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Great location and an amazing photographer, was brilliant to work with Anna301 again amazing model and so versatile , Steve’s used this location before so knew the layout and light sources , also had portable lighting which came in handy too , Steve made myself and Anna301 feel welcome and relaxed , he has a lovely manner , very informative in various categories , nice and chatty , would recommend 100% , and would 100% work with again .

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Anna Carina Mc

Was a fantastic first shoot with Steve in collaboration with Mark (Silverbeard1)

Steve was very welcoming and knew exactly the right spots to go for our shoot.

Friendly, very polite and fun to work with I have no hesitation to do another shoot with Steve!

Highly recommend to any model if you have an idea or theme you'd like to do!

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I shot with Steve for the first time last week and thoroughly enjoyed my time working with him. I already knew from our pre-comms (which were faultless by the way) that Steve was going to be friendly and professional and of course, on the day, Steve was exactly this. Steve is an interesting person and very easy / fun to talk to, he is chatty, generous with his images, considerate of me as model, kind and fun in his approach to his photography, something which I think translates quite clearly into his portraiture! We also had a few laughs along the way, thanks for a great shoot Steve!

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An enjoyable second shoot with Steve! He was very understanding of a slight delay in my arrival caused by the wonders of ScotRail, and had booked a small but quirky apartment to use in Edinburgh. Once again, he was an absolute pleasure to shoot with, and I look forward to next time.

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Evie Siddal

I had a lovely shoot with Steve at my flat in Edinburgh yesterday.

His pre-comms were excellent and I liked the fact that he already had styling ideas that I was able to easily work with when it came to the shoot. I also really enjoyed his relaxed style of working. He gave me a lot of artistic free rein and managed to get a number of gorgeous images with minimal direction.

I found Steve to be a complete gentleman and enormously fun to work with (I know he for a fact he now has several images of me pulling all kinds of weird faces because I was giggling so much). I would highly recommend him as a photographer and all-round lovely person. :)

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I had a fun shoot with Steve recently. It had been a while since I last had a shoot (due to other life stuff getting in the way) - I am glad we made initial contact a couple of months ago and arranged to shoot in Edinburgh at the beginning of July. Steve is really great to chat with, and it was amusing to discover that we had some overlapping areas of interest. The shoot itself was very relaxed, despite a few technical hitches. Steve had booked a lovely corner apartment and we made good use of the available space. I very much look forward to working with him again!

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Belle Eve

I worked with awesome Stiobhan for the first time a few weeks ago (Sorry for the reference delay) It was one of my first shoots this year and what a way to start it out!

Stiobhan has some fab ideas, super creative and generally just a lovely man to work with. We spoke for most of the shoot and the time just flew in.

Honestly I am awful at writing references and I never do anyone any justice but trust me when I say Stiobhan was super fun to work with. I highly recommend.

Much love,


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QG - Courtney

Absolutely love working with Steve!

I had the pleasure of working with Steve during a tour to Scotland and we worked on a particular project which was the Bride of Lammermoore, the idea was fantastic and it was Steve's!

As always we have a great time and Steve always let's me throw in my own ideas as well as trying some of his own.

I would highly recommend Steve to any model 100% - I always have a fantastic shoot and the end photographs are always stunning!

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QG - Courtney

I had the pleasure of working with Steve again and as always his work ethic is fantastic. Steve is a true gentleman and takes good care of his models.

His ideas are endless and we always end up having a very productive shoot, well...when we stop chatting that is (lol). This shoot was most certainly a productive one and Steve has produced the most beautiful images! I would recommend Steve to anyone as it is a truly rewarding experience!

Thank you again Steve for a wonderful shoot and I look forward to working with you in the near future! :)

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Helen Diaz

I worked with the lovely Steve again the other day at my beautiful home on an all day shoot and had SUCH a lovely day! It had been 2 years since we had last worked together (our last shoot was in Scotland) and Steve very kindly booked me here whilst he was in the local area. We started off exactly where we left off- with great company, laughter and creating beautiful images!

Steve is a total pleasure to work with- very intriguing, charming, intellectual and super creative with photography- I really enjoyed his company and it felt like I was working with an old friend. Steve is also very professional and respectful to work with- the shoot is at a relaxed and enjoyable pace which I feel really shows in the resulting photographs. He is also very good at interacting with the model and gaining great emotion in portraits.

The photographs we achieved together were beautiful- I especialley loved experimenting with the different shadows cast by hats under lighting- and the bodyscapes were superb.

Thanks so much for a lovely day Steve and I really hope we can work together again soon- perhaps when I am visiting Scotland again! :) Highly recommended to all, a kind gent. Helen x

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QG - Courtney

I had another absolutely amazing shoot with Stiobhan which gave me a total confidence boost as he always does! Steve is such a kind hearted person and always makes a model feel so welcome on a shoot.

He is a total professional and a perfectionist which in his case is very much a compliment, he is extremely versatile and has a variety of areas to shoot near his home including his own studio which was lovely - and warm! Which is bliss for a model wearing dresses in April!

Thanks again Stiobhan - I love shooting with you and I am absolutely sure it will not be our last shoot! Looking forward to the next one already!

C :)

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I had a local shoot with Steve and it was fabulous - he was organised, very lovely and chatty, and was clear in his ideas. We shot with two other models on a Jack Vettriano inspired set and the results were fabulous. Steve was up for shooting different styles as well as input from the whole team. I'd recommend him to anyone :)

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I had the pleasure to work with Steve on a Jack Vetteriano inspired group shooting. He planned it well ahead and kept me informed of all issues concerning the project. He created a very relaxed professional and creative environment. His knowledge and good manners made the shooting very easy and straight forward. Communications among the team and the exchange of opinions lead to a high quality result. I hope to get envolved in any other project he might have in the very near future.

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Sam Dunning

After a good few weeks of planning I finally shot with Steve yesterday and it was great! Steve's comms were excellent, I was kept informed and updated at all stages and we even met for a beer to chat about the shoot a couple of days before! On the shoot itself he was friendly, organised, professional, great to work with and extremely educated on all things camera, lighting and composition! The whole experience was fantastic and I hope to shoot with Steve again soon. Thanks mate! Sam

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Erika Summer

I had a really wonderful time working with Steve. He is very easy to get along with , and very nice and interesting to talk to. Also gave me some great tips and modelling advice, we worked together on a range of themes and I'm so happy with the results . Would definately recommend Steve! :)

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QG - Courtney

I would recommend Steve 110%

He is a fantastic photographer and a great person to work with, he is considerate of his models and is extremely professional in the way that he works!

I sincerely hope that we do work together again and cannot wait to see what we achieve!

Thank you again Steve for such a wonderful shoot! As always you are such a fun photographer to work with!

Courtney :)

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QG - Courtney

Today I had the pleasure of meeting and shooting with Steve and the experience certainly did not disappoint!

Steve is such a kind, pleasant and genuine person - he made sure that I felt comfortable straight from the get go and was very well prepared for our shoot! We discussed what we wanted to achieve and I feel that we managed to do this very well - I would certainly recommend Steve as a brilliant photographer who has a passion for his art!

Hope that I get the opportunity to shoot with you again Steve! Thank you once again! :)

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Helen Diaz

I worked with the lovely Steve on my Scottish Travels- this time far into the North of Scotland, secluded in a beautiful castle I had the opportunity to shoot in during my stay in the area. Steve kindly booked me for the full day and I greatly enjoyed his company! He is a such a lovely person, full of stories and inspiration, a man of the world who you can learn from, exactly the company I really enjoy to keep. His enthusiasm for photography is infectious, as is his company and I was in awe listening to some of his life stories which I thought were truly inspiring.

He is an intelligent, kind soul with a fantastic future in photography ahead of him. I found him very professional to work with, kind and considerate. The day flew by and we created many beautiful images. It was a memorable day for me and I really hope we get to work together again soon, perhaps on my next trip in September! Super highly recommended to all models to work with, thankyou for such a lovely day, must do it again sometime! :) Helen x

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Ms Rose

Had my third shoot with Steve at contrast studios. Steve is a delight to work with, organised with ideas and a mood bored sorted before our shoot, friendly and relaxed manner. He's open to ideas, suggestions and input from myself as well as have excellent communications. Another fab shoot Steve, looking forward to seeing the results :)

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suelizzy88 said...

Steve was a joy to work with and in my processional opinion id recommend him to any pro or armature model to work with! He is accommodating, easy to talk to and passionate about the art he and the model is creating ! i will defiantly be doing more work with him in the future, and cant wait to create even more stunningly shot images !! xxx

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