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Hugh Appleton

Lelly went out of her way to fit modelling for our life-drawing class into her very busy schedule. She's easy to keep in touch with, fun to talk to, and did a fantastic job of finding, and holding, great poses for us to draw. Staying in the same position for extended periods of time requires strength of character and patience and she has plenty of both. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs a model with great looks and loads of character. Thank you Lelly!

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I M A G E is E V E R Y T H I N G

Had another great day with Lelly, on a themed shoot "orange is the new black" at Gloucester prison with a team of 9. lelly played two rolls one as a prison inmate and one a correctional officer. Lelly made both rolls incredibly believable. I hope continue

to collaborate with Lelly 😉

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PatriciasLove said...

Lelly is a fabulous model she really knows her stuff I learnt alot from her from observation just under 4 hours.

Highly recommended model. Would definitely want to work with her again

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What an absolutely lovely person. I can't recall when I first contacted Lel regarding her casting call but the communications were clear and comprehensive.

It's wonderful to work with a model who knows exactly what they want and what angles work for them and also to have their creative input.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Lel, it was an a pleasure.

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Nothing But Lingerie

What an absolute pleasure it was shooting with Lelly D, very easy to work with and super fun which made our shoot fly by. Can't wait for our next shoot.

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After years of waiting, Lelly got the opportunity to work with myself today, in what was a fun idea and the first time ever use of my 2 dogs.

Now working with animals can be quite stressful for all involved, but she was happy to hold the leads and work with them regardless, despite knowing one was a bit moody, yet turned out to be the best behaved.

I admire Lelly for her willingness to have a go at anything, which included climbing through rough terrain in the middle of some local woodlands just to pic the right spot.. Conditions were extremely hot (over 30oc), and despite the shade it was really awful weather to concentrate and work in, but she took it all in her stride and carried on regardless, even with an extreme winter coat on, so I have to hand it to her cause I would have probably passed out.

Very lovey, friendly personality and a lady that I can certainly refer to of knowledge with some of my own personal issues..

Her strong looks and character will always provide you with something new on your portfolio and I would have no hesitation with recommending her to other photographers, or working with her again..

Thank you very much for the opportunity.

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Alan Ewart

I was really pleased when Lelly contacted me a few weeks ago for a shoot. Since then her communications have been top notch. We were both clear on exactly what we wanted to achieve yesterday when we got together for our shoot.

You don't need me to tell you how hot and humid it has been in recent days, but Lelly turned up on time, with a huge case of outfits and off we went into the Dorset countryside. Over the course of the next few hours we shot four different looks in a variety of locations and Lelly took everything in her stride, even when one of the planned locations was so busy that we couldn't even get near it much less shoot there.

Lelly is very experienced, creative, and very good company. She likes a laugh and whilst she takes her modeling seriously she doesn't take herself too seriously.

We had a very enjoyable day and we managed to shoot some lovely images.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her to you.

Thanks for a great day Lelly.

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I M A G E is E V E R Y T H I N G

Another great shoot with Lelly today 12/02/18. Lelly came with ideas and all the stuff needed , I love working with her as she is fun and just great to be around , looking to do more shoots and we are making plans for them ,Highly Recommend *****

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Johnny O

Finally got to meet Lelly on our 'rockabilly' style shoot. Was an absolute pleasure to work with her, this lady knows what she's doing!! Already looking forward to working with her again and I can't recommend her enough! Such a strong look and absolutely gorgeous inside and out!!!

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The Actor

This is my second duo shoot with Lelly D. Once again she was amazing fun to work with, ever so talented and beautiful and she helped bring the images to incredible life... I would love to work with her again....

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I M A G E is E V E R Y T H I N G

Had an awsome shoot with Lelly D , The Actor and Makeup Max on a Bill,Nancy and Bulleye shoot... Shooting with Lelly again on the 02/07/17 :-)

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Makeup Max [ Max Van De Banks]

Had a great shoot with Lelly D on Sunday great fun to work with and she really made the character of Nancy from Oliver!! come to life, great results as you can see from the stills, Hope to work with you again in the future. Highly Recommended.

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Sophie Merlo

My third time working with Lelly now, and once again she was bang on time with hair/make up perfect for the shoot. She's an experienced model so doesn't need a ton of direction but when given (for specific poses/shots) she works with it well. Really nice girl - highly recommend - she rocks vintage!

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The Actor

Today was my first duo with Lelly D. She was ever so glamorous, and such good fun to work with. Very excited to see the results and would be honoured to model along side her again.

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Tasnim MUA

I had a really good bridal shoot with Lelly at my home. She is professional and easy to shoot with. She was patient with my lighting changes, as I'm new to photography, and she really kept the energy up for the whole shoot. We've got some lovely images from the shoot that I'm proud to put in my portfolio. Highly recommended!

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Scarlett Blaze

Had a second shoot with Lelly D, this time it was a fetish themed shoot at Ashton studio with 5 other ladies.

Lelly is a friendly, outgoing, chatty and as you can see from her images a fantastic model.

She worked very well within a group situation and I was impressed with just how versatile she is.

Highly recommend.

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The Pix Factory

Had our second shoot with Lelly recently and, as previously, it was a blast! Lelly is extremely committed to what she does, is well prepared, and is full of ideas before and during the shoot. Working with her is therefore a real treat! Already planning our third shoot - Highly recommended!

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Had a great themed shoot today with Lelly..

Great communications before hand.. came well prepared for the shoot, great style and bags of confidence which came shining through in front of the camera..

From a mua's point of view Lelly had great skin and hair, she took direction well and was a pleasure to work with..

I would highly reccommend Lelly to any Mua or tog for future projects.. A true Professional down to a T.

Can't wait to see the results.

Until next time.. Cheers hun xx

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Well nearly 3 years since our last shoot with Lelly - not sure why we waited so long! Lelly had a long drive to get to us and kept us informed on the journey but was raring to go straight away. We had discussed ideas prior to the shoot and had a MUA on board so we all knew what needed to be done!

Lelly has a fabulous personality and great attitude which makes it very easy to chat whilst getting some great images. She knows how to pose which made the shoot very easy.

It was a pleasure working with Lelly again and we definitely recommend her.

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Lauraanne (Photographer)

MY first shoot today with Lelly, both working together on creating some Helmut Newton style shots. It is so nice working with someone who appreciates his work and understands his style. We worked through a few sets both inside and out and Lelly has just the look to pull this type of shoot off. All pre comms were excellent and she arrived on time and well prepped for the shoot. She is professional in her work and enthusiastic. I love collaborating with like minded creatives and Lelly is creative, chatty, fun, and works hard to get that shot. Thanks Lelly for a great shoot. :)

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