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f/8 is back open for hire. The studio has been 'bio-fogged'. This is the same device that is used to sterilise hospitals and laboratories. The enzyme in the solution stops viruses and bacteria from being able to reproduce for 30 days. Therefore, this will be completed every 30 days until the country is completely virus free. Only one booking will be allowed per day and social distancing measures must be adhered to at all times.

Welcome to f/8 Studio, in the heart of the stunning city of Gloucester, minutes away from the beautiful Gloucester Docks, and the Gloucester Quay's designer outlet. A truly inspirational setting for photography.

f/8 is a new studio space, with new studio owner Paul Davies. Paul has been in the photography industry for over 17 years and has a wealth of knowledge and experience he is willing to share. 

f/8 Studio is an 800 sq/ft space located on Bristol Road, on the Moreland's Trading Estate. This used to be a match factory, so our surrounding's are full of interesting architectural inspiration. We are a 20 minute walk from Gloucester train station and can offer pick up and drop off services for those models who are not familiar with the area. The studio is available for model studio days, professional and amateur photo-shoots, filming, events and private hire. 

The studio has various photographic areas in which to shoot, with furniture and props which are sure to inspire your creativity. 

A large section of the studio has white wall's and floor, amazing for High key themed shoots and lots of natural light that spills through the industrial sized windows. We can also block out the natural light, and create amazing low key studio lighting. This space is also easily adapted with our selection of fabric and themed backdrops, including a selection of coloured papers etc. 

f/8 current Studio Equipment 

(more is being added frequently, as we evolve the studio in the coming months)


  • 6 x Broncolor Siros 800 S Flash Heads
  • 2 x Broncolor Siros 800 L Flash Heads
  • 1 x Broncolor Para 133
  • 2 x Broncolor Softbox 30cm x 120cm
  • 3 x Broncolor Octabox 75cm
  • 3 x Broncolor Softbox 60cm
  • 3 x Broncolor Silver Umbrella 85cm
  • 1 x Broncolor Softbox 120cm X 180cm
  • 1 x Broncolor Octabox 150cm
  • 1 x Broncolor Snoot
  • 1 x Broncolor Barn Doors with Gels
  • 1 x Broncolor Beauty Dish and Diffuser
  • 1 x Broncolor RFS 2.2C Transmitter (Canon)
  • 1 x Broncolor RFS 2.2N Transmitter (Nikon)

Due to the cost of the above kit this will only be available to use with supervision from one of the owners. All kit below can be available under all bookings.

  • 5 x Bowens GM500W Flash Heads
  • 2 x Bowens GM400W Flash Heads
  • 2 x Bowens 1000DX Flash Heads
  • 2 x Pixapro Lumi II 200 Flash Heads
  • 72cm Beauty Dish
  • 2 x 42cm Beauty Dish with Grid and Diffuser
  • 90cm Octabox
  • 140cm Octabox
  • 180cm Octabox
  • 2 x 35cm x 160cm Strip Soft Boxes with grids
  • 60cm x 80cm Softbox
  • Various reflectors, flags, brolly's, barn doors, gels, snoot, a sturdy boom arm, flash triggers and receivers.
  • 9ft Backdrop roller system
  • 12ft Freestanding backdrop system
  • Triflector in gold and silver
  • Manfrotto tripod and heads
  • Bowens ring light adapter for Bowen's strobes
  • Fog machine
  • Various paper rolls in black, grey, red, white, yellow, orange, dark and light blue
  • Cream leather chaise Lounge
  • White/cream leather sofa and chair
  • Various chairs and stools
  • Double bed with various covers
  • 2 x Sanyo ProXtraX Projectors
  • Piano (sadly not working but phenomenal for posing with)

See our albums for further details on what is available.


Facility information 

There are separate Ladies & Gentleman’s toilets for our client's, and we have a model changing area, which has a makeup mirror surrounded with lights for a professional application. 

We provide a wide range of refreshment's from flavoured fruit squash, vast array of tea's (Chamomile, Green Tea, Peppermint, variety of fruit flavours, Earl Grey etc) and a variety of coffee's and hot chocolate, with a barrel full of biscuits for everyone. We have a fridge to store any drinks or snacks you may bring with you. 

We have lots of free parking available, directly outside the studio, and around the trading estate parking areas. We do not have disabled access to the studio.  

Hiring the studio:

Please do not hesitate to message us, with any enquiries regarding booking's on a personal or group basis, we are always happy to help. 

Our current rate is £20 per hour with a minimum of a 2 hour booking. This cost is inclusive of a lighting technician/assistant where required. Please note the Broncolor kit is not available for use without a technician.

Please message us with any questions or specific requirements.


Exciting "f/8 Studio Club Night Membership" for 2020

Become a "f/8 Club Night Member" for £10 per year, and become a photographer at our exciting "heavily subsidised" event nights. 

At least once or twice a month (hopefully more if demand calls for it), we will be holding "f/8 Club Night's" which are open to everyone, but only subsidised for members. Each event will be held with an experienced model, it will involve our degree qualified makeup artist, costume designer, stylist and event planner. Each event will be creative, unique, exciting and open to photographers of all levels, involving amazing makeup, costumes and unique looks, bringing our photographers together, for great social evenings. Each event will be around £35 for our members, and £45+ for non-members (Prices may vary with bigger events).  Our members will have other perks too, and for £10 a year to be a member, you will save more than that, by just attending 1 event alone. EVERYONE is welcome to become a member, you don't have to have been to f/8 before, we welcome everyone with open arms. 

Please message us for more details, and we will send you everything you need to know about our amazing "f/8 Club Night Membership", then becoming a member, is your decision to make. 



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