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This was my first shoot with Evie. Good communication beforehand and shared some concept and reference ideas. We collaborated at her well equipped studio space. We went through several different creative and artistic setups. Including evie battling some vertigo to try and capture a shot.

Really easy and fun, laidback shoot and look forward to seeing the results to collaborating with Evie again in the future.


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I had a great shoot with Evie last week. She had lots of great ideas and made me feel really comfortable. I had great fun and got to drink lots of lovely coffee. Evie was fantastic to work with, and I'd love to shoot with her again.

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Had a lovely shoot with Evie at her studio on Thursday last week. Phenomenal photographer, professional, friendly and laid back. Communication was amazing throughout. Evie has so many creative ideas and the knowledge to bring it all to life. 100% recommended to all!

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Nico Dee

I had the delight of shooting with Evie at her studio, we had met previously when I used her studio with a different photographer. Evie is wonderfully chatty, she ensures you are comfortable throughout the shoot and had a great knowledge on dance photography which was our theme for the shoot.

We managed to capture several wonderful yoga and dance style images. All of which beautifully arty and creative.

Thoroughly enjoyed working with Evie and look forward to working together in the future.

I highly highly recommend working with Evie!

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Roswell Ivory

It was so lovely to work with Evie again after a gap of a few years! She's a fascinating and creative person and we worked in her new (very well equipped) studio which she has spent a lot of time and skill setting up.

She has some beautiful outfits and accessories so I was able to create a skirt to match a corset, out of some pieces of material!

She's also mindful of my comfort, made sure I was supplied with lots of lovely coffee and in addition to letting me indulge my perfectionist streak, pushed herself past a fear of heights to the top of a tall ladder(!) to get some awesome shots.

Thankyou again Evie- looking forward to working together again! Recommended 100%

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Ginger Galore

Had a fantastic shoot with Evie today at her studio. I had answered a casting call of hers for a lingerie/boudoir shoot.

Pre-shoot comms were excellent.

Evie and her studio are fully kitted out, and she definitely knows how to make the most of her setup. She was happy to let me pose but also gave direction to really make the most of the boudoir shots. The back of camera shots were absolutely stunning!

Evie is a lovely lady, and I truly felt at ease working with her today. I would work with her again in a heartbeat!

Thank you for having me on board!

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Evie is a lovely lady with a very impressive studio to work in! And a coffee maker and cookie jar! Need I say more. We arranged a TFP art nude shoot on a chilly mid-December day but Evie did everything possible to make me feel warm and comfortable. Pre-shoot comms were clear and concise so I knew exactly what was expected of me. Our shoot was largely unscripted but Evie had some great lighting and gel set ups and a rack of accessories, fabrics and so forth which made all kinds of things possible. What I saw on the camera back looked great and I can't wait to see the finished edits. I have no hesitation in recommending Evie to others.

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Miss Diamond Sparkle 💕☯

I really liked Evie and she was a delight to work for...Evie is quirky, really good fun and very creative...Evie makes sure the model is warm enough and has plenty of tea...Evie has brilliant ideas for the shoot...we had alot of giggles together and the time went really quick...Evie kindly walked me back to my car which I thought was really nice...

Thank you Evie for a lovely shoot :-)

100% from Sparkles!!!!!!!

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Absolutely loved working with evie at her studio.

She is a bubbly, friendly and kind person, offering coffee and biscuits straight away.

Pre comms were excellent so I knew exactly what to bring for the shoot.

Her sets are very creative and beautiful, we created lots of different looks in a short space of time.

As a boudoir photographer her knowledge of the female body and curves is incredible , altering my poses slightly to perfect them which is always great for me as I learn something new :)

Her lighting is fantastic, highly creative and really beautiful too.

Evie is not only a fantastic photographer but a fun and lovely person.

Wholeheartedly recommended by me and can't wait to see the results, would love to work with her again.


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I had a great shoot with Evie today. She is a wonderful photographer to work with. I found Evie to be totally professional throughout the shoot and made me feel very comfortable working with her.

I can thoroughly recommend Evie and would not hesitate to work with her again should I have the opportunity.

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Joel Hicks

Evie came to my studio to photograph both myself and Ella Rose Muse in a duo shoot. She came with a clear concept of what she wanted to try and create and explained to both myself and Ella her ideas, whilst also being happy to take on suggestions too. Evie clearly has very good technical ability behind the lens, and after setting up our 'scene' she did a superb job of communicating with both Ella and I from behind the lens, directing when needing to, but not in a way which restricted our creativity. Light hearted and fun, there were plenty of laughs and jokes as the 2 hours flew by, and the back of the camera images looked absolutely fantastic... I can fully recommend Evie to any models out there, male or female. She is a very talented and creative photographer, and her work speaks for itself.

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I was very excited about my shoot with Evie today as it is clear from her portfolio that she is a very talented photographer!

Evie certainly did not disappoint. She had fantastic ideas and was confident behind the camera. It was a very relaxed shoot; the four hours flew by as Evie is fun and easy to get along with.

All of the images she showed me, I fell in love with and cannot wait to see them. She knew what poses would compliment me best and created beautiful lighting in each and every image.

I would highly recommend Evie if you want some beautiful images for your portfolio.

Thank you :) x

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Ella Rose Muse

I love working with Evie! She's fun and lovely to chat to as well as getting brilliant shots. The very first image she took looked so good. I was pleased when she answered a last minute casting call I put out mentioning that I was available to model with Joel Hicks, and we had lots of fun yesterday creating some beautiful work with lots of good teamwork. She's very creative and happy to go with the flow as well as fine-tuning and sharing the results she's getting as the shoot goes on. Very highly recommended!

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Yesterday I had my first shoot with Evie.

What a wonderful person is Evie :)

Enjoyed every minute from our shoot. Evie is professional, creative, friendly and its so easy to get on with her. Shots I saw on back on camera, looked amazing.

Evie, thank you so much for great shoot it would be pleasure to work with you again :)

Highly recommended.

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I Loved working with Evie! She made me feel very comfortable, and it was a nice space to work in. She gave direction when needed. Looking forward to seeing the pictures and shooting again!

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Rachel Rose

Evie and I had a shoot together the other week, Evie was fun, enthusiastic and a lovely person. We shot at her amazing studio which was full of props and all the lighting equipment you could ever want! It was refreshing to work with a lady photographer! I'd recommend and would definitely work with again 🙂

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Ella Rose Muse

I loved working with Evie recently for a bit of studio work. She's lovely and friendly, is a mad cat lady like me and is a pleasure to model for. Recommended! :-) Would very happily work with her again!

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Raphaella WithLove said...

I enjoyed a truly wonderful shoot with Evie quite recently. We shot some stunning fine art, dance style images and I was so inspired by her creative energy and enthusiasm.

I would work with Evie again in a heart beat.

100% recommended!!

Raphaella With Love x

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I had my first shoot with Evie last week at Stuart Thomson's Studio in Banbury. I had been looking forward to working with Evie for AGES and I absolutely loved it. The time simply flew by with never a dull moment. Evie is simply lovely; full of ideas and enthusiasm which are attributes I always find infectious and this was no exception. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend shooting with Evie if you get the chance, and I very much hope our paths cross again in the future :) xx

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Tina Kay said...

I had another fantastic shoot with this talented lady at Stuart Thomson studio recently.

Always professional, respectful, great communication, clear and creative ideas, wonderful personality with brilliant sense of humor, so easy and pleasant to work with and to talk with! Absolutely enjoyable shoot and loving the results! Highly recommended to all models to shoot with!

Thank you - Tina Kay. xxx

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