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Take On Noir

I had a great lunchtime shoot with Kelli today. She was very patient and easy to work with. Good communication before and during the shoot.

But most importantly we took some great natural portraits.

I'll definitely work with Kelli again.

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Paul P

Had a fanatic shoot with Kelli today,

I highly recommend this model as she is so creative and very outgoing/willing to try out different things relating to a shoot.

She is very organised and showed good communication in the build up to the shoot/project.

Very talented and creative with an amazing wardrobe and makeup selection.

If your imagination and vision is varied she will help you accomplish your concepts.

Highly recommend.

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Whilst passing by Bristol, I arranged a shoot with Kelli. The first thing I noticed is her amazing creative mind. She has a very good portfolio, some FPI's, yes, but once in her company, you then see a true master of her art at work. She was the one with the best ideas, she made them happen and also within the short time we had together, she also made a mean cuppa and gave me an asian biscuit ( biscuits on a stick! Mmmm). I have no doubt we will shoot again as I LOVE creative models and ones that can show they actually can pull it off. I'm very fortunate to have shot with her, and I hope that reading this, you will make the decision to shoot with her soon. Let her show you how amazing her creative process works. Very highly recommended.

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Greg Hardy

Had a four hour shoot with Kelli in Bristol. Well worth the travel as got some fantastic images from the shoot, a mix of fashion and portrait. Kelli is very confident and able to pose freely but is excellent at taking directions, so desired results effortlessly achieved. Initial review looks good and hope to work with Kelli again soon.

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A fantastic day working with Kelli as we worked two locations, one miniature Test Valley-like viaduct I'd found and also at my home and she took everything in her stride. A beautiful person inside and out as well as being multi talented as model, Mua and designer. I can see where the name Kaleidoscope came from because as well as this variety she can change like a chameleon. Some of the photos I wanted she'd nailed in a couple of shots and some I wanted to see off the camera so shoot for longer but everything went really smoothly and I suddenly realised I'd run out of time and had to bring it to a close. Until next time!

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Had a great shoot today with Kelli, pre-communications were superb and the shoot was faultless, Kelli is a joy to shoot with, she had ideas and so did I and it worked well, there was enough to shoot in the 2 hours we had, it was a joy to do a shoot with Kelli and anyone looking for a natural curvy model should look no further than Kelli, highly recommended.

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Jon Dickinson

Great shoot. Kelli is great to work with, so no hesitation in recommending. Thank you.

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Had a great shoot will Nat today and all I can say is wow! What a great talent.

We went for a spooky vibe for our time together.

Pre coms were great I sent images and so did she and we collaborated on what we were going to shoot.

Her makeup skills are second to none, brilliant doesn’t cut it. She did her own makeup and costume to an exceptional standard and we shot loads of great images filled with personality.

She is extremely easy to get along with we both laughed so much....usually st each other expense and silly sayings like, muff garden or titty flowers.

A real pleasure working with Nat and I would recommend her to anyone, down to earth, clever, funny and talented.

Thanks Nat.

Jon xx

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Kelli is such an amazing, creative model. Kelli is so friendly and fun to work with that the day flew by in no time. Very professional and enthusiastic, they had prepared some ideas for makeup which were then expertly applied before the shoot.

I am looking forward to working with Kelli again soon.

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Take On Noir

I shot with Kelly for a couple of hours last Wednesday. Despite the rain we managed to get out and take some natural light portraits around Bristol.

Communications were excellent, she was easy to talk to and made me feel at ease on only my third model shoot.

Thanks Kelli

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Al Marley

First shoot with Kelli and hopefully wont be the last - couldnt do more to try and create some different images whilst being engaging and happy to go with the flow.

Really enjoyable shoot with a great model, cant recommend enough!

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This was fourth shoot with Kelli to explore avant garde pictures with a woodland backdrop. The pre-shoot comm’s were excellent and Kelli produced a Pinterest board to collect ideas for the shoot. We agreed a date and unknown to me Kelli made an amazing head-dress for the shoot, based on a collection of flowers. On the day of the shoot Kelli had excellent makeup to complement the head dress and give distinctive woodland –nymph feel to the pictures. Kelli was totally excellent in producing the material for the shoot and giving fantastic poses, which conveyed a range of emotions and styles. Kelli is brilliant to work with, giving her all into the shot and keen to get just the right look. We had a fun time and the shoot was over before we knew it. I am looking forward to continuing the avant garde theme with Kelli and I hugely recommend her to all photographers especially the creatives.

Thanks for a great shoot


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I'm not known for being speechless, but KK's efforts today left me (almost) in that way. This was a simply first-class shoot, Kelli having chosen entirely suitable locations not far from her home. However - and it's a very big however, Kelli is just such an interesting, entertaining and genuinely kind-hearted model who gets a MASSIVE thumbs-up from me. We'll hopefully be working together agin soon.

If you haven't booked a shoot with her, why not?

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Had a great time shooting with Kelli! Had her rolling around in newspaper while I was experimenting! Very lovely person, very insightful and very pretty :) thanks again!

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Ruby Derriere

Second time I have had the pleasure of working with this amazing model. Great costumes, professional and a so much fun to work with. Cant wait for the next booking with Kelli. Highly reccomended

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Gunge TV

Great to work with Kelli, fantastically fun and very patient, professional and friendly. Got some great footage, and had lots of fun in the meantime. Would definitely recommend Kelli to anyone, and hope to work with her again in the future.

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In the shadows

I was helping out as a assistant with Gunge TV, I must say Kelli is a very happy, cheerfull very experience model, was a pleasure working with friendly lady.

Can highly recommend.

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Fabulously creative shoot with the beautiful and wonderful Kelli. Chatted like old lost friends, with each idea inspiring another, very talented and fun to shoot with.

Worked with a few props to create the looks we were seeking and have to say it worked 100%. So many ideas in the pipeline we just have to shoot again.

Recommend you shoot with Kelli 100%.

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My third shoot Kelli, first was at her place mainly using ultraviolet light and Kelli's creative outfits, second was on location and this time a studio, Roois Place.

Kelli picked a few images from my purple port "Home Studio Inspiration" collect and she added her own creative twist, wow. Then she organised a second model, who was equally creative and brilliant to work with, WOW. Now with Rooi sorting out the lighting, giving advise all I had to do was press the button, lol.

Arrived with a great selection of outfits, props and makeup, needed no direction, very creative and artistic, an absolute joy to work with.

Highly recommended to anyone, hope to work with again soon

Thank you Kelli, it was fun and the images are as always, amazing

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Just back from a shoot with Kelli, set up on the back of her reply to my short-notice casting, and she's very much recommended - I can't wait to process the images as I think we have some crackers.

Working in her home, we were able to do some creative art nudes and also some more cosplay/fantasy type shots - Kelli's own makeup skills to the fore here, producing a really strong look that worked well on the images. Her posing was excellent, with quite a range of expressions - the art nude work was very different to the almost cartoony styling of the latter part of the shoot.

And she's a really nice person, very pleasant to chat to and work with. All in all, a really good collaboration, her ideas and outfits making up for my own lack of creativity!

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