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Joceline Brooke-Hamilton has 369 references; 369 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 0 no-shows.

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What can I say, that no one else hasn't already?

My first full day in a studio with a model solo and I just hope they all go as well as todays shoot with Joceline did.

Hugely professional as you would expect, but also helpful, full of creative ideas and just wonderful to shoot. I now know why it took me so long to get a booking.

Thoroughly recommended, as great off camera as she is on camera !!

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It is always such a pleasure to shoot with Joceline and despite the fact that I had little in the way of plans for this shoot I managed to get a great variety of images in the brief 2 hour shoot!

We had Grecian tragedy, elegance and a fantastic latex dress.

It goes without saying that I would thoroughly recommend Joceline, if you haven't booked a shoot with her then do because you will not be disappointed. Her acting skills bring character to the images, she brings a large and varied wardrobe and is a great person to spend some time with!

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Had my second shoot with Joceline yesterday at The Cottage Studio. I had a couple of ideas of what I wanted to shoot and we had no problem getting some great images.

Joceline had turned up with a good selection of outfits and had the perfect look for both sets.

She is a very nice person, very enthusiastic and very creative, in fact a great person to work with.

I hope we get to shoot again sometime.

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Lovely shoot with Joceline today at WPS Proam Studio in Worksop, which is something I've been hoping to do for some time. Joceline is one of the top models on here, and she performed brilliantly on the shoot. I'm glad that I kept direction to a minimum allowing Joceline to run through her own repertoire of poses, however she responded brilliantly to any direction given. Whilst remaining professional throughout the shoot, Joceline is a lovely chatty lady who, whilst talking, showed a genuine concern for all photographers that she works with. Her pre-shoot communication was excellent, and I was thrilled to see how readily she collaborated with the project delivering the mood I needed through outfits and props. Joceline has shot with many amazing photographers on here, but she went out of her way today to make my shoot special for me. Thanks Joceline, hope its not too long before our next shoot.

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Had a great shoot with Joceline.

An experienced fun model to work with willing to experiment and try suggested ideas.

Good pre- shoot communications, so well prepared when I arrived at the studio.

Joceline must be in the top 5% of models on PP - highly recommended.

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Would I recommend Joceline?

Always. Unreservedly.

I did a joint shoot with another tog and Joceline today - I knew what to expect, but he had only my assurance.

Both he and I were delighted.

No more to be said. The ultimate model, for creativity, professionalism, and sheer niceness.

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I am not sure how many times I have shot with Joceline/Ariel but can say that I absolutely loved each and every shoot.

Joceline is a very lovely lady and a fantastic model. What more can I say? Love her and would always recommend her.

We will be shooting again in December and I am looking forward to it already

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Adrian Guest

I had a lovely solo day shoot with Joceline, she greeted me with her lovely bubbly personality ... ready for fun & laughter, all this while being photographed.

Joceline is so relaxed while being photographed & allowed me to try different camera settings & idea's, we both wanted to have great images, which happened to be perfect .. as the outside weather was terrible meaning the light happened to be very low, did make the indoor natural light photography a little difficult, even with this I have got a great selection of images to choose from ... most of them look great.

We both talked & had tea / coffee ... supplied by Joceline, lunch perfect & delicious, plus even more great conversation.

Joceline poses with ease & enthusiasm, with the ability to make the perfect photo.

I highly recommend Joceline to all photographers, you will have a great shoot.

Thank you Joceline, for such a lovely day & putting up with me .. LOL

Hope to be able to do this again.

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I had a shoot with Joceline yesterday, at the Far Forest Studio. I cannot praise Joceline enough. Talented and professional, Joceline is a truly charming person and is a joy to be with. Her ability to slip effortlessly into character is just wonderful. I would definitely recommend Joceline as a model.

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I previously shot with Jocelyn in Spain during a holiday shoot for a week. It was an exciting experience and I immediately asked if we could shoot again, and that happened yesterday at her home.She never let me stop for breath - except for a delicious lunch - but I didn't want to stop as she makes you just think of ideas and work to get them. Some of the ideas a bit odd, but she went on without complaint.

Her communications are spot on - I wish mine were - and she brings a total commitment to her modelling.

I am still sorting the images and there are many good ones. Something I don't normally get.

I recommend Jocelyn to all photographers with enthusiasm.

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Far Forest Studio

We were very pleased to welcome Joceline to our studio for her first visit today.

There is not that can be added to her reviews that has not already been said but if you want a complete/professional model then you have to look no further than Joceline.

This lady is the full package. Looks, agility, personality and flexibility. She did several costume changes and looks and she adapted to suit every one. She encouraged and inspired the photographer throughout the shoot and it was obvious he enjoyed every minute.

A wonderful person to meet and know away from the camera as well.

We would recommend Joceline to any studio or photographer without hesitation and we hope it wont be too long before we see her again.

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Another excellent shoot with Joceline - totally professional as always, happy to co-operate with any suggestions and a delight to work with.

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Had a superb photoshoot with Joceline today, I have been waiting 6 months for the chance to work with this world class model and she delivered in spades, highly prepared with a friendly very enthusiastic attitude , all of her posing and outfits were absolutely immaculate, we went though quite a few scenery and outfit changes and she took them in her stride as the comsumate professional she is

The two hours I had booked flew over in what seemed like 30 mins, a real super model and a special Lady. Would work with again in a Heartbeat, thanks for a great photosession

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If you are reading this reference because you are thinking of working with Joceline, just make a booking, now, you will not be disappointed.

I’ve just had my 3rd shoot with Joceline & without listing all the good bits about communication etc. it was yet again a fantastic experience.

Professional; Intelligent; Charming; fun & oh, we got some great images.

I’ve already got ideas for our next shoot.

Highly recommended to all levels of photographer.

Thanks again Joceline for a great day.

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Steve Mitchell

This was a one to one shoot with Joceline at Worksop Photographic Studio. I first met Joceline in November 2006 at a WPS Group which was covered by Practical Photography. We have tended to shoot on an almost annual basis ever since. Joceline is absolutely unique, moving effortlessly from fashion through to some quite stunning and unique figure poses. Her early training in gymnastics and ballet means that she moves with grace to create absolutely stunning shapes. A great personality and fun to work with. I have already booked for November 2017.

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Bowtie David

In giving Joceline a reference, I feel a little like the pupil giving the headmaster a reference.

Shooting Joceline brings a ray of sunshine into my day.

There seems little point in stating this ladys numerous modelling skills, the hundreds of wonderful references from all manner of photographers do this very adequately.

This lady is so enthusiastic and so helpful I love working with her, and can not wait for my next shoot

You are not only a great model, but I know you to be a very special person .Thank you

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Adrian Guest

I had a lovely duo shoot with Joceline & Natalia Forrest, we had fun with the set idea's, Joceline interacts with Natalia .. perfectly, Joceline arrived with a lovely array of outfits & ready to start, this combined with Natalia's array of outfits made for some lovely images.

Joceline, is relaxed & fun to be around & a joy to photograph.

I recommend Joceline to all photographers & studios, you will never be disappointed & have excellent photos as a reward.

I hope to be able to have a duo shoot again in the future with Joceline & Natalia.

Thanks Joceline for the lovely day.

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BillyBob said...

Joceline was possibly the first model I ever booked way back in 2007.

The shot of her on my portfolio dates from a session from that year.

And have shot with her on numerous happy occasions since that date.

She is a perfect fashion, fetish and art nude model.

She is also a professional actress and I have made films with her.

And believe me, she can ad lib and go deep into character so well it can be quite scary.

Well, we did make a supernatural thriller, so....

Also, I believe, she does a little bondage work from time to time.

Totally recommend Joceline, she is just so comfortable in front of a camera, both still and video.

BillyBob, although she knows me as just Bill

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I had my second shoot with Joceline today and it was a treat I've been looking forward to since the booking was confirmed several months ago.

I couldn't think of a better way to christen my new 5D Mark III than a shoot with this lovely, lithe, lissom lady.

A great model and a warm, friendly and funny human being to boot. Five hours just sped by and we captured some fantastic shots together.

Thank you for another super shoot :)


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Lunar Caustic Photography

Joceline is one of my favorite models, working with her is always a pleasure.

Chatty, friendly and down to earth. Tall, elegant and flexible poses fantastically; just wonderful.

Yes I would recommend Joceline to anyone and I cannot wait till my next opportunity to shoot her.

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