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marc is a joy to work with! my project Mas(k)culinities entailed conversations and recorded interview before proceeding to take studio portraits - more like 'self-portraits' being performed for the camera via me. i would work with him anytime and recommend him highly.

see you soon again!

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Worked with Mark on a fetish accessory range and he was lovely to work with :-)

His excellent facial bone structure makes for striking pictures which look fantastic!

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Ethical Kink

Working with Marc has been all kinds of amazing. He was reliable, keen, talented, helpful, friendly and photographs wonderfully!

Since the photo shoot he has been very supportive and helped us promote on social media. HIGHLY recommended.

We look forward to working with him again soon.

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I had the pleasure of working with Marc last weekend in a shoot with Sass Bouffant, Marc is very natural around the camera, very professional is his attitude and approach and great fun to work with, Marc is very highly recommended

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I photographed Marc for a clothing company recently. He arrived promptly, and was really easy to work with - he posed excellently with out direction but was happy to modify any pose to get exactly what the client needed. A relaxed fun guy and will be happy to work with him again.

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Price Tag

I have done a couple of shoots with Marc organised by Catriona Stewart for her Kitty Creme Latex brand. Catriona went on to use some of the images for her advertising.

Marc is excellent to work with, really hard working and keen to make sure the shots get nailed. He is a versatile model able to project many moods/attitudes. He also is able to change his look very easily which is great for more concept driven stuff.

Marc is also a thoroughly decent bloke and a pleasure to be around and have a laugh with.

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Azure Desire said...

I had the absolute luxury of Marc jumping in on a shoot i was doing. He was polite, really easy going and friendly, which was nice as i felt quite nervous. He was very professional and I would love to work with him again.

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Mark is an bloody legend. He's one of those models that makes your job easy. Not only is he professional with a great look and great movement, he's also really fun and friendly. I'd definitely recommend him and hope to work with him again in the future.

wo0 x

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Erin Kristensen Make-Up

Marc was great to work with - really friendly, brought a great energy to set and made my job as a MUA super easy with his easy going attitude. Would absolutely recommend him and hope we cross paths again in the future! :) x

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Addison Duggan Photography

I had a great shoot yesterday with Marc. His preshoot communication was great and he arrived well equipped and with great extra props. He is very friendly and takes direction well when required. He got on really well with the other models and went above and beyond to help create the shots required. His were not the most glamorous roles but he threw himself into everything and was a great sport. I would definitely like to work with Marc again and have no hesitation in recommending him wholeheartedly.

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Ebony Lucinda said...

Worked with Marc on a shoot yesterday on a Latex day and he was amazing, He knew exactly what too do and was very professional. I would recommend him 100%

I really look forward to our next shoot :)

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Worked with Marc for the first time yesterday, it wont be the last. Great model has lots of ideas and styles, he's happy to try new ideas and play with old one, took direction really well. Awesome! Total recommend.

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Sass Bouffant said...

"Creative. Inspiring. Dynamic"

I worked with Marc Gates on a Latex shoot for Kitty Creme/Catriona latex and I was so impressed with his ability to use the studio locations to get really interesting and creative images! He's like a modern day spiderman!

It was also the first time I've worked with a male model and Marc completely put me at ease with his good nature, professionalism and versatility.

I would totally recommend him both as a photographer (he shot me earlier in the year) and as a model. I look forward to following Marc's portfolio and hope that we can shoot again in the near future.

Thanks so much Marc, keep up the good work... :)

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I had a very short amount of time to shoot with Marc at a studio day arranged by a local latex clothing designer. Everyone involved turned up in time and the images produced were great. I will hopefully get the chance sometime to have a longer shoot with him than this one was, and I would certainly recommend him to other photographers.

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Worked with Marc on Saturday. What a hoot. He has a terrific look (think Captain Jack Sparrow) fabulous sense of humour and as a photographer himself, Marchknows the challenges of being the other side of the camera. Poses effortlessly with little direction = great images. Highly recommended.

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Katie Johnson Hair and Makeup Artist

Worked with Marc on a recent shoot with photographer Natasha Ford. The theme of the shoot was 'Sea Creatures' and Marc spent the shoot body-painted from head to toe in blue and covered in prosthetic sea creatures... And didn't complain once despite being in minimal clothing as well!

Really patient while being made up and very easy to talk to and have a laugh with, which made my job a lot easier considering the amount of painting involved.... Marc has a highly professional approach when being photographed and a versatility in posing which gave the shots so much more character.

Would recommend to anyone, and hope to work with Marc in the future!

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Natasha Ford

I cannot recommend Marc enough, he travelled quite a way to get to the shoot location and was well prepared and chatty from arrival.

He really did go above and beyond for me and my ideas and wasn't afraid of anything. He was painted blue, submerged in the sea and put a dead fish in his mouth in order for me to achieve the best images.

His poses were fantastic and he knew what would work as he has the experience in photography as well. Marc is an amazing model, striking features and such a lovely man. I certainly wouldn't hesitate to work with him again and I hope we see each other again very soon for another shoot.

Highly recommended :)

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JBM Photography

This is the second shoot i have done with Marc and what an amazing afternoon it was. He answered a call to model as part of a shoot for an online training company. Immensely reliable, Marc turned up totally prepared for the shoot and not phased by the prospect of what we were doing, he just got on with it! His ability to command the attention in front of the camera is commendable and can work autonomously if you need him to, equally he was taking direction from myself, the other photographer present and our mentor to achieve what we needed and create something very different from what i have done before which was only further complimented by Marc's style and ability as a model to deliver. A brilliant model, affable character who i highly recommend and look to work with again at some point. Marc thank you and i apologise for getting you so cold in the sea once again!!

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Moniasse said...

I had the opportunity to work with Marc last Tuesday, I have to say I had the best of both world as he is both a photographer and a model.

Marc took some very beautiful pictures of me, he is very calm and gentle, he was helping the main photographer on the shoot that day. Then she asked him to pose with me, I was so nervous as I'd never posed with a male model before and it went very well. I admire Marc for his qualities, he is very professional and his range of poses is incridible!!!

Marc you are wonderfull model and great inspiration, what I've learnt from you when I see you in front of the camera is that you always move, flowing is so important because it really gives a natural flow to everything, you already are a successful model and I am wishing you all the best with your photography.

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Michelle Szpak said...

Marc is an amazing model to photograph. He is easy to work with, as well as being professional, understanding what you want and happy to work with you towards capturing some great images. He had a variety of outfits with him to choose from. He has a great sense of humour, if you get a chance to shoot with Marc make sure you do. Highly Recommended!

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