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I'm a freelance photographer.

I have been doing photography since the 90s and in 2002 started working for a studio in Clifton, Bristol doing makeovers.

Furthermore, I'm very experienced, very reliable, motivated and enthusiastic. Not only that, but I'm very passionate about my work and take it very seriously. But always make my shoots relaxed and fun.

I have worked with professional and amateur models. I always like to turn up on time for the shoots, I prefer to work with models from around Bristol, however you can always chat and see if it is viable to do a shoot together.

Since 2007 I have been sending my portfolio to a stock library, Arcangel Images, they supply images for book covers and I have a few published around the world.

Who knows, maybe you will be forever immortalized on the book cover.

Also have a look at my Instagram page; @mkitos_photo

My T&C

  • I will not shoot models underage. Unless they come accompanied by the parents.
  • Every shoot I do is for the benefits of both of us, you get an amazing picture for your portfolio and I will submit to a stock library, and if any image is used I will try my best to let you know (it can take years and sometimes never happen) so be patient.
  • In the case the shot is in a location, I will shoot with most weather conditions unless it is pouring with rain. But I will check the weather beforehand to the shoot and make a decision.
  • I'll not under any circumstances release the unedited or raw photographs.
  • You must assign a model release that I'll supply on the day of the shoot.
  • After the shoot and once back at home I'll get all the images to my PC and I will select the ones I like most and what is best and edit and retouch, usually with a couple of weeks. When they ready I’ll upload to a Dropbox or similar and send you a link, please download soon as you can to your PC. You will get all the best pictures in HR.
  • All my photo shoots are on a TFP basis unless I specifically put on the casting.
  • I prefer working with models from Bristol or near. I don’t want you to travel for hours to do a photo shoot. Surely there is a good photographer near you too.
  • If you're from outside the UK and you are planing to visit the UK. Please only apply when you're really here and in Bristol.


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Bristol on Thursday, December 22nd 2022.


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