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Megsy Vicious has 37 references; 37 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 0 no-shows.

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Great shoot with Megsy

excellent pre-shoot communication and planning

spot on time keeping

highly recomended

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Tony price photographer

Worked with Megsy Vicious other day and definitely will be again!

She's a great, down to earth person and is very easy to get along with and work with.

She knows what she's doing, is very versatile and always happy to suggest some ideas. She was a pleasure to photograph! Highly, highly recommended!

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Darren Fellows Photography

Since my last reference I have worked with Meg on a few different shoots and every time she knocks it out of the park!

Meg's dedication is second to none! Being that she has a photography background she has some great poses and knows what looks good on camera couple that with being great at taking directions if you want a specific pose she is a great model to shoot with.

Our last shoot was on a beach and despite the sand and the windy nature of the shoot we got some amazing photos!

If you haven't worked with Meg, make a plan and make it happen you will not be disappointed. I cant wait to work with her again!!

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Darren Fellows Photography

I had a shoot with Megsy tonight and it was fantastic !!

Meg is down to earth and really easy to get on with whilst you are shooting, Meg brought lots of outfits so we got lots of different photos, Meg was able to pose herself and was able to take direction if I needed to give it to her.

Thankyou for a lovely photoshoot. Lovely model and I cant wait to work with Meg again!!

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In the shadows

I meet Megan for the first time at a charity fashion show where she had many lovely models showing her very unique collection of Hallowed Latex, all the models looked fabulous.

Megan is a very down to earth designer, model and lovely girl.

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Non Mortis Photography

Just returned home from a great outdoor shoot with Megsy on the backstreet's of Bristol. It was great fun, pre shoot comms were excellent, We met up and got down to business quickly. Megsy was very professional, working really well and coming up with some great ideas whilst still taking direction from me for poses I wanted as well. She was easy to chat with and we had a really good productive shoot. I would happily work with her again and recommend her to anyone. Thanks for a fun few hours Megsy :-)

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Dave Buxton

Had the pleasure of shooting with Megsy in an Alternative Fashion photoshoot. We were blessed with golden light that made the whole experience even more enjoyable. Megsy is a very talented and focus model. Megsy is open to direction but this was rarely needed as she held poses and positions with professionalism and strength. The images we capture were so good that my favourites required no editing and have become some of my best images. A true pleasure to work with.

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Marcos Appelt

I did my first shoot with Megsy. She is brilliant, she arrive very early so we did a lot of pictures. Is a joy to work with and good listener and she know her poses well.

I would recommend her to all the photographers.

And she has a nice collection of outfits.

Looking forward to do more the Megsy.

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I had a great shoot with Megsy today. It was definitely one of the easiest shoots I have ever arranged. Megsy is very easy to work with and had loads of ideas. She took any interest in every shot and brought a good range of outfits. Recommended as always. :-D

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prototypemike said...

Had another amazing shoot with Megsy. This time a woodland shoot just outside Plymouth. As always Megsy is a joy to work with, has some great ideas and once again, we created some amazing images.

An absolute star, as always. Thanks Meg :-)

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Dixie's Clicks

Had a fun shoot with Megsy, pre-shoot communication was good, she arrived on time with a load of outfits and accessories. The weather wasn't kind, but Megsy suggested dry locations that could be worked into the shoot.

Professional and friendly, able to free pose and also take direction, Megsy knows the poses and angles that work for her. A talented model I look forward to working with her again and recommender her to photographers of all levels of experience.


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Purple Gecko Photography

I had a great shoot with Megsy today. She is highly communicative and her pre shoot communication ensured that I was aware of the styles and focus that she wanted to bring to the shoot. Her wardrobe was amazing including pieces she had designed and made herself. Her modelling was effortless creating poses and expressions that suited every shot. A very talented model she was a pleasure to work with and I would recommend her to photographers of all levels.


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I had another great shoot with Megsy this evening.

It’s a joy to work with a model who is so friendly, enthusiastic and full of creative ideas. She poses well and has great make up skills. Very highly recommended

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Barbara Jenkin

I had a super gothic shoot with Megsy, she is very professional and adaptable, she took direction well and had ideas of her own. A pleasure to work with, despite much of the shoot being in thick drizzle

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I had my first shoot with Megsy today. We shoot at a new location I was allowed to use.

I found her very easy to work with, chatty, and friendly. She poses well, takes an interest in the shot and I loved her makeup. I would have no problem working with her again.

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Cat Tunsich Photography said...

Megsy Vicious was a joy to work with, she maintained a professional attitude while also having fun and enjoying the shoot. She is a experienced model who didn't need a lot of direction, and knows what angles and poses work best for her.

I would recommend Megsy Vicious to anyone who is looking to add an amazing model to their portfolio!

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Purple Gecko Photography

I had the privilege of working with Megsy today. She has an incredible understanding of both sides of the camera and needs little if any direction. She was a pleasure to work with and was coming up with new ideas and poses as we were going along. Her make up skills are also not to be underestimated and her creativity made the shoot work.. She has it all going on and I would have no hesitation recommending her as a model who would benefit all levels of photographer.

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TangledVisions said...

Had a fantastic Photo Shoot today with Megsy to do a shot for a metal bands album as well as getting some amazing gothic style shots. She is very easy to talk to, has a great sense of humour and needs little or no direction. Each pose was different from her and she clearly shows her experience. I look forward very much to working with her in the future and would highly recommend her to anyone.... x

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Mark Zygo

what a great person to work with. would recommend anyone to work with her very professional. great personality and stunning eyes. We used the Bristol docks as a location and her vintage look suited this perfectly.

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prototypemike said...

Had another great shoon with Megsy. She is such a great person to work with. Always well prepared and organised, takes and gives good direction and instantly makes you feel positive about the shoot. We decided on Stokes Croft in Bristol as the location for our shoot this time and came away with some really lovely images which we are both really happy with. A very successful shoot with a superb model. Can't recommend Megsy enough..! Am so looking forward to our next shoot, next month.

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