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Had a fun last minute shoot with Nick. He brought his own suitcase of clothes/fabrics/accessories to play with, was professional with a really dry sense of humour which I like. Would definitely recommend!

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Lovely individual, I really enjoy the creative aspects, ideas of concept / styles he introduces to a shoot.

He is very individual, I really like that you can tell he's diffrent and I can't wait for future shoots.

One of my faves!

Highly recommend

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This guy is so diffrent, creative and down to earth. He has a range of ideas, out there concepts, professional and an overall legend.

We got some amazing content and I'm so excited to see the end results, were also shooting more tomorrow and I simply can't wait!

No words in this refrance or any other words could describe how talented this guy is, he really had something diffrent going on, I cant wait to work with him on future projects and of cause a extended shoot tomorrow.

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Really friendly, professional and funny. Made the tone go by fast and paid attention to detail. Was on hand to give advice. Would love to work again 👍🏼

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I've had the pleasure of shooting with Nick on Monday and absolutely loved working with him!

The communication was excellent throughout and he was fun, easy going and gave good directions during the shoot.

We covered three different looks and the results I've seen so far are amazing!

Can only recommend meeting and shooting with Nick, you'll have a great time for sure.

Thank you!!

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I had a shoot with Nick about 2 months ago (sorry for the late reference). He was enthusiastic, full of ideas and ready to shoot. He is quick with the camera, able to give directions. It was a pleasant shoot and great result. Thank you again. I would highly recommend him.

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Alenka Va

I have had an amazing shoot with Nick. He is a very professional phographer and videographer, he made me comfortable in front of the camera. It was so easy to work with him, Nick is a very friendly person. We had so much fun during the shooting. I would highly recommend him and hope to work together again!

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There was a young man called Nick, who went by the alias Flick!! A video he came to shoot, and my oh my did we have a hoot!!

That's as far as my "poetry" skills go but needless to say Nick is a force to be reckoned with both in terms of his skills and abilities as a photographer but more importantly as a genuinely lovely, slightly crazy, doesn't take himself too seriously kind of guy!! We spent a very productive 3 hours chatting and shooting a video and Nick was so incredibly easy to work with - clear with his direction and forthcoming with his ribbing and mickey taking which was right up my street and very entertaining! I will await the finished result but am pretty sure it will be awesome and hope to get the chance to hang out with this one of a kind photographer again soon.

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Natural Waves

Well, well, well. A third reference MUST be said about this photographer.... He did not murder me in his castle. That is all. Thank you again Nick for the many laughs, amazing directions and the awesome MUA/hairstylist/PA. I really look forward to working with you again very soon. Highly recommend 100%

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Natural Waves

Day 2 of my shoot with Nick began with a difference. As I entered his humble castle once more, he started the day by grabbing a cloth and wiping it up and down…..my cello to get a glossy and shiny finish for the first part of the shoot. The instrument was now ready. Many shots, outfit changes and one very aching and slightly broken model later. We had captured the shot that readers digest would be proud of. Moving onto the next theme, a white latex and spandex suit, fish bowl converted to a space helmet that smelt like detox and a striking camera was used. I was feeling claustrophobic, unable to breathe (now knowing what Ryan Reynolds felt like in his ‘Deadpool’ outfit (if only I had the ninja swords to complete the outfit, but instead had a fish bowl to finish the look)), and seeing one to many rings in my eyes. I was given great direction underneath my helmet and attempting to move and turn as much as the outfit would let me. One could not help but laugh and cry at the same time. Looking forward to seeing these space themed shots.

Thank you so much again Nick for an awesome day. I had so much fun doing these different themes with you. Looking forward to our next shoot. Highly recommend, 100%.

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Natural Waves

Once upon a time in a Suffolk town, far far away lived a model seeking a photographer. With the modern ways, she was contacted via a messenger on a horse. He travelled for days; riding in the wind and the rain, determined that the model received this letter. When the messenger almost gave up hope, he found the potential model, waiting in her tower. He arrived and delivered the letter with pride. Then left, never to be seen again. By anyone…. She read the photographers letter, requesting the model for a shoot. She pondered for a while before deciding that she would. And so the model travelled by carriage to Nick’s castle where she was greeted by a strange looking man with his camera, lighting, beauty spot, backgrounds, rickety stool and Haribo. The model was confused and yet intrigued by what the photographer had instore for her. The hours flew by where many magical photos were taken and the photographer could not help on a number of occasions but admire in awe at the beauty…..of his backgrounds. With many different outfit changes and awesome directions given, the model and the photographer were happy and satisfied with the photos taken. And so, the model left the photographers castle by her carriage back to her tower in a happy mood, while the photographer lived happily ever after with his rickety stool.

This shoot was a models dream. A fantastic photographer. Awesome and incredible pictures that I absolutely love. Thank you Nick for a fantastic shoot, amazing photos, awesome backgrounds and of cause, for your very rickety stool. It made all the difference!!! Highly recommend 100%.

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I had a great shoot with Nick, who was teaching his friend about photography. He is so, so easy to get along with, I was actually happy to be stuck with him in traffic on the way back to the train station because he was so entertaining. He clearly knew what he was doing behind the camera and I even picked up some lighting tips and tricks. Adding to his long list of qualities he is also a pretty awesome stylist and created an avant garde designer looking makeshift gown on the spot. Looking forward to seeing more images!

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Titan Studio

Nick hired my studio (titan studio) and showed up on time to give studio training to a mate of his. Nick comes highly recommend if looking for a polite professional photographer for training or shoots. He will 100% get results.

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Peter Maverick


If anyone has the Christmas Magic at his fingertips it's Nick (is he really Saint Nick I wonder?)

I've just received the first couple of edits from our Santa video shoot (did he really sit on Santa's knee.... that's for me to know and you to imagine....) and they are stunning - he has added some real magic to transform them into a fantasy Christmas grotto and I am over the moon (thanks to my magic sleigh and Rudolf's flying spells)

This man is the biz - the real deal!! Comes with the Santa Seal of Approval

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Peter Maverick

Nick responded to my Casting to shoot some Santa Promo videos of me (Santa) reading Christmas stories - I just knew we were on the same wavelength from the get-go

We shot the videos in my studio which I'd set up as a small grotto and he brought loads of video equipment to beautifully capture the small intimate set up. He is great guy to work with, very professional and aiming for the best quality throughout. We had a very productive and creative afternoon and I am looking forward to seeing the final edits. I'd very happily work with Nick again so watch this space

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I LOVED my shoot at the beach with Nick today. He is an amazing person and I was laughing almost constantly (may just have been the heat stroke) he bought me ice cream I didn't even judge him for ordering lime and haribo... ?!

He gave me shells to remember our day out and I shall cherish them forever, and I know he will also.

He made me oily, sandy, made me walk 200 miles in the blazing sun, forced me into a choo choo trains for very small people (despite being 6ft) and didn't stop feeding me facts about bats... however all in all, this was one of my most enjoyable shoots, and the pictures look very professional and I can't wait to see them.

Must see him again.

Ps- I am a mermaid not a model.

Tash xo

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☠♥ JayneStar ♥☠

Had a very fun Video shoot today with Nick at my home this was a experiment for him and something new to try out but it turned out to be a very good one. Very good pre shoot communication beforehand and arrived earlier to set up. Nick was very down to earth and relaxed easy to chat to very had a very fun shoot and i hope to work with Nick again x

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Odette Flaur.

Nick contacted me regading to a comercial tennis themed videoshoot a few days ago ! Nick is very easy to work with, down to earth and his pre comms were very professional and fast !

I'm really looking forward to working again together in future and of course he is highly recommnded :D

Thank you,


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Betty Red

Had one of my best shoots with Nick, absolutely hilarious. Could tell he was just oozing with creativity and wanting to get the best out of every outfit.

He was himself and didn't pretend to be anything else which I loved.

Definitely hope to shoot with him again in the near future!

Highly recommended by his favourite (obviously) scouse ginger.

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I had an awesome time shooting with Nick. He had a great fun box of clothes to create some bright colourful looks. His input on appearance and themes was really creative. We had a fun afternoon at Studio Zero and I've loved the results I've seen so far and can't wait to see the rest! I hope we'll join forces again one day because Nick was a dude!

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