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I worked with Dave yesterday and I had a chance to see few images what he took and I really love it. He knew what kind of style images he wanted to create and so gave me direction well. He always concerned about my well being and happiness which i always appreciated. I look forward to working with him again and would really recommend him to everyone :)

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Creative Focus

I would like to thank Dave for his valuable contribution to our workshop Yestarday at Fradley Reservior. Dave is a very experienced photographer and knows his way around OCF really well. He also worked very professionally with Janet our model for the session. I can highly recommed Dave to any models that want a professional and experienced photographer for a their shoot plus he's a real nice guy too!

Thanks again Dave look forward to working with you again - Cheers Keith

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Miss Rosie Lea

I had the pleasure of working with Dave again recently when he attended a Vintage/Pinup studio day at Telford Photography.

I was so pleased when I heard he’d booked on to the event as I know I’ll always have a super comfortable and fun time working with him. Dave is an absolute gentleman, always concerned with his models well being and happiness which is always appreciated. Dave gelled instantly with the other attendees and the four hours just flew by.

Dave has been kind enough to share some of his images with me after the shoot and they’re beautiful as always.

I’d recommend Dave to other models without a doubt and I hope I get to work with him again in the near future. Thanks so much Dave :)

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Miss Rosie Lea

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Dave again recently when he and his group of photographers ‘The jolly boys’ booked me at Daniel’s Mill for a day of fairytale fashion and beauty portraits.

Dave is a joy to work with and is such a welcoming, lovely person. His communication during shoots is always so respectful and kind, something I really appreciate.

He has a great eye for getting a fab shot and he often has ideas whilst shooting that the other photographers are clamouring to reproduce after he’s finished haha! His images from the shoot, as always, are beautiful!

I’d recommend Dave to other models and hope to work with him again soon. Thanks so much Dave :)

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David joined us on our Norse Dragon Armoury Group Shoot on the Sunday Afternoon. This was my first shoot with David, and it was a total pleasure to work with him. David was very professional and respectful, and got some beautiful images from the afternoon. I would definitely work with David again, and would recommend him to others. Thank you, David!

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Miss Rosie Lea

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting and working with Dave for the first time when he attended a group shoot organised by a fellow photographer at Blists Hill Museum.

Dave is such a warm and welcoming person and it was clear to me straight away that we were going to have a lovely day. Dave is very considerate of a model’s comfort and well being and he carried my coat/bag for me, ensured I was happy throughout and (between him and the other photographers) treated me to three cups of coffee and a slice of cake!

Dave has been kind enough to share images from the day with me and they’re absolutely lovely :D

I would recommend him to absolutely anyone and I really hope to shoot with him again soon!

Thanks so much for such an enjoyable shoot Dave :)

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Had a great first shoot with Dave yesterday, what a great guy he made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. He is very professional and has a great eye for detail. Even though the weather was abit dodgy at times we still had great fun and creatived great images. Can't wait to work with you again

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Whimsical Sorceress

Met this lovely photographer at a group Japanese style meetup. They produced some lovely images of the model I worked on and I think she will be pleased with the results. Dave worked well with other photographers, the models seemed to like him and fitted into to the group well. I would highly recommend this gentleman and would like to work with him again.

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Amethyst .

We had a super fun photoshoot at the botanical gardens. Every one involved had so much passion and enthusiam towards this day. We all worked so hard. . Now then for an (quoted on his profile) 'amateur' I am super happy with his results and I hope DJL is pleased with his photos from this day too. Much credit to you and hope to see you at a group shoot again. All the best. Amethyst

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Dave made the drive over to me for our shoot and arrived in good time to pick me up and take the last leg of the journey together. He had to trust me on picking a location he had never seen before....... but I think he liked it!!

We had a good shoot and Dave was respectful and made sure I was safe. The weather held out and he worked hard to get the shots he wanted. I am looking forward to seeing the results. Dave I am sorry about THAT rock.

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BeautyInFocus by Alex

Dave attended one of my location group workshops. He is a very nice guy with a very good eye for photography. He was very professional in giving instructions to the the model. He also kindly helped me with some of the equipment which was very nice of him and showed his team spirit and kind personality. I certainly recommend Dave and hope to see him again in my events.

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Lydia Jane

i worked with Dave at a group photography workshop last weekend. Dave was friendly , professional and a pleasure to work with . I would be happy to recommend him and would be very keen to work together again

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Poppy Poler

I worked with Dave on Sunday as part of a group photography workshop. He took some great images, and was a true professional - he knew the kind of style images he wanted to create and so gave direction well. I look forward to working with him again soon, and would recommend to everyone!

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Scarlet Jones said...

Briefly shot with Dave at a meet up on Wednesday. Easy to work with and love the images :) Lovely meeting you such a shame it was so brief Jessica x

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I got to shoot with the lovely David at a studio shoot in Burton on Trent and he was such a gentleman and really knows his stuff was a pleasure to work with 100% recommend thanks again :) xx

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Starlight Photographic

Dave attended our group model evening this week - he arrived on time and was very friendly and chatty. He has a great photographic knowledge and used this to great effect developing his own ideas and shots. He's welcome back anytime

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He came with some brilliant ideas, knew exactly what poses he wanted. He worked really well within the space we were shooting. Also bought me hobnobs, which has put him on my good side HA! Would like to work with him again in the future.

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