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Kaitlin Carter

Absolutely loved working with Jamie! Such a lovely person. Made me feel very comfortable and had a good idea of what shots would go what for the ideas we both had. We done the ideas he wanted to do for his paintings and gave me ideas that would go nicely for my portfolio. Would definitely recommend him to anyone. Also loved the fact he brought me chocolate to snack on. Will definitely be doing another shoot with him x

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Johnny Moresome

Met Jamie by chance and grabbed a few shots with him as he offered to help me with my portfolio.

Considering his main medium is with paint, he was great behind the camera! Confident, knowledgeable and helpful!

Through some of the poses, you could see he was looking through the camera with an artist's eye which helped us create some amazing images!

And to top it off, he was a genuinely nice guy! Really hope to work with him again!

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Kitty Karnage

I had my first shoot with Jamie yesterday and I already can't wait to work with him again. He made me feel so comfortable and we had a laugh during the shoot which helped me relax. It took us a few attempts to work together because of my mental state but he was very patient and understanding and helped me feel like I wasn't under any pressure. Before the shoot he went over everything with me and made sure everything was well understood before the shoot and that our agreement to trade was clear. We got some fantastic images and I can't wait to see the finished painting/s. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

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I absolutely LOVED my shoot with Jamie. It was the most quirkiest shoot i've done with lots of feathers and lots of laughs. Jamie was very bubbly and conversational and I felt extremely comfortable in his presence. Absolutely looking forward to the painting :) top work.

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First time shooting with Jamie and it was a pretty awesome time. We spoke on a variety of different subjects which was interesting, and the conversation kept flowing throughout the entire shoot. Jamie had some good ideas about the types of images he wanted to create for a reference to paint with and after seeing his exhibition and paintings I can say for sure he is very talented, and a very kind and interesting guy. I loved hearing about the meanings behind the paintings and look forward to seeing the painting when it is done. His creativity, conversations and ideas are really something special and it was an enjoyable shoot. I look forward to the next time.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be painted

Lauren x

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Twinkle Nose (Hannah Aisling)

Jamie came to my flat and we had a shoot with the intentions of turning some of the pictures into paintings. It's always very humbling to me when an artist approaches me and wants to paint me. Jamie is so easy going and laid back, it was instantly a good shoot. He gave very clear direction to match the vision in his head and we worked really well together, capturing some beautiful imagery. If you get the chance to shoot with Jamie, I 100% would as not only is it something different (his work is incredible), the conversation is never ending and will keep your spirits high too!

Thank you Jamie for such a lovely shoot, I hope we achieved what you wanted and can shoot again at some point:)

Twinkle x

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Jamie came to take some photos of me as a reference for his painting. Lovely man, very easy to chat to and knew what he wanted to achieve image wise. His art work is beautiful. Great meeting you and look forward to seeing the painting.

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Elfen Brogan

I had a short shoot with jamie the other week to give him some material to use for his art. He is a lovely friendly guy with lots of great ideas, and the conversation is never dull. Jamie made me feel very comfortable and at ease while shooting and gave me a good idea of what he wanted. I totally recommend working with jamie and checking out his art.

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Rosie Flame

I had a fantastic 4 hour our booking with Jamie today.

Jamie is such an interesting guy and the conversation was in full flow! Pre - comms were fantastically detailed and I knew exactly what he wanted to achieve.

Jamie was polite, direct and good fun to work with. Jamie has fantastic style and I can't wait to see the paintings when they are finished.

Highly recommended!

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