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Hi One and All,

I live in Bexley, Kent, on the borders of London and Kent, with my wife, 2 grown up kids (which is debatable at times) and a cat called Keith.

I tend to specialise in walking the streets with a camera and performing in the studio.  Shoots should have a purpose, be lighthearted, inquisitive but not intrusive, fun and productive. Having a sense of humour helps with this. I use the Coach House studio in Farningham Kent, DA4 0DB. It’s a brilliant large studio that you can view on Purpleport. I will do TFCD shoots, but no time wasters please, life is too short to be waiting around for a no show whose excuses disappear into a black hole and the cost of the studio burns another hole in your pocket.

As a devotee of Black & White images, I shoot every image in colour and convert 90% to Black & White. The best Black & white images have to show the fall colour spectrum. Colour gives me a sense of pleasure but B&W can show agony, sensitivity, and beauty in its most raw form.

An image is a creation that needs to be thought about and nurtured at every stage of the process, from the original idea, setting up in the studio, how the RAW is processed, how it is retouched and finally how it is printed.  

 I like to think I am artist and photography is my medium.  Always looking to creating an image that has its own personality and could captivate people’s imagination for 1,000 years.  

There are all types of photographers and all types of models. Models are made up of art, physics, chemistry and bags of personality, but it’s the last part that really counts. I can photoshop the hell out of you. I don’t mind changing anything that doesn’t belong to the model, I can and will retouch a model but not to the extent it becomes someone else. I won’t because you are what you are.

There are a number of photographers that I find inspirational, Ansel Adams for B&W printing, Vivian Maier for simplistic beauty on every street corner, Helmet Newton and Nan Goldin for Creativity in the human form,  and Dorothea Lange & Don McCullin  to show just how deep and meaningful a photo can be.

Having letters after you name tells people that you have achieved a specific level professionalism amongst your peers. I have obtained Licentiate and aspire to obtaining Fellowship at some stage, but the real test of success can be gauge by how big a smile is on your clients face.

I do have interests outside of photography, thinking about Art & Physics and playing Paintball. 

If you have any questions, want to discuss ideas, buy me a coffee, have a joke to share, want to teach me to paint, buy me another coffee, please get in touch. You can contact me direct at

Keep smiling


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