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Eddie Ray has 19 references; 19 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 0 no-shows.

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Gabriella Knight

I shot with Rey on my recent studio day in Pauls studio in reading.

Great studio photographer who truly pays attention to detail. Rey came to the shoot very prepared and full of interesting ideas that worked out really well!

Very kind and professional person!

Thank you for a amazing shoot

G x

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Laura Loveless 🌻

I had another shoot with Ray today as part of my studio day at Spitfire Studio in Swindon. His pre-comms are always fantastic and he arrived on time and ready to shoot - we did some art nude and sheer work this time, which I enjoyed. Ray works effectively to get the best shots possible and is really easy to work with. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him!

Thank you for an enjoyable shoot!

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I had a brilliant shoot with Ray today at Paul's studio.

Pre-shoot communication was perfect so I packed everything we needed for the shoot easily and they were just perfect amount of stuff for our three hours shoot. Great organisation from Ray!

Ray is very friendly, fun to work with, professional and so I thoroughly enjoyed working with him and looking forward to seeing the images from today.

Highly recommended and also cannot wait to work with him again.

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Laura Loveless 🌻

Had my second shoot with Ray this morning at Spitfire Studio, this time we were doing some bodyscapes. His pre-comms were good, and he picked me up on time and was ready to go. He's very friendly and works quickly to get the images he wants. He was also patient with me while I was sorting out oil etc for the bodyscape. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to any model.

Thank you for another great shoot! x

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Laura Loveless 🌻

I had a shoot today with Eddie - his pre comms were great, and he picked me up on time. Very easy to get on with and worked quickly to get what he wanted out of the shoot. I enjoyed it and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to a model. Thank you!

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I had the chance to briefly work with Ray at my studio day in Swindon.

What a lovely guy, very polite and friendly and easy to work with.

Highly recommended by me

I hope to work with Ray again soon

Thanks again


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Ivy Lee

What an awesome shoot I had with edd yesterday. We had so much fun working on ideas. We got on from the start, obviously because we are both Welsh and the Welsh tend to stick together. He was a friendly, funny and kind person. An awesome photographer with awesome ideas. He took my ideas on board too which was brilliant. I loved working with him and I highly recommend him to every model. I can't wait to work with him again!!!

Thank you!!!

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I had my first shoot with Ray recently and had a great time. Even though he was feeling under the weather he was fun and chaty and made me feel comfortable. Great first shoot and I am looking forward to our next one :) I would definitely recommend him.

Thank you Ray

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Shan Louise

I worked with Ray for the first time on Tuesday; such a great guy! His pre-shoot comms were excellent and we produced some beautiful images together. He has an incredibly warm and welcoming personality, guaranteed to make any model feel relaxed and at ease throughout the whole shoot.

I really enjoyed working with Ray and am very much looking forward to working with him again in the future!

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Rachelle Summers

Another lovely shoot with Ray!

This time working at Pauls studio in Reading :)

He was nice and laid back to work for as before, even brought some yummy cookies along to the studio day which was very kind of him!

A pleasure as always and hope to work with him again soon!

Happily recommended by me :)

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Eddie is a lovely guy and I really enjoyed our shoot. We produced some quality images and it was relaxed and enjoyable. We worked well together and looking forward to shooting again!

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Rachelle Summers

Shot with Ray at my hotel on Thursday afternoon!

He is such a genuine, friendly guy and just a total pleasure to work with! I felt completely comfortable in his company straight away.. He's very chatty and it was great getting to know him and hearing his stories, he also has awesome taste of music :)

Just simply a very enjoyable shoot and I would love to work with him again!

Definitely recommended by me!

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My first shoot with Ray today. He is a lovely person and a joy to work with. He directs well and professionally. He is creative and knew exactly the shots he wanted. I look forward to working with him again.

Highly recommended!

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Faith Starr Model

My first shoot with Eddie at Scarlet Door Studio on my model day. He was a great pleasure to work with, very creative, friendly and a true professional. Highly recommended!

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Laul said...

Ray was great to work with, so friendly and highly proffesional. Throughly enjoyed working with him and hope to again in the near future :)

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I had a wonderful shoot with Ray yesterday. He is such a lovely man and a really professional and talented photographer. I loved shooting with him, he had great ideas and a great eye for the best shots. I can't wait to work with him again - thanks Ray! Highly recommended. x

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Rebecca Leah

I worked with Eddie last night at a shoot at the camera club in Reading. He is a great guy and works really hard to get some fab images. I highly recommend him and would love to work with him again. The image you have just added is absolutely fantastic...I love it!! Thank you xxx

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Esprit said...

I worked with Eddie at a studio day, hes friendly, chatty and a great photographer. I found him very easy to get along with, hes fun and i would have no problem at all recommending him to any model. Thank you for a great shoot, Kim.

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Ella Rose Muse

I've worked with Ray twice now - first at Paul's Studio in Reading, then more recently at Eye For An Image in Banbury, alongside Ivory Flame.

Both times I've found Ray a pleasure to work with - fun, friendly, down to earth and easy to model for, happy to try new things while also having lots of ideas and plans himself.

I'd very happily model for him again.

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