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I am very happy with my shoot with Chris, everything went really great. Chris had a lot of great ideas, which we implemented together as a good team. That was an easy-going and relaxed shoot. Chris has a great personality so I felt really comfortable in his presence. Chris is a talented photographer, and I am very happy with our photos.Thanks Chris, looking forward to shooting with you again

Highly recommended, 100%

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Miss Rosie Lea

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Chris for the second time just over a week ago when he attended my Stevie Nicks inspired studio day at Far Forest Studio.

Chris is lovely company; very friendly, relaxed and kind, with a terrific sense of humour. I think we talked and laughed as much as we shot and the hour we spent just flew by.

Chris’s photography is really beautiful and he has a unique style that really sets his work apart. His passion for the technical side of photography, and traditional cameras in particular, is palpable. He is truly excited by photography which is so lovely to see, and makes for amazing images. Chris has been kind enough to share some of the final images with me and I love them ♥

I would recommend Chris without hesitation. A shoot with him will no doubt be productive and a lot of fun for all involved. I hope to work with him again in the future! Thanks for a lovely shoot Chris :)

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Amie Boulton

What a lovely guy Chris is!!

Chris joined a few others at an event at Mick Paytons studio and it was a pleasure to have him join us. Chris was such a laid back lovely guy who was totally respectful towards me as the model and with other members of the group. A fantastic asset to the group. He had a clear idea of what he wanted to achieve on the day and executed it beautifully. I have seen a couple of the images and he has done a grand job! I would 100% recommend Chris to anyone he is a joy to model for and a whole heap of fun and i hope to have the opportunity to work with him again in the future :-)

Thank you for joining us on the day and helping it be such a fun event!

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Miss mae_

had a lovely shoot with chris at my studio day he was very punctual arrived in good time and was very fun and relaxed to work with.

chris knew what he wanted from the shoot and also had a great sence of humour he is highly recommended by me, and i hope we get to work together again soon


Tann x

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Had a great shoot with Chris yesterday at my studio day with Alice Winters. He was on time full of ideas and a star to work with. Easy to bounce ideas off and so relaxed. So much fun to work with.

Couldn't recommend him more.



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Far Forest Studio

We were pleased to welcome Chris to the studio for his first vist on our studio day.

He arrived on time and well prepared. A complete professional and gentleman too. It was a pleasure to watch him work and it was obvious by the atmosphere in the studio that he was great fun to work with as well.

We would welcome him back anytime and we would highly recommend him to any studio or model.

Hope to see you again soon.

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Alice Winters

Had a brilliant shoot with Chris at Far Forest Studio yesterday! He was full of ideas and keen to listen to Lottii and myself, also great at giving out direction!

Friendly, relaxed and professional, he was an absolute pleasure to work with!

Would 100% recommend !

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Account not in use said...

I had my first shoot with Chris the other week at Catfish Studio and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I cannot wait to see the pics. Thanks Chris!

Highly recommend him :)

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Miss Rosie Lea

I had the pleasure of meeting Chris at my recent model workshop at Flash Photography Studios.

Chris is a delight to work with; he's welcoming, kind and great fun. I felt at ease with him right away and we all had a lovely, relaxed evening.

I love the image I've seen from the shoot, and Chris certainly has a lovely photography style.

I'd recommend him to anyone and hope to work with him again in the future! Thanks Chris :)

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Elle Model

Did a lovely group shoot with chris he was fab to work with so friendly and professional. I was very pleased with the pics and look forward to hopefully shoot again soon. 100% recommended

Elle Harris xx

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I had a group shoot with Chris yesterday and it went brilliantly. He was on time and ready to shoot :)

He was very relaxed and easy to work with. He wanted to try new ideas and get come thing different to the other photographers.

Chris was a delight to work with and would really recommend him!! :)

Thanks Chris maybe work together again!!

Sammii x

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