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Kym Williams

I had a super fun shoot with Linval on Thursday. Even thou it was super short notice he's pre coms were great and let me know what he wanted from the shoot.

we had 2 hours but we got so much done in that 2 hour time and im really happy with what iv seen so far!

Linval was chatty down to earth and made me feel at ease from the start and helped me with direction when I felt I needed it :)

100% would recommend him and I can't wait to work with him again :)

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Aimee is weirdd

Had a awesome first shoot with linval

Pre coms were great and we was able to arrange things easily

Linval was a pleasure to work with and I had a fun time creating some great images with him , he has lots of creative input and overall great photographer

Thank you for booking me

Would recommend


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I shot with Linval for the first time at Ian woodhouse studio , Linval is polite friendly and a great photographer throwing different ideas in which turned out great , showing me the images throughout the shoot and I'm more than happy with them . I would definitely recommend Linval to work with if you've not already . Would love to work together in the future .


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I had a great first shoot with Linv few weeks ago at Ian studio in Walsall.

Enjoyed all the way through!! Linval is professional, friendly and fun to work with, has plenty of ideas and know what he want to achieve from the shoot. I felt very comfortable, love his enthusiasm and positive energy.

Super happy and grateful with the final results, lots of beautiful images from our shoot!

I am looking forward to working with him soon again and absolutely recommended to any other creatives!

Thank you so much again Linv for the amazing shoot! :)

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Catherine Marie

I had the pleasure to shoot with Linval for the first time this weekend. He made me feel incredibly comfortable, was really good fun to work with yet professional! Would definitely recommend and would love to work with him again.

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Poppy Valentines

Linval was a true professional and so friendly and easy to work with. I would definitely recommend and work with him again. The studio we worked at was fantastic and gave us plenty of options to work with.

He was really good fun and creative to work with; we bounced ideas off each other and ended up with a lot of great images with a good variety of outfits and styles. He had a really good eye for what he wanted on the shoot and was very positive and chatty to work with. Made me feel completely at ease and felt like we worked well as a team together.

Looking forward to seeing the rest of the images (already seen a lot and love them). Definitely want to work with Linval again.

Thanks so much,

Poppy 😊

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Today was our second time working with Linval and I'm so happy that he's got in touch to shoot with me!

This guy brings absolute positivity and happiness into the room. I just love people with this kinda energy because nothing is a chore that way.

Thank you for booking me on today and looking forward to hopefully more in the future!

Highly recommend him.

Xenia x

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Second shoot today last minute with linval , still manage to get some new styles great styles in , fab chatty professional relaxed and creative , linval is super easy to shoot with and recommend 100 per cent to any model wanting to shoot with linval , fab day great shoot Ty regards shell

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Just had an awesome shoot at my home with linval... It was fun and kept professional I can't wait to see some images... I would definitely recommend him and would love to shoot again

Thanks again Tammy x

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Had my first shoot with lineal today, he was super friendly and professional, he helped guide me with poses too! We managed to get some good images from this shoot too!

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Had a first shoot with linval today , he was extremely polite prompt organised and professional, came with great ideas and knew exactly what he wanted , linval is very easy and relaxed to shoot with , great and assisting if need be and a lovely man , would 100 percent recommend linval to any model , reliable and gets back quickly to replies , look forward to seeing the results, Ty again linval :)

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I’ve lost count of how many shoots I’ve had with Linval there has been that many!

Linval is a FAB photographer! He’s also a great person to get along with, very professional, makes you feel comfortable, likes to have a laugh and sometimes bops along to my music lol

I think the amount of shoots I have had with Linval speaks volumes, I would recommend to any model

Next shoot here we come! Can’t wait!


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Third shoot with Linval was another success! I always look forward to seeing the images we create, as he really gets some greate results with a mixture of great photography and editing.

We shot in multiple settings again to create a variety, but I love the way he edits photos from the same location so that it doesn't look like it was shot in the same place.

A talented photographer and a lovely guy, recommended as always. :)

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I worked with Linval for the second time recently and he is always a pleasure to work with.

We got a good amount of cool shots within only 2 hours and shot in a few different locations.

I would definitely recommend him to anyone, a professional and talented photographer who always gets some great results! :)

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I had a shoot with Linval at my studio day at my dance studio.

I hurt myself in the previous shoot and he was very patient with me and some of the painful grimaces.

I love the images and recommend anyone to work with him.

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Had my first shoot with Linval on Wednesday

It was an absolute pleasure to work with him, not only is he a great photographer, he’s a lovely down to earth guy who’s great to get along with

We shot a number of different outfits in the time we had

He gave great direction and suggestions of poses

The images I saw were turning out great, seen more today and wow! I love them!

I would definitely work with Linval again

Thank you


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I worked with Linval recently on a last minute home based shoot, when I had a no show and he was an absolute pleasure to work with!

Professional and friendly throughout, we shot a variety of outfits and got some really great images!

I'm so happy how they turned out and I would definitely recommend him to work with. :)

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Loved working with Linval!

He booked 2 slots on my studio day at Aatish's studio and it was our first ever shoot together.

Linval is great at giving artistic direction but I also enjoyed the fact that he let me choose what I wanted to shoot as well.

He knows the technical aspects of photography very well and comes highly recommended by me.

Hope to shoot again in the future,

Thank you

Xenia x

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Photo shoot with Linval was a pleasure. Nice Guy very funny and knows what he wants, would recommend and happily work together again.

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Ellie Dale

I worked with Linval yesterday. He is an absolute pleasure to work with! As well as his work behind the camera being absolutely exceptional!

We had a laugh, and he put me at ease as soon as we started shooting! I highly recommend working with him, as yesterday morning was a pleasure.

I look forward to working with him again in the future.

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