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Richard Egan photography

A model with style grace and energy and I absolutely love working with Maria.

When you have a model that flows from one pose to another effortlessly and every pose is amazing you feel very privileged to have the honour to work with her.

Today’s shoot produced breathtaking images with the polished posing from Maria

Without doubt this lady is recommended (if your lucky enough to have the privilege to work with her than do.)

Richard x

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Summers Abroad

Maria saved the day and stood in for us on our ‘Face Your Fears’ event when we had a model cancel last minute.

Rachelle had met Maria before in the past in social environments and also modelled with her so had no doubt she would absolutely kill it, and she wasn’t wrong!

Maria’s aerial skills were incredible and the photographers got some amazing images! She even ended up posing with snakes at the end of the day for an impromptu shoot. Her energy and creativity is undeniable and she was so much fun to be around in the evenings too!

We loved having Maria on our event and would love to have her back again in future :)

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Shaun Solent

Talk about energy, talk about style, talk about pure unadulterated athleticism - and you have Maria Jazmin!

I have been working our images and have accurately scaled the distance between the bottom of her feet and the floor for one of her jumps - it is 4 foot 5 inches ! On top of that, the pose this gifted dancer strikes at the top of that jump is exquisite.

In addition to her athleticism and skill, Maria also has that beautifully toned body that seems to be the exclusive domain of serious athletes. To top it all, the lady is highly enthusiastic and incredibly easy to work with.

This was my second shoot with Maria and is unquestionably not going to be the last - she has an open invitation to my studio whenever she finds herself planning a trip to this part of the country. If you have never worked with this gifted dancer and beautiful individual, you should - soon.

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Facet Fotos

My first time shoot with Maria. Pre-comms excellent. Maria provided example photos of how we could work in a smaller studio setting. Maria is friendly, easy going and fun to work with. Her modelling is top class. Huge array of poses due in part to her dancing background...Maria is amazingly flexible and stretches her body to the limits, coming up with lots of ideas throughout shooting. I am very pleased with the images produced. I highly recommend Maria and can't wait to have the opportunity to shoot with her again. A pure pleasure and delight ! Thank you again Maria :)

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Had my first shoot, with this incredibly talented lady, at an event at York studio.

Pre comms were brilliant and to the point.

One the day, wow, just WOW. Maria is such a delight to work with, we had great rapport, and a laugh.

The shoot was relaxed, but, despite this Maria delivered 110%, and I can say I probably got some of the best pictures so far.

I can't wait to work with Maria again, and would wholeheartedly recommend her.

Thank you for an amazing day. X 😀

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Chris Lang

Just finished shooting with Maria for the second time. What an experience. So much talent, so much energy, so much creativity. I knew she was great after the first shoot but she has just blown my already high expectations out the water. Just incredible. Couldn’t recommend her more. The shapes she can achieve are unreal. Just amazing

Thank you again Maria. I look forward to the next one.

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RJT Photograpghy

Well just another awesome shoot with Maria.... the rain was coming down but we got inside and somehow kept warm with help from the workshop heaters.... lots of outfits to choose from all perfect for the theme and some excellent results from this shoot... can’t wait for the next one now

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richard benn

Had an amazing shoot with this astonishing young lady, one of my favourite shoots and such a creative shoot.

I've been following Maria for a while and loved her work. Was talking with Jim at Hallam Hill and he very highly recommend her, he said she's lovely person.

So booked 4 hour on one of her studio days there and had a blast.

I took a though things with me and some ideas I wanted to try out which we built on but a lot of the shoot as very spontaneous and really creative. We used props like a old pommel horse and an old ladies bicycle that was around the studio.

Maria is great to communicate with, also with a wicked sense of humour which made to shoot really fun.

Maria's athleticism, dancing and posing is second to none. We got a lot of great photos and give us such a problem choosing them.

Maria Jazim is one of the most talented, funniest and lovely models I've shoot with and would very highly recommend her, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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I had a shoot with Maria yesterday and it was excellent. She brought everything I'd requested, and more, and worked tirelessly through the 4 hour shoot to produce some great images. She knows exactly how to pose and her dance experience and athleticism mean she can produce some amazing shapes. She was fun and charming and a complete joy to work with. I recommend her wholeheartedly to any photographer.

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Another shoot yesterday with Maria & i had a amazing time photographing her as always!

Make-up was beautiful,brought along all the clothing I requested & Communication's arranging this shoot was excellent!

Maria : Professionalism and wonderful personality is so rare nowadays and you have it all, your welcoming,creative and pleasant as a model you are striking & enthusiastic such a joy to work with

Looking forward to another soon you are a beauty indeed

Very reliable & highly recommended


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Lumière Naturelle

It is always nice to start the New Year on a high point.......and I have to say,my first shoot with Maria ticked every box possible in that respect.

We had not met before the shoot,but pre shoot coms were great.I picked Maria up at a station not too far away, and by the time we had arrived at mine we had 'hit it off' already.This laid the ground for what followed........a fabulous day with numerous sets in which Maria excelled herself to produce some wonderful images.

Maria is beautiful and very talented......her art nude posing is superb and she is able to create many different and interesting shapes.

Aside from that she is a genuinely lovely person with a warm & friendly personality.

I could go on & on, but suffice to say,I cannot recommend Maria highly enough.....an absolute gem.....do not hesitate to book her......you will not be disappointed,we are already talking about the next shoot.

Thank you so much Maria for a great day.x

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Stu Freeman

I waited 9months to work with Maria, it was worth it. Superbly fit, flexible hardworking chatty, fun. I could go on & on.

Just brilliant, already planning next shoots.

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Orson Carter

I had a brief-ish shoot with Maria a couple of months ago, and having found out how good she is to work with, I vowed that when she was in this area again I'd kidnap her for a full-day shoot. And it's happened. And it was worth it. :)

Last time I took advantage of Maria's gymnastic skills, but this time I made use of her dance skills. Her dance background showed; she moves and poses (nay - she 'flows') with such grace and elegance, and when that was augmented by her creativity, athleticism, toned figure and her great eye for styling, the result was one eye-catching picture after another after another after another...

On top of all that she's totally down-to-earth - definitely no diva! - and has a lethal sense of humour, so the shoot was not only very productive but was also hugely enjoyable.

Great shoot; a pleasure to work with you, Mizz J. :)

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I've just had the pleasure of working with Maria for the umpteenth time and yet again, what an absolute pleasure.

For this shoot we were joined by Alana iv ray.

Both are great to work with and both turned up with some great ideas, makeup ready to go and outfits to suit.

Maria is a great model and lovely person and I can't recommend her highly enough.

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I shot for the very first time with Maria at a recent lights night in Hull city centre, and what a great night it was , very friendly and professional resulting in some great results... it certainly won't be the last shoot that we have . really looking forward to our next shoot , if you havnt shot with Maria, then dont delay.... you certainly won't be disappointed :-) she comes highly recommended :-)

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simon Price Photography

I meet and worked with Maria on a night with lights group shoot

Maria was very welcoming and friendly and we got on very well as we talked as the group moved around to different locations. Maria is very professional in front of the camera and self poses very well and can also take direction well if needed.

Thank you for a great shoot and I look forward to working with you again. I would highly recommend Maria to any photographer


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Howard G Sharples

I had a great shoot with Maria yesterday at my home. Maria arrived after a lomg troublesome journey (courtesy of our wondeful rail network) but was very bubbly and upbeat and easy to get along with. I wanted to work with Maria having seen her portfolio and knowing, her having been a dancer, she could pull off interesting and unusual poses with ease.

Happy to say she did't dissapoint.

Lovely young lady, pre-shoot communication was brilliant and most of all we achieved some stunning images.

Thanks again Maria! X :)

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RJT Photograpghy

Had a great shoot with Maria on Saturday afternoon and to say it was raining and very cold it didn’t stop the artistic creativity.. Maria can get into some amazing poses effortlessly... can’t thank Maria enough because it was horrible weather but the pictures turned out amazing and all ready have more ideas lined up for our next collaboration...

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DWM Photography

I met Mia today for the first time at a Guild of Photographers group shoot at Rise Hall and I was not disappointed, Maria has a stunning look and complements that with some stunning poses, the two combine to create some first-class images. Add to this the fact that Maria is so very easy to get along with and you have a perfect combination. Time was far too short and so I hope we get the chance to do it all again very soon.

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Just back from a thoroughly fantastic shoot with a thoroughly fantastic young lady. We agreed a 4 hour hour shoot based on dance and still didn’t have time to cover everything in my head such was Maria’s enthusiasm and energy. The photos look great already and I haven’t got around to processing them yet so really expecting a seriously good set of images from this.

Maria was really friendly, great fun and full of energy from the outset and made for a really productive set, I could’ve gone on for hours more! We discussed what I wanted before the shoot and Maria filled me with confidence with her detailed responses, turning up with everything that we needed.

Would I recommend Maria, too dammed right I would. 😉

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