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I was realy looking forward to work with Gareth when he booked me on my studio day at the Den and it was a Fantastic photoshoot. Pre communication was great, he told me about few interesting ideas he like to try. Gareth is such a lovely gentleman, very warm and friendly and its just a pleasure to be in his company.

He knows what he would like to achieve with images and is very creative.

We have produced some Beautiful photos and I enjoyed every minute of the photoshoot.

Gareth is a complete professional, Highly Recommended indeed !!!

Thaank you a loot for wonderful time and experience, looking forward for next time Domi x

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Everly Rose

Myself and Rodolfo were so happy that Gareth booked onto our couple erotica shoot today.

I've met Gareth previously at networking events and despite the huge distance between himself Rodolfo and I we made it work.

Gareth is so lovely, a really chilled photographer, arrived early with great kit and was happy cheerful and professional.

Shooting a duo like ourselves was new to him but he took it all in his stride, throughout the shoot he explained what he wanted, how he was lighting the images and showed us the images on the camera as we shot.

Gareth was also really happy to let Lorenzo and I run with our own ideas as well as having great ones of his own and we came out with some really good stuff.

Im so happy we finally got to shoot and I hope he can make it to the next social event at Christmas.

Thanks Gareth :)

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Skylette Rokinski

Met gareth for the first time for locations shoot and from the word go he was professional friendly and a genuine guy! He gave me tips and told me what he was looking for lighting and has a great eye for detail would highly recomended again and again cant wait to shoot with him again! Next time coffee on me! X

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f/8 Studio

Gareth came along to f/8's very first "Members Club Night", which was with Lauren-Joy, at our amazing "Gold Night" and what a fabulous night it was. Gareth has become one of our exclusive club members, and we are absolutely delighted, as he more than proved his worth, at the event, was amazing company, a really lovely person, great fun to be around, was truly respectful of the model (Lauren), at all times and captured some amazing images. Gareth's communication from the start was great, then becoming part of our closed Facebook Members only group, and keeping up to date with everything going on. He arrived promptly for the event, got on really well with all the other members, proved to be a great team player during the night,and a total gentleman throughout the evening.

I would not hesitate in highly recommending Gareth to any model, any other studio, event planner's, anyone linked to the industry, Gareth is a really lovely guy, and a five star gentleman.

Thank you so much for attending our event, and becoming an exclusive f/8 Club Member, we are really looking forward to working with you again, and seeing the images from Saturday's event. Loved your company, and really hope to see you again soon. Best wishes Alley & Paul.

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Nadine Louise

I met Gareth for the first time last Wednesday for an outdoor photoshoot at a lovely location chosen by him. We have been talking about arranging a shoot for a few years now so very glad we were finally able to meet and go ahead with a shoot even if it wasn't what we originally planned it was still a nice evening.

Gareth was very friendly and polite throughout the shoot offering Guidance with poses etc... Highly recommended.

Thank you Gareth for a fab shoot :)

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I worked with Gareth at the Camera Club yesterday evening and he was a pleasure to work with :)

His pre-comms were perfect, he was professional and friendly throughout and generally, it was a very easy-going evening! I'd be more than happy to work with him/the camera club again.


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Artemis Fauna

I worked with Gareth on a recent Fine Art workshop hosted by David "English Photoworks"

Gareth was super to work with- very friendly, chatty, came up to me to show me the results and was really interesting to chat too around the table when we all ate lunch too!

Id really like to work with Gareth again one day- thank you so much for attending and hope to shoot with you again soon :)

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English Photoworks

I worked with Gareth for the first time at a workshop at my studio, and it was a real pleasure to have him here. He's relaxed, professional and an excellent photographer, making the experience great for me and the other attendees. He worked very well with our model, Artemis Fauna, directing her easily to get the shots he was looking for. His results were fabulous, and he knew his way well around the studio. I totally recommend him to others and hope our paths cross again one day! Thank you, Gareth.

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What a lovely, lovely man Gareth is :) he made me feel very welcome at his local camera club and all the photographers there were so wonderful. I was happy to help out and be their model for the allocated two hours. It was very easy going and laid back and I'd be more than happy to do it again. Thank you gareth for the cool experience!

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Elesha Eden

I shot with Gareth at a studio workshop as the model at ChezMoi yesterday

I found him to be a really lovely photographer, easy going, full of ideas and professional

he let me pose freely but gave direction when needed

we got through 5 sets and his enthusiasm never faded

Thankyou Gareth

Highly recommend



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Hannahn said...

I had my second ever shoot with Gareth a few months back.

He was chatty and made me feel at ease even though I was very nervous as it was my first location shoot in a very busy Cardiff city centre.

Very professional and very quick with editing and getting images back to me. :)

Happy with the images produced and a number of them are used in my portfolio.

Recommend to anyone!

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I had my first shoot with Gareth and was very impressed. He was lovely and easy to talk to and I feel we achieved exactly what we wanted and more from the day. The studio he hired was incredible with so much choice! And all the photos were taken with minimal fuss and with crisp, effective lighting. A wonderful experience for me and my bump. He comes highly recommended.

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Curiosity Photography Studio & Prop Hire

Gareth hired the studio last week for the first time, he was great, very professional and tidy, he even removed his shoes in the white room! needed no assistance from me, so i had an easy day ;)

i would defiantly recommend Gareth to anyone! hope to see you again soon thank you Gareth

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Jadene Meesha

Finally got together again with Gareth after longed planned latex shoot , we also managed to squeeze in a quick christmas set as well which Gareth was also happy to shoot. Like before he was very professional and easy to get on with. Extremely happy with the images sent so far.

Highly recommended , thanks :)

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Sadie Daley

Had an absolutely fabulous shoot with Gareth! It was my first location shoot in a bust city centre but Gareth completely put me at ease and got some great shots even with a bad foot! He explained everything as we went along and gave me some great advice for future shoots also! Would definitely recommend!

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I met and shot with Gareth for the 1st time during my Big Picnic event at Rhossili Bay & shooting with him was a dream!

He is very respectful, professional and has a wonderful sense of humour, showing his prowess with camera, using perfect angles and the beautiful surroundings to his advantage, whilst giving great direction and plenty of feedback!

I would love to work with Gareth again - he's a friendly & fantastic photographer who brings out the people her works with :) Highly recommended!

Em xx

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Miss Versatile

Well after meeting Gareth on a number of occasions,

I finally had the opportunity to get some shots with him, at a BBQ beach event,

Gareth knew what he wanted from me and his direction was great,even had me lying on rocks covered in muscles cheers for that Gareth ;),

Throughout the day Gareth was keen to shoot and he was a joy to work with,

Our next shoot is already on the cards and I can't wait,

Thank you Gareth for taking the time to shoot with me it was a pleasure sir

I would recommend Gareth 100% he has a great eye and deserves more recognition for his work,

so guys and gals book in with Gareth xx

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Ellen Morris

I had my first shoot with Gareth this week and I can honestly say that he is great, we got on really well and he is a professional. I highly recommend him :)

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Gareth is very professional, easy to work with and a great photographer! The images so far are amazing! He knew exactly what he wanted out of the shoot and told me before hand what he wanted, Gareth was on time and made me feel very comfortable to shoot with him, I'd definitely recommend Gareth to anyone! And I'd definitely work with him again!

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I worked with Gareth a couple of weeks ago and we are already planning another shoot together. Gareth is not only a great photographer (I absolutely loved the results from our shoot together!) but he is genuinely a lovely guy and a pleasure to be around. He is a total pro when it comes to his work and has quite an impressive home studio! I was also super impressed with Gareth’s communication throughout the whole process from the initial planning stage to the editing of the images. Highly recommended and looking forward to working with him again.

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