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Third shoot with my favourite little hobbit and it just gets better!

There really isn’t much else to say that I haven’t said before although I do think he’s getting smaller, other that that, still lovely to work with and it’s likely shooting with a really close friend now. We have such a laugh and he always looks after me if he can. We had a lovely set outside, at 6 o clock, in early December. So you can imagine the cold. There was a few times I was shivering but the moment he noticed, it was straight in the car to warm up.

Bring on 2023 cause you’re not getting rid of me haha…



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Oh I have missed my favourite hobbit!

If you’re above 5”2 don’t forget the step ladder because the old saying “good things come in small packages” was definitely made for Jamie.

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t the best but we made it work. We found an abandoned building and the moment we entered the space you could already see him thinking… I thought I smelt burning rubber. We found a lovely upright piano and as a pianist I had to do a set with it. He gave direction as and when it was needed and also showed the before and after shot result of his direction. Not to mention the fact that he made sure to get a few BTS videos for me.

All jokes aside, I absolutely love everything about working with Jamie. He’s got vision, banter but more importantly ALWAYS made me feel safe. We’re already planning our third shoot with some cracking ideas already.

As always, Thank you Daddy xx

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I write this whilst wearing my hobbit feet gifted from Frodo… Jamie I mean.

I had my first shoot with Jamie yesterday in such a fantastic derelict location which was just beyond words. He got me is so many dirty places but it was so worth it. Although, he had way too much fun chucking that bucket of water over me for a wet shirt shot.

We had so much fun yesterday and for a little man he’s got some fire in him haha. The banter bouncing off him and his partner in crime Trev, was absolutely hilarious and had me in stitches on so many occasions. He’s very relaxed and always made sure I was safe from any hazards on the location. He’s very creative with his shots but then again… hobbits tend to be quite creative.

All jokes aside, I honestly had thee best shoot since day 1 and the shots that we got were incredible. I do hope it’s not the last time I will be working with Jamie as what is a tall wizard without her hobbit!

Thanks again


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Erm... WOW

WHAT A LEGEND. I'll just leave it at that!

Xenia x

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Phi Rose

Got to shoot with Jamie, Trev on a duo shoot with the lovely Evalana! Such a fun day shooting with these 3, we shot some really pretty HoneyBirdette sets and of course, had a good old laugh whilst doing it! Always the best days with J and Trev 🥳

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I had sooo much fun shooting with Jamie and Trev at a derelict location they found. We explored all the different corners of the place making the most of the available light and interesting features. I am so happy with the shots we got. T&J make a great team and we had such a laugh, these two are quite a comedic duo! Oh and if you're lucky Jamie will grace you with his beautiful singing :D It was a lush day made better when we were joined by the beautiful Phi Rose. We did a studio shoot and Jamie made a BTS video for us ♥

I would recommend shooting with Jamie based on the fact alone that you will have such a fun day, but seriously the benefits of the gorgeous shots you will get are 10/10! His portfolio speaks for itself so if you get the opportunity - take it! You won't regret it.

Thank you for a great day I look forward to shooting together again in the future

Lana xx

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Chesca Ferrari

First of all, I’d like to say thanks to Jamie for giving over his birthday to faff about on a beach all day trying to get me to ‘put a bit of effort in’ haha

Cannot praise Jamie more, had an absolutely fantastic day covered in sand and climbing into rock pools to try and get the perfect shot! Jamie is a bundle of laughs, intuitive and has an artistic eye for just about anything! He turns the mundane into the sublime in the flick of a wrist, whilst majorly downplaying his talent!

The images I’ve seen so far from this shoot are by far some of my favourites ever! If you get the opportunity to work with him I’d jump at it!! As I will be in the not so distant future!

Thanks for a great day and a great shoot!

Chesca x

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Rosanna Wild

I absolutely would highly recommend Lensworks to shoot with!

What a day!

Lensworks is a very talented, skilled and friendly professional. He has a great creative eye for detail and is such good fun to shoot with!

He offers a great balance to fun and focus.

He is very respectful through outfit changes and ensured I was resting and hydrated; we shot at a beach in a hot day.

Lensworks gave good, clear direction when needed.

Thank you for a belter of a day! I'm buzzing to shoot with you again!

What a day!

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oh my where do I start?! I was lucky enough to apply to Jamie's last minute casting call and what a brilliant shoot we had! I absolutely adore this guy! and he's not only professional but also very fun to be with! On the day we shot with another photographer (Trev) who was absolutely brilliant as well! But shooting with both amazing photographers on the same day was a huge privilege for me! We had so much laughs and great time getting amazing pictures the three of us! and I absolutely enjoyed the whole experience :) He's not only a super talented photographer but also an amazing person. Let me tell you I couldn't be any happier with the results we have achieved! I even got quite few edits in less than a day since we shot! wow! Honestly I'm over the moon and with that being said, without hesitation I definitely recommend Jamie :) Thank you so much once again and I'm super excited to shoot with you again!

Koneko xxx

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Phi Rose

I had such an amazing day shooting with Jamie in London!!! I can’t get over how incredible the images came out considering we shot lingerie all over busy London; which could’ve been challenging but we both knew we had to get over the people and just get on with it, which was the best move we could’ve made!! 😁👏🏼 We shot by St. Paul’s cathedral, we got the classic Telephone Box shots, some shots by the Thames and my favourites of all - the Westminster Bridge and Big Ben shots! I’m just blown away by them!!! We had to time our shots perfectly with the breaks in the traffic which took a while but we had a laugh waiting and people watching, and trying not to get mowed down by tuktuks, bikes, busses or taxis 😂

Such an awesome day, and big thanks to Jamie for the glorious shots and the fab day out!!!

Highly highly recommend Jamie to anyone who’s thinking of working with him

As always can’t wait for the next one

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Mia Resa

I’ve always been blown away by Jamie’s portfolio ever since I can remember seeing his work on here and the fact we’ve followed one another for sometime made it easier to communicate.

Initially I was quite shy and reserved coming forward to ask if he’d be interested in shooting, I felt my work couldn’t warrant having his on mine as I was still building it up.

Fast forward a few years, I finally plucked up the courage and asked Jamie outright to shoot with me, luckily agreed, Yaaay!

Pre and post comms was spot on, agreed a meeting point then decided last minute to head out on location, absolutely winged it not knowing what to expect, however we achieved some really cool punchy edgy stuff, then headed back in the studio for more some fashion orientated shots.

Absolutely made up we came out with pretty awesome images we were both happy with.

Now I know why we waited this long. We’ll let it speak for itself :)

Jamie has been nothing but respectful, conscious and considerate and has been fantastic company throughout the day with bags of laughs thrown in for good measure.

I think I found a friend I’m him too.

Already excited to shoot again! Thanks for putting up with me. :) xx


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Phi Rose

What can I say that I haven’t previously said? Probably nothing. Jamie is amazing to work with, he’s super laid back, loves a laugh and is always up for whatever mad ideas I’ve got! J has taken what I think are the best images of me to exist 🥲👏🏻 The boost in confidence I got after shooting with J for the first time was insane, and something didn’t know was achievable. 1000% recommend Jamie. Don’t hesitate to book him! Just look at his awesome references and stunning portfolio!!

Always looking forward to the next time shooting 🙌🏻😊

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I FINALLY got the opportunity to work with Jamie! It only took me about 5 years!

I shot with him at a collab event day and we managed to produce some amazing images. Jamie is such a character and so incredibly easy to get on with. There wasn't a dull moment whilst we were shooting, plenty of laughs and banter.

Jamie is a lovely person and talented photographer/retoucher.

I can't wait until our next shoot!!

Thank you so much!

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Irida S

I was very lucky to meet and work with Jamie alongside photographer Trev on here !

Jamie is brilliant to work with , professional , easy going and fun ! The photos speak for themselves!

A truly talented photographer , honestly if you have the opportunity to work with Jamie grab it with both hands :)

Highly recommended of course !

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I've worked with Jamie a few times because I'm guaranteed of two things. Lots of laughs and fantastic images. The latter I don't need to say as you can see the quality of his work above.

J is honestly one of the nicest photographers to work with and every time I leave, I'm already thinking of great ideas to do with him that I know he will do justice.

Amazing gent with great ideas and always willing to try something new and unusual which he pulls off incredibly. I honestly cannot recommend him highly enough and as always, I look forward to the next one. If you get the opportunity to shoot with him, you definitely should take him up on it. Just bring your sense of humour along and you will have a fantastic time.

Thanks Jamie

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Phi Rose

Had another amazing shoot with J! Christmas themed of course 🤩😁 what else at this time of year?! 🎄 It was such a fun shoot and major points to Jamie and to Trev, for putting up with me decorating the studio with props and a whole ass Xmas Tree 😂 As always I couldn’t recommend Jamie more, he’s just amazing at what he does & nails it every single time! He’s also such a good person, so kind and great to be around 😀 Thank you again and can’t wait for the next one!

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Shot with Jamie a few weeks ago.. he’s such a good laugh and fun to work with, made me feel comfortable and felt like I’d known him years because he’s so easy to get along with.. his photography and editing skills are top notch! And he has the patience of a saint as I was a pain in the arss 😂 100% recommended

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Phi Rose

Had another amazinggg shoot with J a few weeks back! Our 3rd shoot so far and I hope there are many more to come 😄 I will never tire of shooting with Jamie, we always create incredible images and they quickly become my new favourites every time!!! We always have such a laugh whilst shooting, there’s never a dull moment. As always I would highly recommend J to anyone thinking of working with him. You’ll be completely blown away 🙌🏼 Again I can’t wait till our next shoot 😁

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Two Wei Location House

So we were blessed to get another visit from Jamie before lockdown loomed yet again and oh my, what amazing images he has created and now released from the day!

He really is a nice person to be around, so respectful of his model, friendly and extremely considerate and tidy.

We can't recommend Jamie highly enough and really hope he visits us once again in the near future.

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One word “Amazing”

I have been a big fan of Lenworks for some time now and I finally got to work with him yesterday. It must have been the coldest day so far this year but that didn’t stop us.

We did a mixture of location and studio & I’ve already seen some of the images and I’m truly blown away!

He is such a talented photographer, very easy to work with, & has a great scene of humour. What more could you ask for?

I cannot recommend him enough, looking forward to the next.

Debs x

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