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Finally got to work with Marcus today and it was an absolute pleasure. He's enthusiastic and easy to direct and get along with. He was ready with ideas and was nothing but professional throughout. Highly recommend him and hopefully we can work together soon.

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We had a shoot last week. I cannot recommend this model enough. His energy, enthusiasm and creativity is awesome. His pre-shoot communication was excellent and he turned up on time and well prepared with lots of ideas. It is a joy to work with someone so committed to and capable of creating different looks and superb images.

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Marcus arrived on time with A1 communication beforehand and during his travel to the shoot. Maybe the best model comm's I've ever experienced in fact.

The shoot itself went well. Marcus has a good presence to be able to pose for all genres successfully and with ease.

An easy and pleasant model with a great body shape for all kinds of fitness physique and fashion modeling, in fact I cannot think of a genre he would not excel at within his stated genre limits.

A very enjoyable shoot, made easy by his "ok let's do it" attitude.

I hope to shoot with him again before he gets his

diary totally filled with bookings ! Highly recommended.

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