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A fantastic photographer to work with, helped advise me on positions and a positive work environment! Very fun to work with and look forward to the next shoot

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I had my first ever modelling shoot with Gemmie so didn't know what to expect, but she soon helped me feel at ease! Very lovely and professional to work with, especially good with the studio lighting we got some great images :)

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Sinopa Rin

It was a pleasure to shoot with Gem at Ches Moi today during a workshop. She has a great deal of camera knowledge and was happy to help others when they asked, and she produced some really beautiful work; making the most of the setting to create unusual angles and shots. I would be very happy to work with her again and thoroughly recommend her to others.

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Gemmie's ace! So I was chuffed to bits that she came to my Sinopa Rin studio day. She knows exactly what she's doing (and even offered some free advice to other guys in the group!) She's lovely, cheeky and got some of the best shots on the day (shot envy!)

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Glavind Strachan

I went to Gemma's workshop on Studio Lighting in Okehampton and I couldn't recommend her enough.

She's a really friendly person whose enthusiasm for her subject makes the whole experience enjoyable as well as hugely informative (especially for somebody with no previous training).

Don't hesitate to attend one of her training courses if you get the chance :D

She's a pretty good photographer too ... lol

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Another fantastic workshop with Gemma, excellent tutor, always happy to answer any questions and ensures it's a fun, relaxed and informative day. Handouts were provided which were well written and a model was provided (Nikita) who was excellent and had several outfits available. She kept us fed on jaffa cakes, tea and coffee and provided lunch. Highly recommended

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I went to Gemmiev's Madame Butterfly workshop in Okehampton on Saturday and was very impressed. She guided us through lots of different lighting set-ups, gave plenty of instruction and encouragement throughout and taught me a lot about studio lighting and how it all works, which was really interesting, as I haven't used it before. The model Nikita was great all day too, as was the make-up and hair. I came away with lots of photos that I really like, had a lot of fun and also enjoyed meeting all the other photographers. I would definitely go to another of Gemmiev's workshops. Highly recommended, thanks Gemma!

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Andy Manns

I've now done three workshops with Gemma and intend to do more, she puts a lot of thought and effort into ensuring that everyone attending gets the most out of the day. You learn, get some great images and have a lot of fun!

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Billy Whizz

I attended one of Gemma's workshops at her mobile studio setup in November. It was held in an informal but informative atmosphere, there was lots to learn and it was also very hands-on, everyone got a chance to try out what they had learned, it was very useful and I would be more than happy to do another.

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My second workshop with Gemma, this time her studio workshop, fantastic tuition, had a great fun day and came away with some wicked pictures. Gemma knows her stuff, if you want some training or a photographer give her a call

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Kitty_Sixx said...

Had a really great day shooting with Gem last week. She is fun and friendly and made me feel really relaxed instantly. She offered to collect me from home and drive me to the location and within 5 minutes of meeting we were chatting away happily. She is very talented and knows all there is to know about everything from lighting to posing and more. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the day and would love to shoot with her again. The photos were brilliant and I was surprised by how quickly they were edited and sent to me.

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Diego said...

Gem is great fun to work with, the planning leading up was excellent and communication couldn't have been better. Lots of ideas were thrown back and fore before the day and we both quite happily bounced off each other throughout. Gem has a lovely relaxed approach to shooting and we chatted pretty much constantly :) many a giggle was had, and a fair few biscuits consumed too :)

I was very pleased to be able to view the raw images and assist in selecting the ones to go on for processing...Thanks Gem! and I very much look forward to seeing the finished images.

I would not hesitate in recommending Gem to other models... very enthusiastic, open and easy to engage with.

Thanks very much for a great fun shoot :)

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Trude Bosence

Just had an amazing photo shop one to one with gemmi, I've done course at our local college, but felt rushed and got left behind, in this one say course I learnt so much, and more importantly the things I wanted to learn, not just the things some one thinks I need to know, highly recommend a course with her for any budding togs out there, or like me make up artist always good to learn a new trade, thank you once again 1, for not treating me like a numpty, and having the grace of patience looking forward to putting all this to practice xx

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Andy Manns

I had the pleasure of doing a second workshop with Gemma, again it was well organised and carefully thought through. She is so easy to work with and so helpful that I have booked a third workshop! Thoroughly recommended!

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ejm said...

I feel absolutly awful for letting Gem down today and with no acess to the internet couldnt even let her know.

I am sure the experience would have been awsome, and hope that I will get to experience a shoot in the future.

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I travelled to Devon for a really enjoyable and productive workshop with Gem yesterday. As she has been editing my pics for somewhile now she knows my style and characteristics as a photographer. We covered many topics and her knowledge is amazing. She is very easy to talk to and I learnt a lot from her. If you haven't worked with Gem before I strongly recommend that you do. Thanks again Gem! Definitely recommended.

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Nikita Crombie

Well what to say about GemmieV :)

I have worked with Gemma on many occasions and will continue to do so!

Not only is she an amazing photographer who knows her job extremely well, she has become a great friend to me. I always thoroughly enjoy spending my time and shooting with Gem, she's a wonderful person who is full of creativity and is a great pleasure to be around.

Thank you for everything! x

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jennicide said...

I met and shot with gemma earlier today...

As previous references state, gem really is such a pleasure to work with!.. great communication from the outset. Upon meeting she made me feel completly welcome.. Gem has such great ideas, knows exactly how to get the best shot and is so helpful with little pointers/advice :)

ild recommend working with gemma simply because she is talented, professional and just a down right awesome person.

(..she has tea and jaffa cakes!)

Thanks again gem, look forward to working with you again in the future :)

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Was fortunate to stay with Gem in her fabulous forest hideaway whilst working on her natural light workshop - had such a great time!

Late on Sunday, we grabbed the chance to shoot when the weather (howling wind and rain!) let up so headed into the woods armed with a piece of satin and a vintage marabou feather jacket... Shooting with Gem is a great experience, she's calm, focused, funny, laid back and seriously talented! I love the images we got :)

Would absolutely recommend her, can't fail to get lovely stuff from working with Gem.

Thanks for a brill time lovely - lets do it again soon! x

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Andy Manns

Gemma organised an outdoor shoot with two models and a stylist and it was brilliant! She is calm, organised and very easy to work with. I hope to do more shoots with her! Recommended!

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