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Digital Eye Photos (Bristol)

It's been a while since myself and Alison shot... But we did such a different set this time. Plus my skills have improved greatly giving us so many wonderful images.. Alison's pre Comms were as usual good, her time keeping and wardrobe were good as always. Makeup done to a high standard.... Will try not to leave it so long before our next shoot.

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Had an amazing shoot with Alison this morning, very professional, pre comms were excellent despite her having just moved. Make-up was exceptional and complemented her tattoo'd figure. The new apartment was perfect, well decorated to offer a variety of shoot styles, turned out the dark bedroom worked best for us today. Photos results have been excellent very pleased with them, check them out. Its great when you get such a stunning model, the photos almost take themselves.......thank you would highly recommend.

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Helen Diaz

I booked Ali to do my Mums Hair/Makeup for her 60th Birthday surprise recently and I am SO glad I did! Alis comms were excellent; professional and first class.

Mum felt so comfortable with Ali and loved the experience, which for her was a complete first! I would book Ali again in a heartbeat. A very reliable, professional woman. Thank You so much Ali for making my Mum feel so pampered, I really appreciate it. Helen xx

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Had a good shot with Alison at her place. Alison is a very professional model with a good knowledge of photography and much experience.

Her communication beforehand was good and a pleasure top work with.

Highly recommended.

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Digital Eye Photos (Bristol)

My second shoot with Alison and I hope it wont be our last, very relaxed, friendly and full of useful advice and a fab wardrobe. She was fun, focused and we produced some excellent images yet again. Highly recommended.

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alison was fantastic to work with. She arrives ready and the moment she steps in front of the camera she switches into professional mode.

She's fun, focused and can lead you or be led by you and shes happy to create ideas as she flows from move to move, pose to pose.

I had a great time and I'm stoked about some of the images we created.


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Alison was fettling make-up for another shoot and I was hanging around with a camera so asked Alison to attack the photographer's partner with lots of colour.

She did... brilliantly.

And such a lovely person to hang around with too.

Definitely would book to work with (HMUA) or shoot (model). Recommended.

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This is my second time with Alison providing HMUA skills, and yet again she’s proved ever professional and ever capable.

Given a complete lack of briefing, she turned up with absolutely everything and produced some fabulous hair and make up based purely on a bit of clothing and vague directions.

Can’t wait to work with her again.

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I had the pleasure of meeting Alison when she was booked as the HMUA for my shoot with Glam2K. She is so lovely and bubbly and easy to get on with. Her make up and hair skills are amazing and I would definitely recommend her to anyone wanting to book a HMUA for any kind of shoot. I will be booking her again in the future. Thank you for making me look beautiful for my shoot. xx

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Digital Eye Photos (Bristol)

Really enjoyed working with Alison so easy going and full of ideas. Highly recommend and will be working with again I'm Sure!

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Second shoot with Alison at my home studio, she arrived late due to atrocious traffic but was still cheerful and ready to shoot. She is confident, competent and thoroughly professional, able to pose herself and happy to take direction. A walking art gallery and the existing ink is of high quality, albeit unfinished which gives me reason to work with her again as more ink is applied, although new areas are becoming harder to find . A lovely lady and fun to work with.

Highly recommended.

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A short notice arranged shoot, lovely character, stunning eyes, nice to talk too and oooooh so great Ink. Thanks for a highly memorable afternoon shooting.

Highly recommended model

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I am new to shooting models and when Alison replied to a casting - I was initially a little intimidated. However .... Alison was a delight to work with - she worked hard from the moment she arrived until - being blunt - I was exhausted. She mentored, posed and chatted all through the shoot. She explained some of my errors and applied some of her skills as a photographer and MUA to make sure we got the shots we wanted. I cannot recommend her more. She is a delight to work with and ...under all that ink ..lies a determined, professional and charming model who made my shoot really enjoyable. Thank you Alison. My images may not do you 100% justice - but you got me a long way down the road!

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Today I had a productive video shoot with Alison at Fareham Studio. The pre shoot communications were great.

The shoot took place at Fareham Studio (recommended) - and nothing phased this young lady. Very professional, taking direction with no complaints.

A fantastic model, highly recommended.

Thanks, again Alison for a fun shoot.

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Shot my new collection with Alison yesterday and I could not be happier with the outcome. Such a professional, incredibly skilled, and full of ideas for poses and how to make the most of our studio time. Can't wait to work with her again!

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Just had a brilliant shoot with Alison. She's a really warm and chatty person, very relaxed and at ease in front of the camera and took direction really well. She's a photographer as well as model so understands lighting and composition which makes everything loads easier. Would highly recommend and will be looking to book again!

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Delightfully professional in every way and a talented MUA.. pleasure to work with. Both myself and model on this shoot Lenah were over the moon with the results. 10/10 xxx

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My first time to work with Alison as MUA and her standard are high and together with the photographer (Brighteyed) she did a great job excellent. Alison is a great team player and her make up bag must contain anything you would wish for.

Definitely recommended

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First time I have had the pleasure to work with Alison as MUA. Our shoot with the stunning Elaine Blue was flawless.

No fuss, no issues, just on time and 100% professional and talented. Booked again for a shoot next week, so that is a recommendation.

xxx Thanks 100%.

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Creative Lounge Home Studio said...


I've had Alison here at the studio twice now both as an mua and a model and she's lovely!

Very high standard of work as a model and an mua, punctual, very easy to work with, easy to communicate with, relaxed and happy, professional, great sense of humour, and always welcome at my studio!

Highly recommended and an awesome tattoo/alternative model! Already looking forward to your return in the not too distant future Alison! A pleasure to work with and one of the nicest people you're likely to meet :-)

See you soon Alison,

Kindest regards,

Nathan :-) xx

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