannot recommend him high enough and if you are looking for a quality model, look no further.

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Louise Clewlow Photography

Nick is amazing to work with, professional, polite and has an amazing look.

Great communication, Nick knew the look I was going for and on the day showed up with a bag clothes to match the mood board. He can do a variety of fashionable looks from rugged to sophisticated. He knows how to pose without direction and flies easily between looks but also is happy to take direction as well.

The time flew by, he was great fun, very friendly and easy to work with and i love the images I got. I’d highly recommend booking Nick he’s every bit the professional that you’d hope for and I’d definitely be booking him again.

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Stuarts London

Nick was professional, upbeat and really enjoyable to work with. His unique look really adds to our brand and what we are about. He seemed really knowledgable about fashion and style. His relaxed yet hard working attitude was very easy to work with.

I would definitely recommend Nick and would hire him again.

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NIck came well prepared for the shoot, armed with outfits and ideas for the shoot. He relaxed and professional demeanor made sure the shoot went smoothly and gave us some excellent results, He was a pleasure to work with and would happily work with him again.

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Just had my first shoot with Nick working on studio portraiture. When I first came across Nick's port, I was stuck by his look and was not disappointed when seeing him in real life. His face just loves the camera and we managed to capture exactly the expressive style that I was looking for. Nick is a great guy and has a relaxed approach to his work which helped the shoot run without a hitch. Absolutely no hesitation in recommending him as a great model to work with.

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Say Something

I probably admit this but I've had a dude crush on Nick ever since he joined the site. The guy just exurbs coolness, sophistication and has a story telling kind of presence about him.

I am really happy our calendars finally aligned yesterday and we spent a couple hours in Central London shooting different ideas which was a lot of fun.

I can't recommend him enough and would highly recommend him to anyone on the site.

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