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Little Lola has 7 references; 4 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 3 no-show.

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Richard James Photography

I've had two shoots with Lola. She travelled to both by train and came well prepared with a suitcase full of outfits and props. Lola describes herself as confident, little and loud and I'd agree with that. She's definitely a feisty young lady in a positive way and that added to the interest of the shoot. I found Lola to be enthusiastic and easy to work with and have no hesitation in recommending her.

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Had my first shoot with Lola. She says she is little and loud, and yes that's about right, but loud means I can concentrate on the photography and don't have to worry about holding a conversation. Little she is, but leg to trunk to head ratios are perfect, breast size is fantastic. She has the perfect figure, just in a smaller size. Lola's presentation was of the highest quality. Super smooth skin, which needs little Photoshopping, hair to die for and the minimum of makeup, Lola knows how to use her body. Lola came with a wide range of clothing which was excellent, - would you really go out in a dress that short!!

But the main thing, she comes with this feisty "can do" attitude and is willing to try different ideas (as long as they are within agreed limits, sorted at the time of booking), knows some set poses, willing to take direction, doesn't stand still long, so be ready guys! Lola is really getting into the modelling industry, and learning shoot by shoot what is required and so honing her skills. Wow! she is lively, go go go, let's say she is a character, but a character you will love, I love, and a character I am going to book again. Oh! yes, a well recommended young lady.

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Finally had my first (of hopefully many) shoots with Lola today.

Lola was an absolute dream to work with. Very polite and welcoming. A cup of coffee on arrival which is always nice. A lovely personality. Lola posed very well without direction but incorporated it when given.

Lola is a real gem, a petit model, perfect from head to toe. An absolutely gorgeous face and figure. A very well proportion, toned and slender model.

Outfits ranged from casual fashion to lingerie.

We shot a range of genres and Lola excelled in each of them including her first adult style session. Lola showed great professionalism throughout the shoot.

She is immersing herself into her modelling career and judging by her looks, personality, ability and commitment, is set for a very busy schedule so book her while you can.

A very highly recommend new talent.

Thanks for a wonderful shoot.


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The Powder Rooms Studio

Met Mollie, when she attended the Studio with her photographer for a shoot. She had a fantastic wardrobe selection with her and was really keen to work with the photographers directions. Fantastic looks and figure combined with a great friendly personality - look forward to working with her.

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